: Sunfall


: SF


: 93


: 8

Leveling history


: 9231253336202677762


: We are a mature, social group who enjoy playing, growing and raiding together in a relaxed environment. You won't be without help in Sunfall!


: Maelstrom




: Eventide: w7_p30 at Plot 30, 7 Ward, Shirogane, Phoenix, Light

Welcome message

: Welcome to Sunfall's Zen Palace!


: Always



Ranking history

Adventurer Ace Baxter
Adventurer Adele Da'zeem
Adventurer Aelon Rhiadra
Adventurer Aisteraina Raithwall
Adventurer Alduin Leotharld
Adventurer Angry Drake
Adventurer Anthema Raja
Adventurer Ayaal Exzess
Adventurer Ayaire Renoit
Adventurer Belladonna Blackmore
Adventurer Caer Lehr
Veteran Caery Bael'ar
Adventurer Caes'a Ragdaal
Adventurer Cal Hiwynd
Adventurer Carlosis Bradliosis
Adventurer Chriz Keyez
Adventurer Ciaran Shadow
Veteran Coco Shenelle
Adventurer Cyriac Allerian
Adventurer Dagda Samildanach
Adventurer Dagdha Samildanach
Defender Danbi Crimsaine
Defender Davinth Thrana
Adventurer Dutch Bahamut
Adventurer Edalene Morningstar
Defender Ella Shelmaen
Adventurer Flax Jade
Adventurer Florence Bright
Adventurer Freyia Volsungr
Adventurer Gatts Hawk
Adventurer Glytt Xawt
Adventurer Gray Asphodel
Adventurer Hyacinth Black
Adventurer Inaba Rheisen
Adventurer Jessi Astor
Veteran Jirikii Prince
Adventurer Jujurupi Chuchurupi
Adventurer Jynnie Fleur
Lions' alt Kaiju Raion
Baoiretender Kazimir Aoire
Adventurer Kitty Pink
Adventurer L'zanna Lee
Veteran Lady Tleigha
Veteran Leon Sieghart
Adventurer Lillian Barth
Veteran Lilzero Zorok
Papa Lion Lion Black
Lions' alt Little'lion Black
Adventurer Lovely Minx
Adventurer Lucian Evans
Adventurer Lunoro Arashi
Adventurer Malin Rejha
Adventurer Mel'dy Moondancer
Adventurer Millenia Hixx
Adventurer Mogsy Gilsworth
Adventurer Natsu Laladestroyer
Adventurer Neim First
Adventurer Nights Grace
Veteran Nimri San
Adventurer Nizy Ishii
Adventurer Ocelot Royce
Adventurer Patchwork Patches
Adventurer Raven Stormsong
Adventurer Remes Tafha
Veteran Revan Hixx
Adventurer Rieka Minett
Adventurer Rowena Blackmore
Adventurer Rynn Arokh
Adventurer Samuel Bodtkins
Adventurer Seary Nox
Adventurer Shandra Manaya
Veteran Silly Rabbit
Adventurer Sinra Brightwell
Veteran Sir Gyvers
Adventurer Solvo Chan
Adventurer Souly Erema
Adventurer Stella Galliard
Adventurer Syra Whispers
Adventurer T'jenma Leo
Adventurer Talion Stormborn
Adventurer Tatsuya Mitobe
Adventurer Tilrion Lain
Adventurer Tougen Gakuto
Adventurer Tsilfa'eor Moonflare
Adventurer Umbriel Xawt
Veteran Umi Renkei
Adventurer Vaelyos Farseeker
Veteran Van Au'gran
Adventurer Viaterran Black
Adventurer Vlad Daichi
Adventurer Zaed Raiden
Adventurer Zael Stormborn
Adventurer Zanai Atzeer