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Night Eternal

Name: Night Eternal

Insignia: Night

Level: 4

ID: 9232097761132897175

About: A Court of Night looking for friendly and helpful individuals to join our family and build a great community. Feel free to apply or ask any questions!

Affiliation: Order of the Twin Adder


Location: Diabolos

Open: Always


History as of 23/08/2017 (update scheduled on 17/02/2018 15:37)

[23/08/2017] Xanthen Spitefyre joins Night Eternal

[23/08/2017] Valin Fateweaver joins Night Eternal

[23/08/2017] Syn Wraith joins Night Eternal

[23/08/2017] Rowan Swiftwind joins Night Eternal

[23/08/2017] Lorekeeper Grace joins Night Eternal

[23/08/2017] Khaine Starshade joins Night Eternal

[23/08/2017] Fate Duality joins Night Eternal

[23/08/2017] Draco Blackpyre joins Night Eternal

[23/08/2017] Silver Stardust joins Night Eternal

[23/08/2017] Nathanos Nightstalker joins Night Eternal

[23/08/2017] Night Eternal is registered in the service

[17/08/2017] Free Company is formed

Highlord Nathanos Nightstalker
Keeper of Court Draco Blackpyre
Keeper of Court Fate Duality
Keeper of Court Khaine Starshade
Keeper of Court Lorekeeper Grace
Keeper of Court Rowan Swiftwind
Keeper of Court Syn Wraith
Keeper of Court Valin Fateweaver
Keeper of Court Xanthen Spitefyre
Highlady Silver Stardust