Song of Serenity


: Song of Serenity

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: Song


: 72


: 8

Leveling history


: 9231112598714406372


: Welcome! We are an FC willing to help all, new to old players. Crafters available to help you learn.


: Order of the Twin Adder




: Songs of Serenity at Plot 31, 10 Ward, Shirogane, Lamia, Primal

Welcome message

: Come in, sit a while, and relax


: Always



Ranking history

Melody Aevyn Sage
Spoons Alpha Spork
Melody Appleburrow Benjamin
Melody Arawen Avagnar
Melody Aria Rashel
Melody Bahar Golnaaz
Melody Blood Red
Melody Brenna Behemoth
Leader Alt rank Bridget O'sullivan
Melody Byakko Kishi
Melody Cehir Nobain
Melody Cuter Spork
Melody Dark Halo
Melody Dark Spork
Melody Darling Princess
Melody Draka Nightfall
Melody Easy Peezy
Melody Eric Holt
Melody Fine Boy
Melody Garroth Icewynn
Melody Gatax Moonleaf
Melody Goodest Boy
Melody Gris Rip
Spoons Grumpy Spork
Melody Guts Blackswordsman
Melody Himari Watanabe
Melody I'dhakya Tot'ah
Melody Ifreet Pyratic
Melody Iseanne Sierelle
Melody Ismael Annihilation
Melody Jackand Coke
Melody Kal Grimm
Melody Kattie Purry
Melody Kayla Behemoth
Melody Keeper'of Sporks
Melody Kel Par
Melody King Silas
Melody La-la Colada
Melody Luhn'a Serra
Melody Macallan Xll
Melody Matsuo Namikaze
Melody Meowmeow Raha
Melody Mini Wheat
Leader Alt rank Moira Behemoth
Melody Nephilim Chris
Melody Nin Callian
Melody Noel Vallenhart
Spoons Not Spork
Melody Omniren Whitelighter
Melody P'fhiro Neko
Leader Alt rank Pangr Ban
Melody Rabiah Perces
Melody Rabiah Taro
Melody Raxon Bowser
Melody Rexcor Jungmir
Melody Rhaldy Tv
Melody Rose Fey
Melody Rue Daeg
Melody Rusty Spork
Melody Seerena D'endrrah
Leader Alt rank Serenity Spork
Melody Skai Altas
Melody Tara Zefu
Melody Tek Grimm
Spoons Titanium Spork
Melody Twoflower Rincewind
Melody Tyria Bellicose
Melody Ulterior Motive
Melody Vash Xaela
Melody Vassah Sleiz
Gardener Xessista Coronada
Melody Yuki Yumitori