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: Neon Lights


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: Welcome to Neon Lights. Where we strive to shine above drama and enjoy the game.


: Order of the Twin Adder




: Neon Lights at Plot 35, 15 Ward, Mist, Lamia

Welcome message

: Welcome to Neon Lights. Where we strive to shine above drama and enjoy the game.


: Always



Ranking history


as of 13/03/2018

[13/03/2018] Alana Saga is assigned Glowers rank

[13/03/2018] Annabella Baby is assigned Glowers rank

[13/03/2018] Arkano Vakinhoof is assigned Glowers rank

[13/03/2018] Basaol Sha'kar is assigned Glowers rank

[13/03/2018] Black Eyes is assigned Glowers rank

[13/03/2018] Bronte Charlotte is assigned Glowers rank

[13/03/2018] Cliff Rauthian is assigned Glowers rank

[13/03/2018] Demonic Sonata is assigned Glowers rank

[13/03/2018] Enko Popoto is assigned Glowers rank

[13/03/2018] Esavio Fukboi is assigned Glowers rank

[13/03/2018] Flying Martini is assigned Glowers rank

[13/03/2018] Gren'a Dellos is assigned Glowers rank

[13/03/2018] Grey Yamete is assigned Glowers rank

[13/03/2018] Imsixfive Irl is assigned Glowers rank

[13/03/2018] James Winchester is assigned Glowers rank

[13/03/2018] Juvia Yamete is assigned Glowers rank

[13/03/2018] Kai Vari'del is assigned Glowers rank

[13/03/2018] Keno Dadboy is assigned Glowers rank

[13/03/2018] Khaleesi Victoria is assigned Glowers rank

[13/03/2018] Khulan Qalli is assigned Glowers rank

[13/03/2018] Kurenai Star is assigned Glowers rank

[13/03/2018] Leone Beoulve is assigned Glowers rank

[13/03/2018] Lester Manta is assigned Glowers rank

[13/03/2018] Logan Fairchild is assigned Glowers rank

[13/03/2018] Lulu Kokomo is assigned Glowers rank

[13/03/2018] Luna Vader is assigned Glowers rank

[13/03/2018] Lyse Yamete is assigned Glowers rank

[13/03/2018] Lyss Rosevine is assigned Glowers rank

[13/03/2018] Miki Fish is assigned Glowers rank

[13/03/2018] Neu Rology is assigned Glowers rank

[13/03/2018] Nock Aldon is assigned Glowers rank

[13/03/2018] Noel Longshot is assigned Glowers rank

[13/03/2018] Oromis Thranduren is assigned Glowers rank

[13/03/2018] Pheram Ra is assigned Glowers rank

[13/03/2018] Rae Ghzule is assigned Glowers rank

[13/03/2018] Reiven Yamete is assigned Glowers rank

[13/03/2018] Reliox Lionheart is assigned Glowers rank

[13/03/2018] Rocus Phineus is assigned Glowers rank

[13/03/2018] Sakura Yamete is assigned Glowers rank

[13/03/2018] Sepultarua Graveborn is assigned Glowers rank

[13/03/2018] Serendipity Lasternal is assigned Glowers rank

[13/03/2018] Shell Tatsuya is assigned Glowers rank

[13/03/2018] Shinku Hadoken is assigned Glowers rank

[13/03/2018] Sir Artoriass is assigned Glowers rank

[13/03/2018] Takamasa Tsurugi is assigned Glowers rank

[13/03/2018] Tarien Koldimar is assigned Glowers rank

[13/03/2018] Teta Heiral is assigned Glowers rank

[13/03/2018] Thanatos Ririnasu is assigned Glowers rank

[13/03/2018] Tiger Yamete is assigned Glowers rank

[13/03/2018] Yuri Kahen is assigned Glowers rank

[13/03/2018] Zen Sal'dori is assigned Glowers rank

[13/03/2018] Zeref Dragonkneel is assigned Glowers rank

[13/03/2018] Jaliqai Qerel leaves Neon Lights

[13/03/2018] Jijirudo Yayarudo leaves Neon Lights

[13/03/2018] Josh Era leaves Neon Lights

[13/03/2018] Kaltzwen Luftraffe leaves Neon Lights

[13/03/2018] Kiani Ashdal leaves Neon Lights

[13/03/2018] King Ammonia leaves Neon Lights

[13/03/2018] Klocke Firus leaves Neon Lights

[13/03/2018] Koh' Molkot leaves Neon Lights

[13/03/2018] Kohakuren Whitefang leaves Neon Lights

[13/03/2018] Kris Ofsunvow leaves Neon Lights

[13/03/2018] Kurtos Heavyhand leaves Neon Lights

[13/03/2018] Kylara Linael leaves Neon Lights

[13/03/2018] Layle Felyndira leaves Neon Lights

[13/03/2018] Leilani Aerell leaves Neon Lights

[13/03/2018] Lunahri Elakha leaves Neon Lights

[13/03/2018] Lunette Caelum leaves Neon Lights

[13/03/2018] Mael Haresson leaves Neon Lights

[13/03/2018] Mallachi Silverheart leaves Neon Lights

[13/03/2018] Martris Drayke leaves Neon Lights

[13/03/2018] Maximilian Thornton leaves Neon Lights

[13/03/2018] Melian Doriath leaves Neon Lights

[13/03/2018] Miller Sensei leaves Neon Lights

[13/03/2018] Mini Daddy leaves Neon Lights

[13/03/2018] Mini Mommy leaves Neon Lights

[13/03/2018] Minyami Firestarter leaves Neon Lights

[13/03/2018] Monica Fox leaves Neon Lights

[13/03/2018] Moody Doo leaves Neon Lights

[13/03/2018] Night Eyes leaves Neon Lights

[13/03/2018] Nux Fureil leaves Neon Lights

[13/03/2018] Odinn Lothbrok leaves Neon Lights

[13/03/2018] Odjay Shagy leaves Neon Lights

[13/03/2018] Oliver Wayne leaves Neon Lights

[13/03/2018] Pannn Cakeee leaves Neon Lights

[13/03/2018] Plummy Nye leaves Neon Lights

[13/03/2018] Pocket Dots leaves Neon Lights

[13/03/2018] Pota Too leaves Neon Lights

[13/03/2018] Red Roses leaves Neon Lights

[13/03/2018] Rusian Braveheart leaves Neon Lights

[13/03/2018] S'asha Akishima leaves Neon Lights

[13/03/2018] Saruman Thewise leaves Neon Lights

[13/03/2018] Saviel Aasimar leaves Neon Lights

[13/03/2018] Shiro Oshima leaves Neon Lights

[13/03/2018] Skylord Heavenworth leaves Neon Lights

[13/03/2018] Star Chi leaves Neon Lights

[13/03/2018] Stormie Rose leaves Neon Lights

[13/03/2018] Taelise Vixx leaves Neon Lights

[13/03/2018] That Minime leaves Neon Lights

[13/03/2018] Torbrex Sakano leaves Neon Lights

[13/03/2018] Toru Lee leaves Neon Lights

[13/03/2018] Umbra Ameylia leaves Neon Lights

[13/03/2018] Vaerus Hexnar leaves Neon Lights

[13/03/2018] Valerie Hawthorn leaves Neon Lights

[13/03/2018] Viv Ayla leaves Neon Lights

[13/03/2018] Wintralia Snow leaves Neon Lights

[13/03/2018] Xosanj Tristan leaves Neon Lights

[13/03/2018] Y'ddraig Goch leaves Neon Lights

[13/03/2018] Yakuza Hated leaves Neon Lights

[13/03/2018] Zaldin Sicario leaves Neon Lights

[13/03/2018] Zephyr Molkoh leaves Neon Lights

[13/03/2018] Yukki Tsuki leaves Neon Lights

[13/03/2018] Balor Knock leaves Neon Lights

[13/03/2018] Hila Leaf leaves Neon Lights

[13/03/2018] Koda Kenkitchi leaves Neon Lights

[13/03/2018] Lagatheus Arievilo leaves Neon Lights

[13/03/2018] Pure Faith leaves Neon Lights

[13/03/2018] Sami Polaali leaves Neon Lights

[13/03/2018] Tobias Sparrow leaves Neon Lights

[13/03/2018] Aurora Fray joins Neon Lights

[13/03/2018] Calasonia Mckathan joins Neon Lights

[13/03/2018] Ethera Grimfate joins Neon Lights

[13/03/2018] Infinite Project joins Neon Lights

[13/03/2018] King Samakage joins Neon Lights

[13/03/2018] Kyle Rehctelf joins Neon Lights

[13/03/2018] Link Wilderness joins Neon Lights

[13/03/2018] Nathan Arkwright joins Neon Lights

[13/03/2018] Shin'yori Syn'tu joins Neon Lights

[13/03/2018] Asuna Rayne is assigned Northern Lights rank

[13/03/2018] Kikii Kii is assigned Northern Lights rank

[13/03/2018] Iama Summoner is assigned Shining Lights rank

[13/03/2018] Kyoitki Lumi is assigned Shining Lights rank

[13/03/2018] Aeoryth Dragonscale leaves Neon Lights

[13/03/2018] Aisibhir Krantok leaves Neon Lights

[13/03/2018] Alma Ray leaves Neon Lights

[13/03/2018] Alystin Felyndira leaves Neon Lights

[13/03/2018] Angel Mystic leaves Neon Lights

[13/03/2018] Anthea Mischiefstorm leaves Neon Lights

[13/03/2018] Apollah Prince leaves Neon Lights

[13/03/2018] Aria Midori leaves Neon Lights

[13/03/2018] Baby Crow leaves Neon Lights

[13/03/2018] Bambamx Flint leaves Neon Lights

[13/03/2018] Bara Saveus leaves Neon Lights

[13/03/2018] Bayan Borlaaq leaves Neon Lights

[13/03/2018] Beloved Light leaves Neon Lights

[13/03/2018] Bigfluffy Pournstache leaves Neon Lights

[13/03/2018] Cora Lionheart leaves Neon Lights

[13/03/2018] Cosplyn Gerudo leaves Neon Lights

[13/03/2018] Da Hellro leaves Neon Lights

[13/03/2018] Damien Deflame leaves Neon Lights

[13/03/2018] Darcwynn Dibree leaves Neon Lights

[13/03/2018] Dark Sol leaves Neon Lights

[13/03/2018] Dean Reynolds leaves Neon Lights

[13/03/2018] Dolly Fairfolk leaves Neon Lights

[13/03/2018] Elena Agrias leaves Neon Lights

[13/03/2018] Elizabeth Carter leaves Neon Lights

[13/03/2018] Eos Alternia leaves Neon Lights

[13/03/2018] Eris Zaphae leaves Neon Lights

[13/03/2018] Eryn Vaun leaves Neon Lights

[13/03/2018] Finnock Maibon leaves Neon Lights

[13/03/2018] Gaelle Heallieur leaves Neon Lights

[13/03/2018] Gallidan Entreri leaves Neon Lights

[13/03/2018] Garbage Can leaves Neon Lights

[13/03/2018] Golden Bear leaves Neon Lights

[13/03/2018] Hahkoo Pehtuhmeh leaves Neon Lights

[13/03/2018] Hanzo Hattory leaves Neon Lights

[13/03/2018] Hecate Lunara leaves Neon Lights

[13/03/2018] Ignacia Kali leaves Neon Lights

[13/03/2018] Imperator Furiosa leaves Neon Lights

[13/03/2018] Inari Ainsworth leaves Neon Lights

[13/03/2018] Inu Setzu leaves Neon Lights

[19/02/2018] Vi'vi Ornitier leaves Neon Lights

[12/02/2018] Fin Vessalius is assigned Lunar Eclipse rank

[12/02/2018] Akame Lunika is assigned Northern Lights rank

[12/02/2018] Bearrie Mcedwards is assigned Northern Lights rank

[12/02/2018] Haerward Sthalsygg is assigned Northern Lights rank

[12/02/2018] Osiris Black is assigned Northern Lights rank

[12/02/2018] Rose Amethyst is assigned Northern Lights rank

[12/02/2018] Shinon Lunika is assigned Northern Lights rank

[12/02/2018] Dwind Dstorm is assigned Shining Lights rank

[12/02/2018] Eithis Ravenholm is assigned Shining Lights rank

[12/02/2018] Krystal Lee is assigned Shining Lights rank

[12/02/2018] Lagatheus Arievilo is assigned Shining Lights rank

[12/02/2018] One Autumn-leaf is assigned Shining Lights rank

[12/02/2018] Aspen Lunafreya is assigned Glowers rank

[12/02/2018] Jijirudo Yayarudo is assigned Glowers rank

[12/02/2018] Kha'n Lukin is assigned Glowers rank

[12/02/2018] Neon Lights buys Plot 35, 15 Ward, Mist (Large)

[12/02/2018] Vexlyss Sunstorm joins Neon Lights

[12/02/2018] Vereldyn Lycanthrop joins Neon Lights

[12/02/2018] Taik Eznu joins Neon Lights

[12/02/2018] Spirit Turtle joins Neon Lights

[12/02/2018] Scarlet Fenrir joins Neon Lights

[12/02/2018] Rosalita Frost joins Neon Lights

[12/02/2018] Reginald Hawkington joins Neon Lights

[12/02/2018] Phox Relvit joins Neon Lights

[12/02/2018] Naychan De'aleuran joins Neon Lights

[12/02/2018] Mewla Savage joins Neon Lights

[12/02/2018] Keran Tor joins Neon Lights

[12/02/2018] Fayte Mindelan joins Neon Lights

[12/02/2018] Elevie Marin joins Neon Lights

[12/02/2018] Dark Sol joins Neon Lights

[12/02/2018] Darcwynn Dibree joins Neon Lights

[12/02/2018] Daraq Miraudont joins Neon Lights

[12/02/2018] Brxx Saber joins Neon Lights

[12/02/2018] Koda Kenkitchi joins Neon Lights

[12/02/2018] Doki Oki joins Neon Lights

[12/02/2018] Tris Moon-blade leaves Neon Lights

[12/02/2018] Rabbyte Cat leaves Neon Lights

[12/02/2018] Pure Vitality leaves Neon Lights

[12/02/2018] Naru Khah leaves Neon Lights

[12/02/2018] Kiera Kett leaves Neon Lights

[12/02/2018] Crimxon Doxou leaves Neon Lights

[12/02/2018] Zanten Zonoran leaves Neon Lights

[12/02/2018] Yin Whitetail leaves Neon Lights

[12/02/2018] Tyrone Bigz leaves Neon Lights

[12/02/2018] Tracer Br leaves Neon Lights

[12/02/2018] Soshell Hexum leaves Neon Lights

[12/02/2018] Otrelle Drillemont leaves Neon Lights

[12/02/2018] Lunus Oniva leaves Neon Lights

[12/02/2018] Kasumi Amano leaves Neon Lights

[12/02/2018] Kade Lightfoot leaves Neon Lights

[12/02/2018] Edward Highwind leaves Neon Lights

[12/02/2018] Dracilia Dawnstar leaves Neon Lights

[12/02/2018] Destroyer O'soul leaves Neon Lights

[12/02/2018] Chittika Fastpaws leaves Neon Lights

[12/02/2018] Celie Xavalien leaves Neon Lights

[12/02/2018] Amylian Thegreat leaves Neon Lights

[12/02/2018] Altas Cri leaves Neon Lights

[12/02/2018] Allison Foxfire leaves Neon Lights

[12/02/2018] Albalus Rodekran leaves Neon Lights

[12/02/2018] Aesalyn Hrothrall leaves Neon Lights

[12/02/2018] Ador-a Belle leaves Neon Lights

[12/02/2018] Adara Blazingdale leaves Neon Lights

[12/02/2018] Abremelin Blackwood leaves Neon Lights

[12/02/2018] Abaddon Angel leaves Neon Lights

[12/02/2018] A'vett Tajim leaves Neon Lights

[12/02/2018] Sophee Star leaves Neon Lights

[12/02/2018] Fire Emblem leaves Neon Lights

[12/02/2018] Kha'n Lukin joins Neon Lights

[11/02/2018] Jijirudo Yayarudo joins Neon Lights

[21/01/2018] Anthea Mischiefstorm joins Neon Lights

[21/01/2018] Annastasia Skye joins Neon Lights

[21/01/2018] Annasiina The-great joins Neon Lights

[21/01/2018] Ankimdan Ryliu joins Neon Lights

[21/01/2018] Angel Mystic joins Neon Lights

[21/01/2018] Amylian Thegreat joins Neon Lights

[21/01/2018] Ammonia Desonith joins Neon Lights

[21/01/2018] Amber Lockheart joins Neon Lights

[21/01/2018] Alystin Felyndira joins Neon Lights

[21/01/2018] Altun Qestir joins Neon Lights

[21/01/2018] Alrru Boa joins Neon Lights

[21/01/2018] Alma Ray joins Neon Lights

[21/01/2018] Ali Bear joins Neon Lights

[21/01/2018] Alexis Darkheart joins Neon Lights

[21/01/2018] Alex Nego joins Neon Lights

[21/01/2018] Albalus Rodekran joins Neon Lights

[21/01/2018] Akizuki Koichi joins Neon Lights

[21/01/2018] Akame Lunika joins Neon Lights

[21/01/2018] Aisibhir Krantok joins Neon Lights

[21/01/2018] Agrint Vulpe joins Neon Lights

[21/01/2018] Aesalyn Hrothrall joins Neon Lights

[21/01/2018] Ador-a Belle joins Neon Lights

[21/01/2018] Achille Bump joins Neon Lights

[21/01/2018] A'vett Tajim joins Neon Lights

[21/01/2018] Tris Moon-blade joins Neon Lights

[21/01/2018] Todo Matsu joins Neon Lights

[21/01/2018] Tobias Sparrow joins Neon Lights

[21/01/2018] Sho Mintsu joins Neon Lights

[21/01/2018] Sami Polaali joins Neon Lights

[21/01/2018] Rabbyte Cat joins Neon Lights

[21/01/2018] Pure Vitality joins Neon Lights

[21/01/2018] Pure Faith joins Neon Lights

[21/01/2018] Pancakes N'bacon joins Neon Lights

[21/01/2018] O'eddi Heleh joins Neon Lights

[21/01/2018] Naru Khah joins Neon Lights

[21/01/2018] Lucas Locken joins Neon Lights

[21/01/2018] Lady Ashley joins Neon Lights

[21/01/2018] Kiera Kett joins Neon Lights

[21/01/2018] Jason Xxx joins Neon Lights

[21/01/2018] Hila Leaf joins Neon Lights

[21/01/2018] Heff Tier joins Neon Lights

[21/01/2018] Drew Casey joins Neon Lights

[21/01/2018] Crimxon Doxou joins Neon Lights

[21/01/2018] Chihaya Kasanui joins Neon Lights

[21/01/2018] Bustopher Jones joins Neon Lights

[21/01/2018] Balor Knock joins Neon Lights

[21/01/2018] Yukki Tsuki joins Neon Lights

[21/01/2018] Asuna Kunimatzu joins Neon Lights

[04/01/2018] Lunus Oniva joins Neon Lights

[01/01/2018] Kasumi Amano joins Neon Lights

[18/12/2017] Aspen Lunafreya joins Neon Lights

[15/12/2017] Alys Xhula joins Neon Lights

[15/12/2017] Fin Vessalius joins Neon Lights

[29/10/2017] Sophee Star joins Neon Lights

[10/09/2017] Artemis Longheart joins Neon Lights

[10/09/2017] Alexis Rhiki joins Neon Lights

[10/09/2017] Zenma Thegreatbeast joins Neon Lights

[10/09/2017] Zanten Zonoran joins Neon Lights

[10/09/2017] Yin Whitetail joins Neon Lights

[10/09/2017] Verbal Dent joins Neon Lights

[10/09/2017] Tyrone Bigz joins Neon Lights

[10/09/2017] Tracer Br joins Neon Lights

[10/09/2017] Syl Alcia joins Neon Lights

[10/09/2017] Silentx Assasin joins Neon Lights

[10/09/2017] Shaad Frostbear joins Neon Lights

[10/09/2017] Otrelle Drillemont joins Neon Lights

[10/09/2017] Osiris Black joins Neon Lights

[10/09/2017] Lagatheus Arievilo joins Neon Lights

[10/09/2017] Krystal Lee joins Neon Lights

[10/09/2017] Kade Lightfoot joins Neon Lights

[10/09/2017] Gaia Lemus joins Neon Lights

[10/09/2017] Edward Highwind joins Neon Lights

[10/09/2017] Eithis Ravenholm joins Neon Lights

[10/09/2017] Dracilia Dawnstar joins Neon Lights

[10/09/2017] Destroyer O'soul joins Neon Lights

[10/09/2017] Chittika Fastpaws joins Neon Lights

[10/09/2017] Celie Xavalien joins Neon Lights

[10/09/2017] Birnasu Kyaa joins Neon Lights

[10/09/2017] Cassy Cherry joins Neon Lights

[10/09/2017] B'ghol Mae joins Neon Lights

[10/09/2017] Altas Cri joins Neon Lights

[10/09/2017] Adara Blazingdale joins Neon Lights

[10/09/2017] Ae Doii joins Neon Lights

[10/09/2017] Abremelin Blackwood joins Neon Lights

[10/09/2017] Bearrie Mcedwards joins Neon Lights

[10/09/2017] Abaddon Angel joins Neon Lights

[10/09/2017] Anya Fates joins Neon Lights

[20/08/2017] Zephira Crystal joins Neon Lights

[20/08/2017] Youre Cute joins Neon Lights

[20/08/2017] Toru Lee joins Neon Lights

[20/08/2017] Soshell Hexum joins Neon Lights

[20/08/2017] Shinon Lunika joins Neon Lights

[20/08/2017] Penelope Mamzer joins Neon Lights

[20/08/2017] One Autumn-leaf joins Neon Lights

[20/08/2017] Mazer Dent joins Neon Lights

[20/08/2017] Koneko Fyre joins Neon Lights

[20/08/2017] Kiara Yin joins Neon Lights

[20/08/2017] Bodant Bladesmyth joins Neon Lights

[20/08/2017] Mon Sulic joins Neon Lights

[20/08/2017] Neon Lights is registered in the service

[18/08/2017] Free Company is formed

[23/02/2017] Rose Amethyst joins Neon Lights

[23/02/2017] Haerward Sthalsygg joins Neon Lights

[23/02/2017] Galoin Rockfist joins Neon Lights

[17/02/2017] Allison Foxfire joins Neon Lights

[28/01/2017] Anaise Gildron joins Neon Lights

[14/01/2017] Carolina Bailey joins Neon Lights

[13/01/2017] Dwind Dstorm joins Neon Lights

[02/01/2017] Fire Emblem joins Neon Lights

Neon Moon Alexis Rhiki
Lunar Eclipse Asuna Kunimatzu
Lunar Eclipse Fin Vessalius
Glowers Absorbing Donut
Glowers Achille Bump
Glowers Agrint Vulpe
Glowers Akizuki Koichi
Glowers Alana Saga
Glowers Alex Nego
Glowers Alexis Darkheart
Glowers Ali Bear
Glowers Alrru Boa
Glowers Altun Qestir
Glowers Amber Lockheart
Glowers Amber Wolfe
Glowers Ammonia Desonith
Glowers Anaise Gildron
Glowers Ankimdan Ryliu
Glowers Annabella Baby
Glowers Annasiina The-great
Glowers Annastasia Skye
Glowers Anzu Ziang
Glowers Aoi Mikazuchi
Glowers Aqua Moon
Glowers Arialynn Woodsman
Glowers Arkano Vakinhoof
Glowers Armbese Star
Glowers Arsdat Yudo
Glowers Arslang Himaa
Glowers Arthur West
Glowers Arylia Deresnel
Glowers Ascenda Ashe
Glowers Ashlyn Centralia
Glowers Ashvir Dragongave
Glowers Aspen Lunafreya
Glowers Asteria Sirion
Glowers Aurora Fray
Glowers Autumn Rose
Glowers Ava Moon
Glowers Axblade Jayd
Glowers Azami Mariah
Glowers Azrael Strife
Glowers Azsira Walker
Glowers Azura Greenstone
Glowers Basaol Sha'kar
Glowers Battle Love
Glowers Beatrice Portinari
Glowers Bebe Testament
Glowers Black Eyes
Glowers Blin Kng
Glowers Bo Blackman
Glowers Bobo Slash
Glowers Braided Cable
Glowers Brett H'
Glowers Brilliant Starr
Glowers Bronte Charlotte
Glowers Brxx Saber
Glowers Bryjama Mal
Glowers C' G'
Glowers C'behm Torlena
Glowers Cac Inurmouth
Glowers Calasonia Mckathan
Glowers Cameron Dostya
Glowers Candi Dandi
Glowers Cattleya Vixen
Glowers Celeste Moonstar
Glowers Celexa Darkscale
Glowers Champola Uno
Glowers Cheyenne Wolf
Glowers Chilger Mol
Glowers Chugga Boom
Glowers Cliff Rauthian
Glowers Cody Dostya
Glowers Cpt Kirk
Glowers Cristina Restall
Glowers Crit Warden
Glowers Cruzel Lasqez
Glowers Cyrric Nyteblade
Glowers Daeron Pendragon
Glowers Dahbs Ahlldaiye
Glowers Daigel Kachasa
Glowers Daku Monsuto
Glowers Daraq Miraudont
Glowers Demonic Sonata
Glowers Diabloque Ulamounie
Glowers Donatsu Baka
Glowers Drannon Eaglesbane
Glowers Dsk Tiber
Glowers E'lhaxi Ajina
Glowers Edea Versio
Glowers Einheria Chanoix
Glowers Elevie Marin
Glowers Elrich O'toole
Glowers Elzcea Ranaithil
Glowers Enigma Desmar
Glowers Enko Popoto
Glowers Eos Stormrider
Glowers Eqos Baruco
Glowers Equinox Palace
Glowers Erisa Yeung
Glowers Eryssea Val'kyrie
Glowers Esavio Fukboi
Glowers Ethera Grimfate
Glowers Eyco Zaipo
Glowers Ezault Glotaire
Glowers Ezekiel Miyamoto
Glowers Fafhrd Soulslayer
Glowers Faye Grime
Glowers Fayreese Epocan
Glowers Fayte Mindelan
Glowers Fell Equinox
Glowers Flying Martini
Glowers Fosho Killer
Glowers Fukka Yamagishi
Glowers Gabriela Cross
Glowers Gaia Deity
Glowers Galko Amora
Glowers Gangi Rastamon
Glowers Garrus Rex
Glowers Geshya Bai'in
Glowers Gren'a Dellos
Glowers Grey Yamete
Glowers Haineko Growl
Glowers Heloise Shadowsin
Glowers Hideri Chan
Glowers Hiyori Ryojin
Glowers Howl Shadedragon
Glowers Htm Killa
Glowers I'zazah Nitsah
Glowers Icera Dragonscale
Glowers Icker Biggest
Glowers Iddru Balor
Glowers Imsixfive Irl
Glowers Infinite Project
Glowers Isaias Isa
Glowers Jakirn Darkspells
Glowers James Winchester
Glowers Jay Stones
Glowers Jazz Jazz
Glowers Jebei Horo
Glowers Jerzy Doppe
Glowers Jester Zuir
Glowers Jizaku Moon
Glowers Jonn Blaze
Glowers Juvia Yamete
Glowers Jyushi Matsu
Glowers K'lyhh Elenya
Glowers Kai Dragonblade
Glowers Kai Smartus
Glowers Kai Vari'del
Glowers Kaiser Kross
Glowers Kajihema Teiko
Glowers Karona Ofthesun
Glowers Karshaak Darkoss
Glowers Kasumi Sagura
Glowers Kayenne Vess
Glowers Keke Moon
Glowers Keno Dadboy
Glowers Keran Tor
Glowers Kha'n Lukin
Glowers Khaleesi Victoria
Glowers Khayel Zxy
Glowers Khemet Sol
Glowers Khulan Qalli
Glowers Khuma'zi Greyfast
Glowers Kiht Tseh
Glowers Killua Ayanami
Glowers King Samakage
Glowers Kitty Amazing
Glowers Kiuy Sumin
Glowers Koruri Yuzuka
Glowers Kreia Valentia
Glowers Krissy Yamete
Glowers Kromlund Padfoot
Glowers Kroniq Manchester
Glowers Krysslona Galka
Glowers Kurenai Kusakari
Glowers Kurenai Star
Glowers Kuro Hime
Glowers Kyle Rehctelf
Glowers Kyllian O'toole
Glowers L'valka Sternn
Glowers La'luna Freya
Glowers Labrynte Dragonshard
Glowers Lacertus Gardner
Glowers Lancer Dragoon
Glowers Leeeeeeroy Jenkins
Glowers Leon Deschain
Glowers Leon Saborlet
Glowers Leone Beoulve
Glowers Lester Manta
Glowers Lil Pawpi
Glowers Lilith Loxley
Glowers Link Wilderness
Glowers Logan Fairchild
Glowers Loli God
Glowers Lophire Celestia
Glowers Lord Jiguro
Glowers Lorelai Vangard
Glowers Loveless Klaus
Glowers Loveless Snoopy
Glowers Lucian Elliott
Glowers Lucy Stark
Glowers Luis Mercer
Glowers Luke Harper
Glowers Lulu Kokomo
Glowers Luna Purehart
Glowers Luna Shade
Glowers Luna Vader
Glowers Lupus Doayi
Glowers Lyndara Downing
Glowers Lyse Yamete
Glowers Lyss Rosevine
Glowers Madori Mo'han
Glowers Main Heroiine
Glowers Malice Nightshade
Glowers Marioparty Injuries
Glowers Marsha Bajhiri
Glowers Martin Fern
Glowers Mavis Serenity
Glowers Maya Emi
Glowers Memus Maximus
Glowers Mewla Savage
Glowers Mide Iriqis
Glowers Miharu Yoite
Glowers Mikasa Aalburn
Glowers Miki Fish
Glowers Ming Gal
Glowers Mistress Primerain
Glowers Miyanaga Saki
Glowers Mizuki Ryuu
Glowers Mizuna Doayi
Glowers Molly Carpenter
Glowers Molly Morrett
Glowers Monika Tokisaki
Glowers Mordamere Torquemada
Glowers Mordyn Potte
Glowers Morigania Alessiana
Glowers Morioka Moriko
Glowers Morky Powa
Glowers Mortafied Thug
Glowers Mosa Tipir
Glowers Moth Jelly
Glowers Mou Iki
Glowers Mr Truong
Glowers Myztine Haku
Glowers Namine Night
Glowers Nana Sayakuza
Glowers Nariko Chifra
Glowers Nathan Arkwright
Glowers Natiri Sulee
Glowers Naychan De'aleuran
Glowers Naz Dazkar
Glowers Neu Rology
Glowers Nhagi'li Jaabi
Glowers Nock Aldon
Glowers Noel Longshot
Glowers Nuka Tikaani
Glowers Nymai Jakkyai
Glowers Nymeria Gustaphan
Glowers Ojin Roy
Glowers Oromis Thranduren
Glowers Palin Ma'jere
Glowers Panda Wang
Glowers Parzival Lydonn
Glowers Peeka Booie
Glowers Phartsniffer Mcheals
Glowers Pheram Ra
Glowers Phox Relvit
Glowers Pistachio Darkenwood
Glowers Powlie Broadbent
Glowers Pyrrhus Neoptolemus
Glowers Qranberry Gingerale
Glowers Raber Baranor
Glowers Rae Ghzule
Glowers Raewyn Hawke
Glowers Raizo Ishii
Glowers Ran Yakumo
Glowers Raven Moongeist
Glowers Raven Raynestorm
Glowers Raxar Jovunas
Glowers Rayne Bow
Glowers Red Hood
Glowers Redbutt Monkey
Glowers Rei Genesis
Glowers Reiven Yamete
Glowers Relia Lia
Glowers Reliox Lionheart
Glowers Relnea Graydeath
Glowers Relysse Fait
Glowers Ren Masamune
Glowers Renaes Shelle
Glowers Rezul Moltdarin
Glowers Riasu Guremori
Glowers Rika Devarisia
Glowers Roan Toblea
Glowers Rocus Phineus
Glowers Rodrek Bahamuat
Glowers Roland Crutka
Glowers Ronald Sherms
Glowers Rosalita Frost
Glowers Rumi Salama
Glowers Ruula Bonne
Glowers Sakono Urabito
Glowers Sakura Uchihaa
Glowers Sakura Yamete
Glowers Sasuke Kamui
Glowers Saturn Nine
Glowers Sayaka Miyata
Glowers Scarlet Fenrir
Glowers Scarlet Lucifer
Glowers Scias Windrunner
Glowers Selene Stormbend
Glowers Sentella Mitsurugui
Glowers Sepheryn Vagrant
Glowers Sepultarua Graveborn
Glowers Serendipity Lasternal
Glowers Serenity Kaijuy
Glowers Serixia Ferrin
Glowers Sharin Godd
Glowers Shell Tatsuya
Glowers Shin'yori Syn'tu
Glowers Shinku Hadoken
Glowers Shiny Head
Glowers Shiro Narukami
Glowers Shu Iwagao
Glowers Shusihiro Okami
Glowers Silvaire Lautrec
Glowers Sir Artoriass
Glowers Skarnmhar Guldgarasyn
Glowers Skoen Trapper
Glowers Skyn Diamynd
Glowers Slimy Organs
Glowers Sofie Underwood
Glowers Sotien Godo
Glowers Spirit Turtle
Glowers Ssjgoku Sayan
Glowers Steven Ingame
Glowers Stjarna Ek
Glowers Sunborn Deity
Glowers Sunstrike Lightstorm
Glowers Superman Lunchbox
Glowers Suprnova Hj
Glowers Sylvanas Dark-lady
Glowers Synister Caine
Glowers Sytoth Cell
Glowers Syzyx Vanae
Glowers Taik Eznu
Glowers Takamasa Tsurugi
Glowers Takasugi Shinsuke
Glowers Talisona Stormbend
Glowers Talon Reed
Glowers Tarien Koldimar
Glowers Telruc Xyphon
Glowers Teta Heiral
Glowers Thanatos Ririnasu
Glowers Thatone Joker
Glowers The Magician
Glowers Tiger Yamete
Glowers Tokala Amora
Glowers Torrin Brauge
Glowers Trini Dragon
Glowers Tristan Rohan
Glowers Tsuki Baby
Glowers Tsukiyome Chigara
Glowers Tyrluk Citadel
Glowers Vagantebranco Ugund
Glowers Valum Farshire
Glowers Vantte Celwain
Glowers Varok Durok
Glowers Venus Lovelace
Glowers Vereldyn Lycanthrop
Glowers Violet Lily
Glowers Voljin Darkspear
Glowers Waldibert Veninhand
Glowers Waldo-mar Wy-man
Glowers Warden Knight
Glowers Wat Killer
Glowers Whammy Doublefist
Glowers William Zadik
Glowers Windell Starfall
Glowers Xootimus Maximus
Glowers Yen Yoseba
Glowers Yomei Banjo
Glowers Yuri Kahen
Glowers Yvesoix Virmont
Glowers Zat Brooks
Glowers Zen Sal'dori
Glowers Zennia Mujuuk
Glowers Zeref Dragonkneel
Glowers Zero Lopez
Glowers Zero Vesperto
Glowers Zvan Mirnas
Northern Lights Akame Lunika
Northern Lights Alys Xhula
Northern Lights Asuna Rayne
Northern Lights Bearrie Mcedwards
Northern Lights Haerward Sthalsygg
Northern Lights Kikii Kii
Northern Lights Osiris Black
Northern Lights Rose Amethyst
Northern Lights Shinon Lunika
Shining Lights Awayuki Shirogane
Shining Lights Bustopher Jones
Shining Lights Carolina Bailey
Shining Lights Chihaya Kasanui
Shining Lights Doki Oki
Shining Lights Drew Casey
Shining Lights Dwind Dstorm
Shining Lights Eithis Ravenholm
Shining Lights Galoin Rockfist
Shining Lights Heff Tier
Shining Lights I'love You
Shining Lights Iama Summoner
Shining Lights Jason Xxx
Shining Lights Kaori Ryu'na
Shining Lights Krystal Lee
Shining Lights Kyoitki Lumi
Shining Lights Lady Ashley
Shining Lights Lord G'rim
Shining Lights Lucas Locken
Shining Lights O'eddi Heleh
Shining Lights Pancakes N'bacon
Shining Lights Ruby Loopy
Shining Lights Sel'ri Skirita
Shining Lights Sho Mintsu
Shining Lights Todo Matsu
Shining Lights Z'attana Wen