Kupo Kingdom


: Kupo Kingdom

Previous names



: -FKN-


: 184


: 8

Leveling history


: 9231394073691051008


: Friendly & Active Free Company who are driven to help out and make the game fun for everyone! (-Free Kupo Nuts for every new member!-)


: Maelstrom




: Great Moogly Manor at Plot 6, 4 Ward, The Lavender Beds, Siren, Aether

Welcome message

: Always kill Kupo Warkson!


: Always



Ranking history

Delirious Ah'rion Softwind
Delirious Ahelissa Frosse
Bonkers Aiendu Ko'tir
Delirious Aki Levhe
Bonkers Akkila Wilkins
Bonkers Alastor Redgrave
Bonkers Alice Kupokoo
Delirious Alice Veleion
Bonkers Altani Suzuki
Delirious Althea Hail'fal
Bonkers Arelevent Lyfe
Bonkers Arella Poo
Bonkers Arkyion Corvinus
Bonkers Art Sagittarii
Bonkers Arthen Skyrage
Bonkers Ashley Darkdragon
Delirious Azralynn Dream
Bonkers Badil Wahcondalo
Bonkers Beside Healer
Delirious Bistecca Bur'geus
Delirious Bogus Khan
Delirious Booty Consumer
Delirious Brikke Haus
Delirious Brother Bear
Bonkers Burtacus Craftasticus
Delirious Calian Graymond
Delirious Cereza Escaflowne
Bonkers Chicken Fries
Bonkers Chris Pope
Bonkers Chuuko Nezu
Bonkers Clemence Mimieux
Delirious Colt Harrodox
Delirious Commander Amarao
Delirious Cuernito Stormrage
Delirious Cute Forcington
Bonkers Detra Wooli
Delirious Dia Madia
Delirious Diadackt Hailzeley
Delirious Dixon Cide'r
Delirious Dmsaysbye Hellisback
Delirious Draco Kupokoo
Delirious Drizzt Darkel
Delirious E'ndanya Enra
Delirious Ela Cuh
Moogle Prince Eldan Neldah
Delirious Eledon Xiv
Delirious Ellie Frost
Bonkers Elspeth Markov
Bonkers Emilio Esteves
Bonkers Emme Rose
Delirious Eron Sheehan
Delirious Evey Ahkhea
Delirious Fenris Sunrunner
Bonkers Fiphion Phizu
Delirious Fuu Grasshopper
Bonkers Fuzzy Wuzzy
Delirious Galahad The-tank
Bonkers Gareth Fennec
Bonkers Genji Kaiser
Bonkers Hakirra Hozuki
Delirious Harkavian Balvis
Delirious Haruko Samejima
Bonkers Hikaru Takumi
Delirious Hisoka Ikarus
Delirious Hitomi Tanaka
Delirious Hood Rat
Delirious Hutsaro Dutsaro
Bonkers Icarus Reaper
Bonkers Impa Leoheart
Bonkers Invader Luffy
Delirious Ipicesa Fritz
Bonkers Jeer Reejeer
Bonkers Joseph Parrotta
Bonkers Kadrim Balefire
Bonkers Kailyn Phoenixrunner
Bonkers Katarina Morgane
Bonkers Kendryk Aconite
Delirious Khronz Ic
Bonkers Kid Dynamite
Delirious Kirito Cuh
Delirious Kitcho Laran
Bonkers Kumori Katana
Bonkers Lady Arwen
Delirious Lady Kokonoe
Bonkers Laiqua Kotake
Delirious Lamech Wavecrusher
Delirious Lamp Shady
Delirious Le'leek Loivissa
Bonkers Lenore Concordia
Delirious Liliba Liba
Delirious Lilith Myrarin
Bonkers Lisanna Scarlet
Bonkers Locke Urabi
Delirious Lorek Fritz
Delirious Lucrezia Blackheart
Delirious Lumina Azurey
Bonkers Luther Vanguard
Bonkers Luvsan Lesia
Maniac Lynnyl Drakon
Delirious Lyus Draconis
Delirious Maethys Lightbearer
Delirious Maki Mononoke
Delirious Malpas Molkot
Bonkers Marien Grand
Delirious Maseca Shady
Bonkers Mathias Esquire
Bonkers Melthor Valeblood
Bonkers Minaor Finael
Delirious Miraculous Moonlight
Bonkers Miriya Celeste
Bonkers Mirri Foxfire
Delirious Moera Salenva
Bonkers Nana Imp
Bonkers Natalya Strelnikov
Delirious Neo Abyssea
Bonkers Nezo Gellantara
Bonkers Nox Blackthorn
Bonkers Nurot Draconous
Delirious O'saka A'hchoo
Delirious Oakenn Darksteel
Delirious Oceana Xion
Bonkers Orchid Violet
Delirious Orzo Reeve
Delirious Party Boy
Delirious Passive Aggression
Delirious Pauloff Stonefist
Delirious Pharsos Fangstave
Bonkers Phracture Zee
Bonkers Phyliss Diller
Delirious Pizza Nyan
Bonkers Poot Enheimer
Delirious Proc Holiday
Delirious Quintessence Nova
Bonkers Radix Zero
Delirious Ragnarok Deathwing
Bonkers Rama Loke
Delirious Ramlethal Valentine
Bonkers Regnier Strife
Delirious Reignor Whyte
Maniac Rhaya'li Swiftail
Delirious Rhea Beeblebrox
Bonkers River Alambertel
Delirious Roland Nightbane
Bonkers Saikel Illiyas
Delirious Saji Thedrunk
Delirious Saniyah Shaw
Delirious Sarissa Solace
Delirious Saya Serine
Delirious Scarlet Gray
Delirious Sebrix Jade
Delirious Shadow Cobra
Delirious Shilgen Battle
Bonkers Shirakawa Mizuchi
Delirious Siival Mireshadow
Delirious Skippy Peenutbutter
Delirious Slick Whiskers
Delirious Spark Sunsoar
Delirious Stev Devillier
Delirious Summerlund Ageris
Bonkers Sven Svensen
Delirious Takka Outlawe
Delirious Tatter Totts
Delirious Theseus Bloodsong
Bonkers Thrikk Widowghast
Bonkers Tresdin Zhalfholen
Bonkers V'arimbeh Dhen
Bonkers Vahrros Mihzra
Bonkers Vala Dil
Bonkers Vera Seranova
Delirious Verrondris Verron
Bonkers Vestara Raine
Delirious Viti De'luna
Bonkers Wagisigu Stellhorn
Bonkers Waral Zoral
Bonkers Wax Deathstalker
Bonkers Weni Niye
Bonkers Winter Soul
Delirious Xaines Loivissa
Delirious Xy'lok Lok'ta
Bonkers Yomi Makara
Bonkers Zeriah Telzah
Bonkers Zero Renatus
Delirious Zhenya Rain
Bonkers Zoriona Bael