-Obsidian Dragon-


: -Obsidian Dragon-


: -OD-


: 70


: 8

Leveling history


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: Obsidian Dragon is a casual raiding guild looking to expand. We appreciate the contributions of our members. The only rule... ALWAYS be good company.


: Immortal Flames




: The Dragon's Sanctum at Plot 60, 11 Ward, The Goblet, Leviathan, Primal

Welcome message

: Welcome! If your in need of the lvl 1 and 50 training dummies, plz look to OD's School of Git Gud located next door in plot 59.


: Always



Ranking history

Dragon's Scale Abraxas Raziel
Dragon's Scale Alithea Namidae
Dragon's Wing Altina Dozi
Dragon's Brood Aly Lando
Dragon's Brood Andreius Chino
Dragon's Voice Apoktina Caligula
Dragon's Brood Apollo Crysilis
Dragon's Brood Arikiru Bloodlust
Dragon's Scale Beer Monger
Dragon's Brood Chelsea Dawn
Dragon's Brood Cirina Dotharl
Dragon's Brood Cobra Con
Dragon's Scale Cooper Bell
Dragon's Scale Coupon Collector
Dragon's Brood Crimson' King
Dragon's Brood Deloran Firestone
Dragon's Scale Destius Reaver
Dragon's Brood Digital Monster
Dragon's Scale Dominik Decoco
Dragon's Scale Ellie Drac'onis
Dragon's Scale Elona Divinity
Dragon's Wing Elvos Divinity
Dragon's Brood Emrytt Lorin
Dragon's Brood Eneru Mantra
Dragon's Scale Evilos Divinity
Dragon's Brood Falco Two
Dragon's Wing Graham Gafgarion
Dragon's Brood Haden Saix
Dragon's Scale Hazor Hellz
Dragon's Scale Ilyria Mhilos
Dragon's Brood Jayseoph Seer
Dragon's Scale Jj Gilder
Dragon's Scale Kame Tobu
Dragon's Voice Kayula Aptism
Dragon's Talon Kiara Corleonus
Dragon's Scale Kymira Zaruev
Dragon's Wing Loric Korren
Dragon's Brood Lucy Vanderbilt
Dragon's Scale Lunaro Obscera
Dragon's Brood Lune'ir Ra
Dragon's Eye Mara Valentine
Dragon's Scale Marvela Mortimer
Dragon's Scale Melnar Malister
Dragon's Scale Mil Hina
Dragon's Scale Mixi Mae
Dragon's Brood Mordsith Rekaria
Dragon's Talon Morfear Dangershark
Dragon's Eye Mysticjoy Divinity
Dragon's Brood Nik Kon
Dragon's Scale Panthra Divinity
Dragon's Scale Phobe Zele
Dragon's Brood Pogchamp Kreygasm
Dragon's Scale Qoyar Khataya
Dragon Emeritus Quicken Flows
Dragon's Scale Rika Mousy
Dragon's Brood Rikka Valborga
Dragon's Scale River Usagi
Dragon's Brood Rup Sturmaxt
Dragon's Brood Sergeant Snuggles
Dragon's Voice Sinosis Kense
Dragon's Voice Sinra Kense
Dragon's Brood Sir Discord
Dragon's Brood Stag Myrsky
Dragon's Talon Szeth Whitebrand
Dragon's Scale Tallis Flamewalker
Dragon Emeritus Thrale Mac'neil
Dragon's Eye Tikal Avery
Dragon's Brood Valgrind Vitiate
Dragon's Scale Vi Sovardi
Dragon's Brood Zed Kobiyashi