Balamb Garden


: Balamb Garden


: SeeD


: 264


: 8

Leveling history


: 9232379236109519405


: “SeeD... (...A code name, for Balamb Garden's elite mercenary force... SeeD... Combat specialists...) ...Don't you already know?” - Squall


: Maelstrom




: Winhill Mansion at Plot 13, 4 Ward, The Goblet, Leviathan, Primal

Welcome message

: The true...goal of SeeD... To spread... seeds all over the world... ...Flower... Fill the world with flowers.


: Always



Ranking history

SeeD A-Class Aerosona Robyil
SeeD Cadet Ahri Oni
SeeD Cadet Airy Oblige
SeeD A-Class Anadrix Leonhart
SeeD Operative Ancelot Pieson
SeeD Cadet Andromeda Skyhaven
SeeD Operative Annie Thish
SeeD Cadet Anri Astora
SeeD Operative Aoshi Shinomorii
SeeD Cadet Arcelot Blackdragon
SeeD Cadet Arellyin Moonglow
SeeD Operative Ari Sang
SeeD Operative Arios Ascalon
SeeD Veteran Arrietti Munition
SeeD Cadet Arthas Stormrage
SeeD Operative Arturo Vega
SeeD Cadet Arumi Asahina
SeeD A-Class Asaara Viddasala
SeeD Cadet Asbel Lhant
SeeD Cadet Ashaar Tellah
SeeD Cadet Ashley Moonsage
SeeD Operative Astraya Lunar
SeeD Operative Avacyn Luna
SeeD Cadet Ayoyoyo Wololo
SeeD A-Class Azazel Hendric
SeeD Operative Azu N'yan
SeeD Cadet Baidar Mol
SeeD Cadet Bayan Goro
SeeD Operative Bell Cranel'
SeeD Operative Belle Alphina
SeeD A-Class Big Rich
SeeD Operative Billy Fresh
SeeD A-Class Bite' Size'
SeeD Cadet Body Talk
SeeD Operative Brandu Mandu
SeeD Veteran Brutal Slayer
SeeD Cadet Cassie Slye
SeeD Operative Ces Halcyonae
SeeD Cadet Chainsaw Lullaby
SeeD Operative Cheesed Macaroni
SeeD A-Class Chelsea Inori
SeeD Commander Cheria Barnes
SeeD Veteran Chicken Wangz
SeeD A-Class Chris Magnus
SeeD A-Class Chrono Terminus
SeeD Operative Cithrin Sarcour
SeeD Cadet Coffee Milk
SeeD Operative Cornbread Stew
SeeD Cadet Craptakular Fervent
SeeD A-Class Cuddle Biscuit
SeeD Operative Cyn Arkyne
SeeD A-Class Da'an Lawleit
SeeD Cadet Daldarius Fallwind
SeeD Operative Damian Krill
SeeD Cadet Daxx Alabel
SeeD Operative Daygon Dragonell
SeeD Operative Daylen Rivers
SeeD Operative Dayuyu Hylura
SeeD A-Class Daz Arro
SeeD A-Class Death Pie
SeeD A-Class Delta Burp
SeeD Cadet Dirty Waffles
SeeD Operative Dreidel Offilth
SeeD Cadet Dry Moan
SeeD Captain Dustin Merc
SeeD Cadet Eatyour Vegetables
SeeD Cadet Edi Pedi
SeeD A-Class Eero Harrison
SeeD Operative Elara Slayer
SeeD Veteran Elias Orkin
SeeD Cadet Elizabeth Heartfilia
SeeD A-Class Elphie Dynwell
SeeD Operative Emmi Firefield
SeeD A-Class Enke Orzo
SeeD Operative Erotsu Veethes
SeeD Cadet Erythorbic Beeairtay
SeeD Captain Ethis Leaf
SeeD Cadet Evangeline Romans
SeeD Operative Eyeless Kerndahg
SeeD Operative Fafurffy Wilson
SeeD Cadet Faine Thierremont
SeeD Veteran Fandan Magpran
SeeD Cadet Fashy Toast
SeeD Operative Felosial Skydancer
SeeD Operative Ferima Irmatten
SeeD Cadet Flavielle Beaudonet
SeeD Veteran Friedrich Welles
SeeD Cadet Frugle Chunkle
SeeD Cadet Full'metal Alchemist
SeeD A-Class Geo Ryu
SeeD Cadet Gianni Schicchi
SeeD Operative Giga Wolf
SeeD Operative Gods Plan
SeeD Cadet Granh Kneeunderpants
SeeD Cadet Grizz Morris
SeeD Operative Hari Glutes
SeeD Cadet Hei Ran
SeeD Cadet Hyoyeon Mitnu
SeeD Cadet Hyur Forret
SeeD Operative I'zimzizi Yarhuri
SeeD Operative Ignus Leosabaine
SeeD Cadet Imago Avi
SeeD Veteran Ino Nakamura
SeeD Cadet Jack Rai'den
SeeD Cadet Jaeck Haele
SeeD Cadet Jahi Hu
SeeD Cadet Jarra Zinbee
SeeD Cadet Jezeuz Bautista
SeeD Veteran Johann Falh
SeeD Operative Johann Frank
SeeD A-Class Jonny Gat
SeeD Cadet Junko Mochida
SeeD Cadet Kaeylara Aloedan
SeeD Operative Kai Makaha
SeeD Operative Kakashi Shinigami
SeeD A-Class Kaon Lao
SeeD A-Class Kareu Senga
SeeD Cadet Katana Otoko
SeeD Cadet Kayla Sureamy
SeeD Veteran Kaze Nova
SeeD Cadet Kid Trunks
SeeD Veteran Killian Draig
SeeD Cadet Kira Amariyo
SeeD Cadet Kiri Lavore
SeeD Cadet Kirito Lavitz
SeeD A-Class Kit'kat Barr
SeeD Operative Kitt Fisto
SeeD Operative Kohak Hearts
SeeD Cadet Korina Artwillo
SeeD Operative Kyou Fujubayashi
SeeD Operative Lady Soul
SeeD Cadet Lanni Ronwe
SeeD Operative Lazarus Cain
SeeD Cadet Leilan Moon
SeeD Cadet Leo Themage
SeeD Operative Lexan Leingod
SeeD Operative Lianya Surmiasune
SeeD Cadet Lika Mise
SeeD A-Class Limh'ao Wilzuun
SeeD A-Class Little Lokii
SeeD Cadet Loki Frode
SeeD Operative Loony Slayer
SeeD Operative Luna Pulchram
SeeD Cadet Luna Raine
SeeD Cadet Luther Legrey
SeeD Cadet Lux Colbalt
SeeD A-Class Malvanna Stormstrike
SeeD A-Class Maneki Zuuki
SeeD Cadet Maple Rosemoth
SeeD Cadet Mariah Dupin
SeeD Operative Marion Finn
SeeD Operative Master Wilhelm
SeeD Cadet Matt Bird
SeeD Operative Maxwell Stanlee
SeeD Operative Medaeiros Auriga
SeeD Cadet Mee Qotee
SeeD Operative Megiddo Flare
SeeD Operative Merry Belle
SeeD Cadet Meryl Freya
SeeD Cadet Millenia Nytes
SeeD Operative Mimi Neko
SeeD Headmaster Morrid Burman
SeeD Cadet Morrigan Dagda
SeeD Veteran Myfawnwy Rosedust
SeeD A-Class Myname Isjeff
SeeD Operative Myrrh Yeslar
SeeD A-Class Narene Valhalla
SeeD Captain Natsumi Dawnchaser
SeeD Cadet Nemo Wemo
SeeD Cadet Nexist D'auria
SeeD Cadet Nikollette Morris
SeeD A-Class Nimeki Vahlnar
SeeD Veteran Noel Uchiha
SeeD Cadet Norza Vamdellion
SeeD Operative Octavian Kazel
SeeD Cadet Og Purrp
SeeD Operative Okhii Jawantal
SeeD Cadet Onyx Tharn
SeeD Cadet Ophelia Alighieri
SeeD Operative Oreck Penelope
SeeD Cadet Orihime Oboro
SeeD Cadet Otulp Ruyh
SeeD Operative Our Cooter
SeeD A-Class Ox'ford Comma
SeeD Cadet Pabar Sibar
SeeD Veteran Pantreus Redblade
SeeD A-Class Pascal Inoue
SeeD Veteran Peou Billuni
SeeD A-Class Phlop King
SeeD Operative Pit Dog
SeeD Operative Platano Bailando
SeeD Cadet Playboi Carti
SeeD Operative Poisonous Bear
SeeD Operative Pygmalion Snertz
SeeD Cadet Pyroytic Darlyaca
SeeD Cadet Qt Pi
SeeD Cadet Quincey Morris
SeeD A-Class Raziera Lionheart
SeeD Cadet Reazon Martinez
SeeD Cadet Rei Yukiko
SeeD Operative Rein Krieger
SeeD Cadet Retro Revival
SeeD Operative Rhaokir Jakkya
SeeD Cadet Rhelle Forte
SeeD Operative Ricard Strife
SeeD Veteran Rikku Komori
SeeD Operative Rin Zabuza
SeeD Commander Rosette Matsurika
SeeD Operative Rugard Stryfe
SeeD Cadet Ruminas Valentine
SeeD Operative Sahja Targaryen
SeeD Operative Sapphire Starlight
SeeD Cadet Saygan Mariko
SeeD Cadet Sedi Jawantal
SeeD A-Class Shien Leonhart
SeeD Janitor Siki Sloth
SeeD Operative Sionann Vallen
SeeD Operative Sir Carnicide
SeeD Operative Slapmonki Pipsqueak
SeeD A-Class Smoke Serpent
SeeD Cadet Soma Cross
SeeD Cadet Soph Trueshot
SeeD Veteran Sophie Chocowyn
SeeD Cadet Squall' Leonhart
SeeD Cadet Sri Lakshmi
SeeD A-Class Steiner Menethil
SeeD Operative Stray Dogma
SeeD Veteran Stygian Styx
SeeD Cadet Styk N'move
SeeD Operative Sum Guy
SeeD Operative Susie Cucumber
SeeD Operative Sxystocker Untamed
SeeD A-Class Syh Mm
SeeD Cadet Synn Miserias
SeeD A-Class Takao Kiyoshi
SeeD Cadet The Baron
SeeD Cadet Thisgame Blows
SeeD Cadet Tundra Wookie
SeeD Operative Tutulao Papalao
SeeD Cadet Two Bee
SeeD Operative U'zhet Tia
SeeD Operative Unknown Clutch
SeeD Operative Vathe Highwind
SeeD Cadet Venusia Primus
SeeD A-Class Veyer Fenrun
SeeD A-Class Vincent Bloodletter
SeeD Veteran Visiar Tilmitt
SeeD Operative Vivi Ornitier
SeeD A-Class Vivster Nolan
SeeD Operative Vonkar Arkwright
SeeD Veteran Wild Ish
SeeD Operative Wilfred Ivanhoe
SeeD Cadet Winter Vee
SeeD Cadet Xallos Asar
SeeD Cadet Xihpe'ir Nacrhe
SeeD A-Class Yukino Kano
SeeD Cadet Zarine Ashellade
SeeD Cadet Zelfie Iryut
SeeD A-Class Zell Dorne
SeeD Cadet Zen'ki Fujibayashi
SeeD A-Class Zeonisx Corwell
SeeD Veteran Zia Stormcrow
SeeD Operative Ziltoid Failgunner
SeeD Operative Zoe Slasher