: .WatchTower.


: W-T


: 106


: 8

Leveling history


: 9231253336202678858


: We are a friendly laid back and helpful group. Very newbie friendly. We are accepting recruits. Please join


: Maelstrom




: The Tower at Plot 13, 11 Ward, The Goblet, Phoenix, Light

Welcome message

: All are welcome under this roof. But please take your shoes off at the door.


: Always



Ranking history

Soldier Adelph Ravenwolf
Soldier Aero Syn
Soldier Aeviona Abendstern
Soldier Amalack Wilzuun
Knights of Ash Amelia Lightbringer
Soldier Andrew Allen
Keyblade Knight Ape Sage
Knights of Ash Arcavius Reeves
Soldier Asoedith Hawke
Soldier Astrelle Arscelin
Soldier Aurora Dawnbreaker
Soldier Ayumi Ito
Soldier Beat Tribe
Soldier Beliskner Cruiser
Soldier Big Beast
Soldier Bill'nye Defiance'guy
Soldier Budgeted Quill
Soldier Cain Xenos
Soldier Cautious Corax
Soldier Cereena Veile
Soldier Chihaya Ittetsu
Soldier Curiosity Corax
Soldier Daisy-rose Edith
Knights of Ash Damo Ryuzaki
Soldier Deidra Darkflame
Soldier Destinova Wildwood
Soldier Dusty Mist
Soldier Elara White
Soldier Erith Chalkoarai
Soldier Evelyn Warren
Soldier Exaelus Zen
Soldier Freya Ember
Forever aKnight Gabineaux Handeloup
Soldier Galen Greymane
Soldier Guanjun Lee
Soldier Gylira Rockbell
Soldier Heero Juy
Soldier Hermione Ranger
Knights of Ash Hydro Heller
Soldier Ima Cat
Soldier Immortan Joe
Soldier Jack Oppenheimer
Soldier James Dale
Soldier Kaii Drei
Soldier Kawaiiti Sugoiiti
Soldier Kazumi Yuuki
Knights of Ash Ken Mcclellan
Soldier Kien Shift
Soldier Knivves Hades
Soldier Kokoa Shuzen
Soldier Kotey Wolf
Soldier Koyomay Yatsuno
Soldier Lanata Betwanhe
Soldier Lancertooth Blazing
Soldier Larena Dorne
Soldier Layla Fae
Soldier Leaf Robelle
Soldier Leliana Rowan
Soldier Leon Young
Soldier Lucchini Hartmann
Soldier Luco Ka'theil
Soldier Lydian Sha'lar
Soldier Lyna Hale
Soldier Lyon Mangano
Soldier M'idah Tsuhi
Soldier Marcus Cunha
Soldier Michael Bailowich
Soldier Mike Wilko
Soldier Muay Hcs
Soldier Mystikjimmy Dragonite
Soldier Naiyoko Anasazi
Knights of Ash Neptunia Grey
Soldier Nero King
Soldier Nibblie Wibblie
Soldier Ocen Makusu
Soldier Optical Sloth
Soldier Orenge Bacon
Soldier Poii Poi
Soldier Preak Wood
Soldier Punchinello Ravenmyst
Soldier Rakija Odsljiva
Soldier Rei Hitomi
Soldier Rima Rathkom
Soldier Rinzla Steelforge
Soldier Rizzubetto Rikka
Knights of Ash Robert Fulke
Soldier Rodi Holyark
Keyblade Knight Sakura Sage
Soldier Sephera Darklight
Soldier Seth Eeroth
Soldier Shimiga Uttaris
Knights of Ash Shirru Yasai
Soldier Sivea Brenea
Soldier Snow Forest
Soldier Soul Dono
Knights of Ash Starlight Lalafell
Soldier Stefan Boakye
Soldier Thiria Ashdale
Soldier Timetoend Doom
Soldier Torqual Dessiray
Soldier Tyse Kraay
Soldier Vhaelys Valar
Soldier Xeva Xealia
Soldier Yui Neko
Soldier Yuki Ashefall
Soldier Zenis Cervar