Chains Of Promathia


: Chains Of Promathia

Previous names

Chains of Prometha


: Myth


: 62


: 8

Leveling history


: 9232097761132902827


: Shhh! Its a Myth!


: Maelstrom




: Shroud of Myth! at Plot 35, 18 Ward, The Goblet, Diabolos, Primal

Welcome message

: Welcome to the Myth House! come on in and check us


: Always



Ranking history

MIA Dragons :( Aero Watson
MIA Dragons :( Afann Sparkman
Metallic Alicia Chesem
MIA Dragons :( Amari Syn'del
MIA Dragons :( Amirra Nimrodel
Fledgling Arianna Sune
Fledgling Asuna Mizuhiki
Fledgling Atticus Vigor
MIA Dragons :( Aura Gamma
Hatchling Aurora Clouds
Fledgling Azure Night
MIA Dragons :( Badleroy Brown
Ascendance Bigz Zazo
Fledgling Bowdout Valance
Forevergrounded Dace Rosic
Metallic Deavianna Black
Ascendance Deranged Badger
MIA Dragons :( Dominos Arcane
MIA Dragons :( Dufel Kufel
Fledgling Dusean Mandic
Ascendance Elaric Cirale
Fledgling Erisia Bell
Fledgling Erlik Prime
Ascendance Fujimoto Shiro
AltLifestyl Drg Gramps Catshirer
MIA Dragons :( Hephaestus Vulcan
AltLifestyl Drg Howling Moon
Forevergrounded Hwkeye Firewalker
MIA Dragons :( Jazz Wawazu
Fledgling Keahi Akumu
AltLifestyl Drg Kiko Momoto
MIA Dragons :( Krono Grunge
Hatchling Leon Roanark
Hatchling Luna Rises
MIA Dragons :( Lunafreya Caelum
MIA Dragons :( Minstrel Clopin
MIA Dragons :( Mr Grevis
MIA Dragons :( Naam Chen
MIA Dragons :( Natsumi Matsuo
Ascendance Naughty Kittie
MIA Dragons :( Nyx Moongeist
Metallic Otter Mctobbs
MIA Dragons :( Panzer Heika
AltLifestyl Drg Perfect Catshirer
Fledgling Phrozen Twisted-soul
Fledgling Purrfet Catshirer
Forevergrounded Randur Ivai
Fledgling Red Hawk
Fledgling Robin Lux
Fledgling Ryssah Grumpy
AltLifestyl Drg Sasha Sama
Fledgling Sativa Rose
MIA Dragons :( Shinu Alera
Fledgling Sigarda O'loro
MIA Dragons :( Skullreaper Bloodrose
Forevergrounded Soul Zero
Fledgling Tatsu Kobayashi
Fledgling Torne Whitewind
MIA Dragons :( Vance Forgrane
Hatchling Vivian Belloq
MIA Dragons :( X'chai Kirito
Forevergrounded Xuen Huolon