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: Astral Flames




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: Great house, chill people, XP Buffs 24/7, +15% Battle XP Friday, Saturday, Sunday & Monday! What more could you want?


: Maelstrom




: Heart of Flame at Plot 41, 6 Ward, The Lavender Beds, Gilgamesh, Aether

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Ranking history

Submariner Abarthota Merlwyn
Ember Page Absolute Zero'
Eternal Flame Adam Hinton
Spark Knight Adelina Blackburn
Astral Hero Aderadyn Moonseraph
Flare Warrior Aegis Ed
Spark Knight Aegrus Drache
Ember Page Aerolyn Cerberus
Ember Page Aiko Althea
Flame Guardian Ain Soph
Astral Hero Aisgeim Keltstralwyn
Flare Warrior Aiz Wallenstein
Absentee Renter Alendra Denma
Spark Knight Alerry Han
Spark Knight Alessia Valeera
Absentee Renter Alex Ander
Ember Page Alisyn Tsukino
Ember Page Aloo Sabji
Spark Knight Aluna Castic
Inactive Amaya Ishii
Eternal Flame Amelia Foxfire
Spark Knight Ansreth Runesworn
Ember Page Anubis Nam'rah
Spark Knight Arctic Wind
Ember Page Arctoz Canius
Flare Warrior Aria Bloom
Eternal Flame Aria Kasaineko
Ember Page Aria Silvermane
Eternal Flame Arik Malqir
Inactive Arkia Loreweaver
Ember Page Arlong Park
Eternal Flame Art Frost
Spark Knight Aruktai Qerel
Flare Warrior Arya Brisingr
Ember Page Arya Sunstrider
Eternal Flame Aselia Akemi
Eternal Flame Asgore Dreemurr
Flame Guardian Aster Enelysion
Ember Page Asura Emperor
Astral Hero Atac Canen
Flare Warrior Athena Cykes
Absentee Renter Athena Lynx
Astral Hero Atta'lys Rynn
Herder of Cats Auric Seagard
Eternal Flame Axel Dawnbreaker
Ember Page Ayanami Rei
Flare Warrior Aydena Abyssian
Spark Knight Azkhael Bladeward
Eternal Flame Azusa Astrea
Eternal Flame Bacardi Escalus
Astral Hero Baleen Starshine
Flare Warrior Baxa Uchiha
Ember Page Bebe Sheepy
Flare Warrior Befferty Manbender
Ember Page Belcross Thacker
Eternal Flame Belle Mercier
Ember Page Benhart Kyosho
Ember Page Black Tea
Eternal Flame Bloody Lily
Flare Warrior Boba Fatt
Eternal Flame Boss Clock
Flare Warrior Bowlocke Valeroy
Spark Knight Brandon Karite
Ember Page Brindi Hastely
Sun Warden Brioche Croquembouche
Eternal Flame Buffy Highwind
Eternal Flame Bunny Clovertail
Ember Page Byleth Darkfall
Sun Warden Caius Cosades
Ember Page Camilla Rose
Eternal Flame Carith Drakensong
Spark Knight Cass Kisaragi
Spark Knight Celes Bellveil
Ember Page Celestaux Ouraux
Spark Knight Celie Violette
Ember Page Ceneeb Kaisuri
Absentee Renter Chapel Bluesummers
Ember Page Chaya Vesperia
Astral Hero Chocolate Pretzels
Spark Knight Chris Frost
Ember Page Chris Mercier
Ember Page Ciele Viras
Spark Knight Ciran Thomas
Ember Page Cleptostorm Shishka
Flare Warrior Colonel Mitochondrion
Absentee Renter Colorful Sky
Eternal Flame Colton Scythe
Astral Hero Count Succula
Astral Hero Crane Technique
Ember Page Crevak Gilwyn
Ember Page Crit'me Baby
Spark Knight Crohn Zero
Flare Warrior Crush Beast
Flare Warrior Cucco Swarm
Flare Warrior Cuppy Alexander
Spark Knight Curate Magica
Spark Knight Dalfurious Blackburn
Spark Knight Dark Stranger
Absentee Renter Darken Faux
Eternal Flame Dart Rodales
Astral Hero Dawnstar Love
Spark Knight Decim Quin
Eternal Flame Degan Price
Spark Knight Delta Xyz
Ember Page Desmond Rose
Absentee Renter Destiny Ai
Ember Page Dhakar Rahl
Sun Warden Diana Themyskira
Absentee Renter Diminutive Dad
Spark Knight Dingis Mawingis
Spark Knight Dino Dinokii
Spark Knight Dixx Stratocaster
Astral Hero Doctor Negligence
Ember Page Dolores Haze
Eternal Flame Dorban Schildaufseher
Ember Page Draela Dax
Ember Page Dreaded Fang
Eternal Flame Duraal Dotharl
Flare Warrior Dyna Go
Ember Page Dynamic Bork
Eternal Flame E'gwene Al'vere
Eternal Flame Eaux Caelus
Eternal Flame Ecco Tali
Inactive Eck Kce
Inactive Eiga Sugarfree
Firebrand Eira Wintersong
Eternal Flame Elena Fatalis
Ember Page Eli Ul
Ember Page Elijah Thrace
Spark Knight Elodin Tigron
Spark Knight Elron Thalronian
Flare Warrior Empyrean Weapon
Ember Page Eschiva Keyes
Flare Warrior Esme Oriana
Ember Page Euphony Rei
Sun Warden Faelily Seagard
Eternal Flame Faen Icefire
Ember Page Faine Beltardoise
Astral Hero Feike Hadou
Ember Page Fennel Honruleth
Flare Warrior Final Weapon
Astral Hero Fio Fruit
Astral Hero Fioren Nightengale
Eternal Flame Florian Anzalone
Ember Page Fofo Chan
Spark Knight G'ioh Tia
Astral Hero Gang Activity
Flare Warrior General Kenobi
Spark Knight Ghaleon Valroyaux
QueenStarScream Giedi Starsky
Spark Knight Gin Hex
Astral Hero Giraffe King
Firebrand Glace Heartbreaker
Spark Knight Grand Blazar
Ember Page Grizzly Bear
Eternal Flame Gun Top
Absentee Renter H'ilor Baccus
Eternal Flame Hades Pluto
Ember Page Haruhiro Oineko
Eternal Flame Helena Valsione
Spark Knight Heliantha Gallows
Eternal Flame Heribert Lionheart
Eternal Flame Hidan Gai
Ember Page Hippity Hoppity
Ember Page Hippo Kun
Absentee Renter Hitokiri Hanzo
Ember Page Hobi Honeywind
Ember Page Hulkingmassof Flesh
Spark Knight Icarus Kehlindrel
Ember Page Ice Bear
Flare Warrior Iku'ra Jasi
Eternal Flame Invicta Vitae
Ember Page Iron Blood
Flare Warrior Iron Waii
Ember Page Its Notnice
Astral Hero Jac Kal
Spark Knight Jack Gallows
Ember Page Jada Thornweaver
Flare Warrior Jean Lamont
Spark Knight Jed Nik
Ember Page Jennie Blackpink
Ember Page Jericho Tia'lah
Flare Warrior Jest O'bleiont
Spark Knight Jinn Shimada
Ember Page Julie Dawn
Astral Hero Juliet Starling
Eternal Flame Juniper Nocturne
Spark Knight Jyo Puck
Absentee Renter K'lyhhia Laneed
Spark Knight Kadri Mosi
Inactive Kaern Ulfyr
Eternal Flame Kagero Muza
Flare Warrior Kali Nayei
Flare Warrior Kallista Tori
Astral Hero Kaori Mizugaki
Eternal Flame Kara Moondemon
Absentee Renter Karibos Duskwood
Inactive Kashern Amaya
Ember Page Kazamus Luneros
Astral Hero Khali Molkah
Eternal Flame Khan Stellar
Ember Page Kharnos Lavalloth
Eternal Flame Khonri Rokuka
Ember Page Kiarrah Belmont
Spark Knight Kilac Salvatore
Eternal Flame Kimi Leone
Eternal Flame Kinnison Matsukura
Astral Hero Kiros Urbarra
Flare Warrior Kitsumo Silverwolf
Ember Page Kitsune Shrift
Eternal Flame Kitten Luckypaw
Absentee Renter Klank Mc'lovin
Eternal Flame Klank Steel
Absentee Renter Koizumi Kaito
Ember Page Kreswal Risillyn
Astral Hero Krogthex Sterrkhansyn
Flare Warrior Kryptos Four
Absentee Renter Kurama Kuziki
Ember Page Kuroka Tsuki
Eternal Flame Kyrran Thael
Eternal Flame Kytheract Veranimus
Eternal Flame Lady Aeika
Ember Page Lalu Lalu
Absentee Renter Layfon Nelhah
Astral Hero Lei Aiyana
Flare Warrior Leo Kun
Eternal Flame Lexx Luger
Ember Page Liam Brightblade
Absentee Renter Liam Silverscale
Inactive Likeyeah Zero
Eternal Flame Liliana Avriel
Spark Knight Lilith Jinh
Spark Knight Lily Padd
Astral Hero Lina Loveless
Ember Page Little Pixel
Absentee Renter Lloyd Longstride
Ember Page Lorian Ebonheart
Ember Page Lost Ciel
Flare Warrior Lu Dod
Ember Page Lucia Tyrelle
Flame Guardian Lucient Lambarto
Astral Hero Lucinda Lucius
Eternal Flame Lum Berri
Inactive Lyanna Light
Absentee Renter Lynx Syntac
Flame Guardian Lyra Enelysion
Astral Hero Lyria Daylily
Ember Page Lythica Wildeflower
Spark Knight Magnum Opus
Flare Warrior Mahouneko Yotsuba
Flare Warrior Makasoul Makuzu
Firebrand Maldread Thorngrave
Spark Knight Man At'arms
Astral Hero Manyhack Staz
Ember Page Marek Faustir
Ember Page Marie Fale
Sun Warden Marvolose Stellazio
Ember Page Masaru Higashi
Spark Knight Mason Ashcroft
Astral Hero Matti Kuoppala
Eternal Flame Maverick Auberon
Ember Page Maverick Kaiser
Eternal Flame Maximilian Terremaux
Eternal Flame Maxwell Spinel
Flare Warrior Mazoku Sol
Spark Knight Mcree Gunslinger
Spark Knight Miko Kaizen
Absentee Renter Mikoto Kisaragi
Flare Warrior Minori Kushieda
Absentee Renter Miss Hazel
Eternal Flame Mjrn Moonshade
Ember Page Mjrn Tehp
Firebrand Mord Ra'har
Ember Page Mortuus Glacies
Flare Warrior Mr Baby
Flare Warrior Mr Purple
Eternal Flame Mystagon D-unforgiven
Spark Knight Mythri Jenkins
Absentee Renter Namaeko X'
Flare Warrior Namanasu Kamanasu
Absentee Renter Nanabi Nabi
Absentee Renter Natasmi Licsum
Absentee Renter Neil Gaiman
Ember Page Neko Waifuu
Eternal Flame Neo Gan
Astral Hero Nero Varyn
Absentee Renter Nhee Jaab
Ember Page Niffum Duts
Astral Hero Nijilynn Falee
Astral Hero Nina Nein
Flare Warrior Ninja Sheep
Ember Page Nodes Xv
Ember Page Nyota Kaisuri
Ember Page Nyx Mahov
Ember Page O'whow Whutstis
Inactive Odinel Keenen
Astral Hero Officer Hopps
Eternal Flame Ojim'a Leotie
Absentee Renter Oka Mikii
Astral Hero Olisyd Kane
Flame Guardian Oliver Smoak
Ember Page Omnidayl Pendragoon
Eternal Flame Otaku Newbie
Eternal Flame P'rioka Vanoh
Flame Guardian Paper Cup
Absentee Renter Paper Plate
Firebrand Paper Towel
Eternal Flame Pearl Wind
Eternal Flame Pemmon Graile
Ember Page Penny Inhales
Absentee Renter Petra Amnell
Eternal Flame Petridish Ragnarka
Flare Warrior Philippus Gusgen
Eternal Flame Pidgeon Ea
Flare Warrior Pikko Pokko
Astral Hero Pizza Bagel
Inactive Prisma Grim
Eternal Flame Prismatic Glacier
Spark Knight Procyon Kaiser
Eternal Flame Prostidude Buffacorn
Ember Page Psychic Fox
Firebrand Quetzal Coatl
Spark Knight R'nhea Tia
Eternal Flame Radalf Hext
Ember Page Radimir Asvana
Spark Knight Rai Kami
Eternal Flame Rai Ulfyr
Stellar Sentry Rain Bluesummers
Spark Knight Rajang Superbolt
Spark Knight Rakla'th Ano
Flare Warrior Ranhert Ele'priory
Stellar Sentry Rantaro Nekku
Eternal Flame Rasclin Cardinal
Eternal Flame Ravant Denathir
Ember Page Razor Zgan
Astral Hero Rei Akiyama
Eternal Flame Rei Hino
Ember Page Rei Kaze
Spark Knight Reju'ya Kaisuri
Spark Knight Ren Seijuro
Spark Knight Rena Arda
Ember Page Rendra Ra'har
Spark Knight Reyn Sidhe
Firebrand Reyna Gesi
Ember Page Rhay Xiv
Eternal Flame Rhazia Silversea
Astral Hero Rhonin Netal
Astral Hero Rhotsyng Sterrkhansyn
Astral Hero Rhyna'a Whisara
Flare Warrior Rhysse Terkleton
Flare Warrior Rhythm Aeternus
Flare Warrior Rice Eel
Astral Hero Rinh Akhabila
Spark Knight Rinsha Shiara
Spark Knight Rising Wind
Absentee Renter Rivero Sol
Eternal Flame Rogan Ashfall
Flare Warrior Roguneko Yotsuba
Absentee Renter Ronin Thunderbyrd
Eternal Flame Rosaline Valentine
Eternal Flame Roseanna Winterthorn
Ember Page Rosko Valthan
Ember Page Rosy Bunn
Absentee Renter Rowan Nocturne
Eternal Flame Runa Blackbriar
Flare Warrior Rune Stone
Flare Warrior Rylai Nanael
Astral Hero Ryss Wegga
Absentee Renter S'innocent Sashole
Spark Knight S'ybelia Tyata
Absentee Renter Sadie Iris
Flare Warrior Sagara Sanosuke
Ember Page Sage Halliwell
Flare Warrior Sage Wick
Eternal Flame Saishou Aesth
Eternal Flame Sakamae Amaryllis
Ember Page Sanako Minami
Astral Hero Saoirse Una
Ember Page Sarnaxis Swiftwind
Ember Page Sayako Xana
Eternal Flame Sejuro Hiko
Stellar Sentry Sekka Avagnar
Flare Warrior Seneris Larakan
Astral Hero Sentinel Maveric
Eternal Flame Seo Riku
Eternal Flame Seosamh Oshidari
Astral Hero Serah Anquis
Ember Page Seraphima Laytose
Eternal Flame Seth Brightwolfe
Flare Warrior Shadow Bunny
Spark Knight Shadow Void
Ember Page Shang Ty
Spark Knight Shaolinz Pwner
Spark Knight Shar Adarkim
Ember Page Sharis Son
Spark Knight Shawn Beoulve
Ember Page Shiere Stewart
Spark Knight Shinhiry Sol
Spark Knight Shinmoon Supreme
Spark Knight Shion Homura
Eternal Flame Shrimp Chips
Eternal Flame Sillas Whitesong
Eternal Flame Silvaire Valeroyant
Astral Hero Silver Sable
Spark Knight Silver Tempest
Ember Page Simbad Stoicborn
Ember Page Sin Kytori
Ember Page Sinnocent Kajira
Absentee Renter Sinnocent Ra'har
Spark Knight Sir Deadbolt
Ember Page Sizhaji Raynes
Flare Warrior Sleepy Cats
Ember Page Snap Dragon
Eternal Flame Solera Aphelion
Ember Page Solidmass Starborn
Eternal Flame Sombra Rose
Spark Knight Sonic Blazer
Eternal Flame Sorcha Vhaalki
Spark Knight Sostyria Firemane
Eternal Flame Sparkly Penguin
Absentee Renter Starr' Shine
QueenStarScream Suika Juusu
Spark Knight Sup Sup
Spark Knight Surprise Catgirl
Eternal Flame Syar Phoenix
Ember Page Sylar King
Firebrand Sylvia Riloth
Eternal Flame T'alen Valru
Astral Hero Taigaa Aisaka
Ember Page Tanjiro San
Flame Guardian Tao Sekki
Spark Knight Taysom Ravenmoon
Eternal Flame Telena Arcanscape
Eternal Flame Ten Minute
Flare Warrior Tetra Vus
Ember Page Tetsuyo Shirosaki
Ember Page Thakarius Sarlis
Spark Knight The Chomama
Stellar Sentry The Flamingfer
Ember Page The Mandalorian
Flare Warrior The Rumm
Absentee Renter Theother Flamingfer
Ember Page Therina Stormsword
Eternal Flame Thick Narcissus
Spark Knight Thyra Revna
Eternal Flame Tim Lionheart
Flare Warrior Torie Dreemurr
Ember Page Tre Von
Ember Page Tsukikage Ryuu
Ember Page Tulip O'hare
Absentee Renter Tuppy Tuppingston
Flare Warrior Turbo Frog
Absentee Renter Turkish Bane
Ember Page Twitch Primer
Eternal Flame Tyden Corvelo
Spark Knight Tyr Amisu
Absentee Renter Tyroth Reckoning
Ember Page Tyson Johnson
Flare Warrior Ultima Starbreak
Eternal Flame V'qeth Tien
Eternal Flame Vagrant Highwind
Flare Warrior Valerie Delrey
Ember Page Valkeryies Lee
Astral Hero Vanspear Argeno
Eternal Flame Var Voidscar
Astral Hero Vaseline Dion
Absentee Renter Vash Swift
Flame Guardian Veloces Animus
Flare Warrior Venus Lenus
Eternal Flame Vesper Aurora
Inactive Vespur Senpai
Absentee Renter Vexin Ice
Ember Page Viriatus Lusitani
Ember Page Visul Sun
Absentee Renter Vyncent Snow
Astral Hero Waenlona Nortskyltwyn
Ember Page War Path
Ember Page Wat Even
Astral Hero Wendy Myoui
Eternal Flame Willow Leif
Sun Warden Wind-up Auric
Spark Knight Wofufu Fluffy
Firebrand Woo'ar Yuu
Ember Page Xayah Uwu
Absentee Renter Xeratha Nelos
Spark Knight Xero Kha
Ember Page Xiaoshi Raynes
Ember Page Y'naia Astraea
Ember Page Yeti K'sahn
Ember Page Young Boreas
Sun Warden Yuki Borlaaq
Eternal Flame Yur Alltezza
Ember Page Z- Zealous
Spark Knight Z'leha Mhaz
Eternal Flame Zaknar Taj'al
Spark Knight Zallnessa Wintermoon
Flame Guardian Zam Namir
Flare Warrior Zange Issier
Spark Knight Zantos Kershof
Eternal Flame Zara The''exalted''
Absentee Renter Zavion Kingslayer
Spark Knight Zeed Darkside
Eternal Flame Zen Hunter
Ember Page Zephyr Frost
Eternal Flame Zhane Georgiopolitana
Ember Page Zippo Frost
Ember Page Zukkii Glanenweygel
Flare Warrior Zycam Rathis