: Luminescence


: Shine


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: A friendly, helpful community to enjoy the game with!<br />&quot;Success sometimes, fun always!&quot;


: Maelstrom




: Luminous Townkeep at Plot 46, 1 Ward, The Lavender Beds, Lamia, Primal

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: Welcome to the Luminous Townkeep!


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Resting Sprite Earl Oolong
New member! Edgelord Aerosmith
Ambassador Erza Tsubaki
New member! Evangeline Cupcake
Resting Sprite Ferna Rozenheart
Alt Character Gawain Hesselrode
Full Member Ghost Solksthalsyn
Officer Glasiana Retapuge
Full Member Gray Gildarts
Officer Gwynne Veriteau
New member! Imcloud Akatsuki
New member! Izuna Naomi
Full Member Ji X'th
Full Member Joey Burger
Alt Character Joyful Fauna
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Alt Character Kagetora Oshidari
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New member! Katsa Blackwater
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Alt Character Khadan Urumet
New member! Khanita Zaheer
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Officer Kiba Buhen
New member! Kjelle Oraka
New member! Kormah Lafyth
Full Member Lady Celeste
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New member! Luka Kyta
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New member! Mr Badwolf
Alt Character Myrrowin Kerwin
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Resting Sprite Odric Goldwielder
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New member! Pause Theknife
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Full Member Quirinus Severus
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Alt Character Raven Aurelia
Ambassador Rosemary's Baby
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New member! Savral Valelle
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