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: Sans Sushy


: Sushy


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: CL Fr Ambiance conviviale , no rage no drama , humour décalé très souvent, moy age 35+ les sushy sont dans le frigo :) discord dispo


: Order of the Twin Adder




: Sans Sushy 5-59 at Plot 59, 5 Ward, Mist, Phoenix

Welcome message

: Bienvenue chez les Sans Sushy humble voyageur !


: Always



Ranking history


as of 18/03/2018

[18/03/2018] Chibi Kawaii is assigned Luciole rank

[18/03/2018] Atome Spirate is assigned Susano rank

[18/03/2018] Angelina Tabata is assigned Tomberry rank

[18/03/2018] James Corna is assigned Tomberry rank

[18/03/2018] Nayhuna Shihugei is assigned Tomberry rank

[18/03/2018] Batgirl Lunaris is assigned Mini-Mandragore rank

[18/03/2018] Fragz Ayato is assigned Mini-Mandragore rank

[18/03/2018] Natsuyuki Ayako is assigned Mini-Mandragore rank

[18/03/2018] Samus Space is assigned Mini-Mandragore rank

[18/03/2018] Talis Cat is assigned Mini-Mandragore rank

[18/03/2018] Vampirela Lunaris is assigned Mini-Mandragore rank

[18/03/2018] Dosto Jenkins is assigned Pichon rank

[18/03/2018] Ether Cat is assigned Pichon rank

[18/03/2018] Kurulu Tepes is assigned Pichon rank

[18/03/2018] Rudy Vales is assigned Pichon rank

[18/03/2018] Sathyre Jenkins is assigned Pichon rank

[15/03/2018] Stein Narsruro leaves Sans Sushy

[15/03/2018] Kbahamut Ruroni leaves Sans Sushy

[15/03/2018] Nymph Ruroni leaves Sans Sushy

[15/03/2018] Tite Meugnonne leaves Sans Sushy

[15/03/2018] Blab Vodk'a joins Sans Sushy

[15/03/2018] Belphe Kurogane is assigned Luciole rank

[15/03/2018] Chibi Chipie is assigned Luciole rank

[15/03/2018] Chibi Sushy is assigned Luciole rank

[15/03/2018] Chibi Wilykat is assigned Luciole rank

[15/03/2018] Chibi Wilykit is assigned Luciole rank

[15/03/2018] Lady Desirae is assigned Luciole rank

[15/03/2018] Lolita Chipie is assigned Luciole rank

[15/03/2018] Sans Sushy buys Plot 59, 5 Ward, Mist (Medium)

[15/03/2018] Sans Sushy builds "Sans Sushy 5-59"

[02/09/2017] Guapa Lou joins Sans Sushy

[16/08/2017] Belphe Meugnonne joins Sans Sushy

[06/08/2017] Nymph Ruroni joins Sans Sushy

[06/08/2017] Stein Narsruro joins Sans Sushy

[06/08/2017] Kbahamut Ruroni joins Sans Sushy

[06/08/2017] Tite Meugnonne joins Sans Sushy

[06/08/2017] Lolita Chipie joins Sans Sushy

[06/08/2017] Lady Desirae joins Sans Sushy

[06/08/2017] Chibi Wilykat joins Sans Sushy

[06/08/2017] Chibi Wilykit joins Sans Sushy

[06/08/2017] Chibi Sushy joins Sans Sushy

[06/08/2017] Chibi Chipie joins Sans Sushy

[06/08/2017] Belphe Kurogane joins Sans Sushy

[06/08/2017] Sans Sushy is registered in the service

[22/07/2017] Free Company is formed

Lakshmi Guapa Lou
Pitite-Mog Belphe Meugnonne
Pichon Dosto Jenkins
Pichon Ether Cat
Pichon Kurulu Tepes
Pichon Rudy Vales
Pichon Sathyre Jenkins
Mini-Mandragore Batgirl Lunaris
Mini-Mandragore Fragz Ayato
Mini-Mandragore Natsuyuki Ayako
Mini-Mandragore Samus Space
Mini-Mandragore Talis Cat
Mini-Mandragore Vampirela Lunaris
Luciole Belphe Kurogane
Luciole Chibi Chipie
Luciole Chibi Kawaii
Luciole Chibi Sushy
Luciole Chibi Wilykat
Luciole Chibi Wilykit
Luciole Lady Desirae
Luciole Lolita Chipie
Susano Atome Spirate
Susano Blab Vodk'a
Tomberry Angelina Tabata
Tomberry James Corna
Tomberry Nayhuna Shihugei