Tomb Of Nazarick


: Tomb Of Nazarick




: 153


: 8

Leveling history


: 9232238498621213583


: Welcome all players, 15% EXP BOOST In effect till the 2nd week of Shadowbringers, event every mont


: Immortal Flames




: Tomb of Nazarick at Plot 43, 11 Ward, The Goblet, Gilgamesh, Aether

Welcome message

: Welcome to the family of Nazarick- Spamerific Spamalot


: Always



Ranking history

Trusted Member Ace Aether
Acolyte Affuryn Lorimer
Member Agent Smith
New initiate Ailana Sileas
New initiate Ainocy Astroy
Acolyte Aki Uzamaki
Member Aleinara Sunscythe
Member Amber Wintersage
Acolyte Anaka Erythmesia
Valkyrie Angelic Demize
New initiate Angry Kat
Trusted Member Ari Kyun
Acolyte Arismont Valeraux
Trusted Member Arjm Dei-kol
New initiate Artifact Ken
New initiate Ashelia B'nargin-xii
Member Astrid Killgore
Acolyte Astro- Glide
Trusted Member Asuka Langley
Acolyte Athrun Zalax
Member Ava Erdan
Member Averil Graves
Member Ayasama Fujikawa
House Counselor Betty Whitemage
Member Brown Hashies
Not yet trusted Bubble Gore
Member Chachamo Chamo
New initiate Chise' Hatori
New initiate Chris Arthmael
Member Claire Ravenwing
Valkyrie Colt Nickel
Not yet trusted Daishi Stravag
Member Daku Majutsu-shi
New initiate Daniel Dawncaller
Member Darium Gremory
Valkyrie David Bishop
New initiate Dogma Peww
Member Donovon Michael
New initiate El-seher Doudoumi
Member Elli Nakajima
Member Emegen Geneq
Trusted Member Erinala Rhiki
New initiate Ethan Snow
Absent Scumbag Evans Sszl
Member Felix Kitsune
Acolyte Fog Pope
Not yet trusted Fool Moon
Acolyte Frosty Mcdraggo
Acolyte Garrus Valkarian
Absent Scumbag Glitter Kitty
New initiate Haksal Aimgod
Absent Scumbag Hakunaa Matata
Acolyte Happy Face
Member Hashirama Senju
Not yet trusted Henoch Ari
New initiate Ibuki Onishi
Floor Guardians Ilya Sunwill
Trusted Member Iris Heartilly
Trusted Member Jahra Dhazd
Trusted Member Jasper D'khal
Acolyte Jastaronge Ittetsu
Valkyrie Jesse Blackhand
New initiate Jimin Rose
Absent Scumbag Kagera Montoise
Floor Guardians Kaius Meliodus
New initiate Kaldin Norra
Overseer Kanu Lynx
Acolyte Kat Westmoore
Member Katharn Kiltos
Acolyte Kayanessa Magdaleno
Acolyte Kazan Rayden
Member Khada Jhin
Trusted Member Koishi Midori
Trusted Member Kuchi Forla
Member Kura Ozriel
Trusted Member Kyjun Ruu
Member Laguna Leonhart
Acolyte Leay Reen
Member Leon Armaros
Floor Guardians Lilith Dracul
Trusted Member Lilith Pyrrha
New initiate Liseth Durendaire
Acolyte Lord Crappey
Trusted Member Lord Lancewood
Acolyte Lowgang Puck
Not yet trusted Lucianna Striife
Member Mana Ki
New initiate Martumal Orlandeaux
New initiate Matheu Dawnfall
Absent Scumbag Mera Tayuun
New initiate Midna Vene
Valkyrie Miko Mune
New initiate Mikoto Jinba
New initiate Miss Keywee
New initiate Mr Revo
Member Musashi Kusanagi
New initiate Mystic Visions
New initiate Nacht Marr
Trusted Member Najii Tiazam
New initiate Nate Higgins
New initiate Ninoko Mizuhiki
Floor Guardians Noir Brood
New initiate Noriah Lin
Member Nyo Taimori
Trusted Member Nyx Stone
Not yet trusted Obee Opie
Absent Scumbag Ona Naeuri
Trusted Member Paku'ia Manao
Member Rage Kage
Valkyrie Raizel Lilzal
Floor Guardians Rath Silver
Floor Guardians Raz Tyanu
Member Reina Schmidtz
New initiate Ren Stardust
Valkyrie Rhainne Orshyne
Trusted Member River King
New initiate Roronoa Zoro'
New initiate Rusty Lancer
Acolyte Ryex Solum
Trusted Member Saemon Kisaragi
Trusted Member Saiko Sai
New initiate Samael Faandango
New initiate Sara Oakheart
New initiate Saranae Khunha
Acolyte Sez San
Floor Guardians Shohei Tenmyouji
New initiate Sick Whales
Member Six Letters
New initiate Sno Lux
Trusted Member Sonoda Umi
Overlord Spamerific Spamalot
Member Strife Ronin
Acolyte Sugar Heart
New initiate T'hea Warbb
Member Taiga Hellfury
Trusted Member Third Impact
Trusted Member Titus Lightseeker
Trusted Member Tsukihi Mirai
New initiate Tsunashi Takuto
Member Tyene Clegane
Acolyte Uzumakiss Narutos
Absent Scumbag Valarose Gremory
New initiate Vanderslaxx Qirex
Not yet trusted Violet Storm
Acolyte Vladimus Hacknslash
New initiate Wolf Sid
Acolyte Xai Kha
New initiate Xylia Magi
Member Yasutora Makunouchi
Trusted Member Yonakin Skylander
Trusted Member Yuki Mirai
Not yet trusted Zectis Elicar
New initiate Zuan Vitomir