Coup D'etat


: Coup D'etat




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: We are the TRUE Rebels of Diabolos server! The one and only: Coup D&#39;etat. <br />The best of the best can be found here, and you can be the best too!


: Order of the Twin Adder




: Rebel Command Post at Plot 30, 3 Ward, The Goblet, Diabolos, Primal

Welcome message

: Home Base of the Coup D&#39;etat (Rebel) Company<br /> Feel free to ask any inquiries to any member and enter the estate to browse


: Always



Ranking history

Gardener Airysea Moonshadow
Soldier Alec Stargaze
Communications Apple Martini
Quartermaster Arix Rex
Soldier Ayla Bjartskular
Soldier Bean Rua
Soldier Chili Paquin
Cadet Col Dante
Soldier Corbin Dallas
Quartermaster Crimson Lotus
Lieutenant Dante Bakeneko
Rebel Founder Dante Delecroix
Soldier Demus Wynter
Soldier Drakkin Frost
Soldier E'frit Silvermoon
Soldier Farmer Solkdaeg
Soldier Feralana Seri
Soldier Gordon Shumway
Soldier Grave Seeker
Cadet Guardian Zet
PvP Instructor Hime's Kitten
Designer Hope Halo
Soldier Inferno Starblade
Soldier Jiraiya Moogleslayer
Cadet John Shadowdragon
Soldier Jokerz Wild
Soldier Jubei Kibagami'
Soldier K'xin Tia
Soldier Kaililou Kensingtons
Cadet Kajah Jomalah
Designer Kitty Kisses
Soldier Kratos Keres
Soldier Leon Rothchild
Soldier Lord Prime
Soldier Lucky Silvertongue
Soldier Lylah Durei
Soldier Manic Brilliance
Gardener Marquis Elmdore
Soldier Melyndis Frostwyght
Soldier Merric Solvann
Soldier Micah Blazerider
Designer Mini Moogleslayer
Designer Misty Love
Soldier Nathan Grim
Soldier Nios Sanses
Soldier Omer Durei
Soldier Oriel Stargaze
Soldier Phoenix Rivera
Soldier Rae Rae
Soldier Ragnar Quinn
Soldier Rasberry Blossoms
Soldier Rayvenne Encarmine
Soldier Reaping Phoenix
Cadet Reiji Kishigami
Quartermaster Sairyu Azura
Soldier Sansuna Merifett
Soldier Shadow Deathbane
Soldier Silvery Hawk
Soldier Smobo Mcslappysack
Lieutenant Sparna Arnathinian
Soldier Squishy Moogleslayer
Designer Surfacing Azura
Soldier Therland Valkun
Lieutenant Trafalgar Lex
Soldier Uncle Badtouch
Soldier Velox Nex
Soldier Yukiko Chiba