: Bloodlines


: Royal


: 84


: 8

Leveling history


: 9232379236109551307


: <Royal> is a Casual/Social FC. We are actively communicative and helpful on progression! We use Discord! We're online at every different hours of the day!


: Order of the Twin Adder




: Judgement at Plot 3, 6 Ward, The Lavender Beds, Leviathan, Primal

Welcome message

: We will deliver a swift execution to those who oppose of us!


: Always



Ranking history

Alts/Vacations Achi Veenie
Peons/Peasants Ada Gunji
Royal Squires Adlet Mayer
Royal Senpais Aedrys Alhena
Townsfolk Aeterna Snowfall
Townsfolk Ahnya Chesh
Royal Squires Ambrose Nightsong
Alts/Vacations Angel Aulstyne
Townsfolk Angry Totodile
Alts/Vacations Arthur Goodeman
Royal Squires Atomysk Akaios
Peons/Peasants Avalon Goldenlake
Royal Artisan Axel Lionbreaker
Townsfolk Bob Wreck-it
Peons/Peasants Caspian Vestaadt
Townsfolk Celestrasza Chere
Royal Squires Cerea Torello
Alts/Vacations Chocolate Moon
Alts/Vacations Couchh Protato
Peons/Peasants Cupcakes Yassssqueen
Townsfolk Daisuke Yamamoto
Alts/Vacations Demyn Laroux
Royal Squires Derek Bishop
Townsfolk Diamanda Yaeger
Alts/Vacations Dream Chaser
Royal Squires Eazy Blaque
Townsfolk Eeva Haruhi
Royal Artisan Elathel Nightwind
Royal Squires Eren Salander
Alts/Vacations Farseye Espada
Royal Senpais Fox Valentine
Royal Squires Galactos Elenir
Royal Squires Gill Greyfist
Royal Artisan Havoc Immorta
Alts/Vacations Hideyoshi Naginata
Townsfolk Icee Weener
Townsfolk Kevurra Noru
Royal Senpais Kiira Moonlight
Alts/Vacations Koi Kisaragi
Royal Squires Kuroko Shirai
Townsfolk Kuyuk Geneq
Townsfolk Kyren Deathbringer
Townsfolk Legend Status
Peons/Peasants Lexine Shukketsu
Townsfolk Lilly Little
Royal Squires Lina Dreamheart
Peons/Peasants Lucy Lateralus
Royal Senpais Luhnah Gray
Townsfolk Malum Tenebris
Townsfolk Maya Oliviera
Townsfolk Minnah Nalhgo
Townsfolk Mira Forrester
Royal Squires Misaka Seraph
Alts/Vacations Missy Michael
Alts/Vacations Momo Momomo
Royal Senpais Moxie Moonlight
Alts/Vacations Musubi Dan
Royal Squires Myst Astra
Royal Senpais N'belheim Bashir
Peons/Peasants Non'aggressive Femroe
Alts/Vacations Panda Maru
Royal Artisan Panda Sushi
Peons/Peasants Pizza Ball
Royal Senpais R'hiki Cthugha
Royal Squires Rarok Dreadwind
Peons/Peasants Raz Berry
Alts/Vacations Red Shift
Townsfolk Revenge Strikes
Peons/Peasants Rinsuko Kinomoto
Townsfolk Rishi Yhenna
Alts/Vacations Ryuko Senketsu
Alts/Vacations Saiyuri Yue
Peons/Peasants Samantha Winter
Peons/Peasants Sarah Heart
Alts/Vacations Sena Shikinami
Royal Artisan Shar Malaguld
Alts/Vacations Soy Brador
Townsfolk Sylvia Windreaux
Alts/Vacations Tranquil Bear
Royal Senpais Violet Tear
Townsfolk Vivitou Orortou
Royal Squires Wily Coyotl
Peons/Peasants Xananort Lipoo
Alts/Vacations Yatagarasu Amaterasu