: Bloodlines


: Royal


: 71


: 22


: 9232379236109551307


: «Royal» is a Casual/Social FC. We are actively communicative and helpful on progression! We use Discord! We're online at different hours of the day!


: Order of the Twin Adder




: Judgement at Plot 3, 6 Ward, The Lavender Beds, Leviathan, Primal

Welcome message

: We will deliver a swift execution to those who oppose of us!


: Always



Ranking history

Townsfolk Adeline Ashberry
Alts/Vacations Adlet Mayer
Alts/Vacations Aeterna Snowfall
Alts/Vacations Ahnya Chesh
Alts/Vacations Angel Aulstyne
Alts/Vacations Atomysk Akaios
Alts/Vacations Brian Greer
Alts/Vacations Celena Shukketsu
Alts/Vacations Chocolate Moon
Alts/Vacations Cupcakes Yassssqueen
Alts/Vacations Daisuke Yamamoto
Alts/Vacations Demyn Laroux
Alts/Vacations Derek Bishop
Townsfolk Descensus Survive
Townsfolk Desolate One
Alts/Vacations Devil's Syndicate
Alts/Vacations Diamanda Yaeger
Alts/Vacations Dr Lynith
Alts/Vacations Dream Chaser
Townsfolk Dwyer Straits
Alts/Vacations Eazy Blaque
Alts/Vacations Eeva Haruhi
Alts/Vacations Elena Meeko
Alts/Vacations Erotic Math
Townsfolk Evol Heartwhisper
Alts/Vacations Feywraith Aqourmuse
Alts/Vacations Fox Valentine
Townsfolk Gaborn D'ordallan
Alts/Vacations Gill Greyfist
Alts/Vacations Havoc Immorta
Alts/Vacations Hideyoshi Naginata
Townsfolk Kevurra Noru
Townsfolk Knight Solaire
Townsfolk Koh Lihzeh
Townsfolk Kuro Akunin
Alts/Vacations Kuroko Shirai
Alts/Vacations Legend Status
Townsfolk Lucky Boy
Alts/Vacations M'nin'jahh Yar
Alts/Vacations Marujo Panther
Townsfolk Maximal Mocklight
Townsfolk Maya Oliviera
Townsfolk Mimoto Lihzeh
Alts/Vacations Mira Forrester
Alts/Vacations Misa Campo
Alts/Vacations Momo Momomo
Townsfolk Momo- Chan
Townsfolk Nerf This
Alts/Vacations Olabra Dacekira
Alts/Vacations Peach Tart
Alts/Vacations Pippen Nipplerod
Alts/Vacations R'hiki Cthugha
Townsfolk Ravynn Ravenloft
Alts/Vacations Red Shift
Townsfolk Rini Suarez
Townsfolk Rinsuko Kinomoto
Townsfolk Roseng Limia
Townsfolk Ruby Helix
Townsfolk Rusty Axe
Alts/Vacations Ryuko Senketsu
Alts/Vacations Severa Vanin
Townsfolk Sif Vinter
Townsfolk Suckle Latimore
Alts/Vacations Svyatogor Votyasch
Alts/Vacations Tranquil Bear
Alts/Vacations Vade Archonte
Townsfolk Velvet Adel
Townsfolk Venus Mazu
Townsfolk Vivitou Orortou
Alts/Vacations Wily Coyotl
Alts/Vacations Yatagarasu Amaterasu