: Apocalypse


: Bane


: 249


: 8

Leveling history


: 9231112598714320022


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: Order of the Twin Adder




: Bane Manor at Plot 6, 1 Ward, The Lavender Beds, Lamia, Primal

Welcome message

: Welcome Home!


: Always



Ranking history

Private Adrestia Roman
Sergeant Aeon Frost
First Sergeant Aeron Blackheart
Lance Corporal Aezra Scarlett
Corporal Alcoholfueled Asscian
Staff Sergeant Alderaine Alter
Sergeant Aldis Caspian
Sergeant Alina Sayomi
First Sergeant Amh Sinah
Private Amun Ra
Lance Corporal Ani Mio
First Sergeant Anise Elysia
Sergeant Annie Mae
Lance Corporal Ardeux Agrette
Sergeant Ares Havoc
Corporal Ashlotte Kamerad
Lance Corporal Astro Homie
Corporal Avarant Dela'kain
First Sergeant Avarant Dimitus
First Sergeant Baloo Frostfang
Lance Corporal Bishop Smith
First Lt Bjorblade Galahad
First Sergeant Blacked Swordsman
Lance Corporal Bloo Eyes
Lance Corporal Blueberry Yum'yum
Private Bruton Gaster
Private Caelin Sen'faer
Corporal Candlee Wax
Corporal Cara Fumetsu
Lance Corporal Celeste Sugilite
First Sergeant Chasing Death
Private Chiba Innu
First Sergeant Chucky Luck
Corporal Clarissa Apple
Warrant Officer Clefty Fran
Staff Sergeant Cli Laqi
Lance Corporal Code Magick
First Sergeant Corva Branford
First Sergeant Cristophe Farron
Corporal Crono Harvey
Lance Corporal Cuppa Dapuzi
Lance Corporal Darius Axeslayer
Lance Corporal Darius Cain
Corporal Darkhetai Lionheart
Lance Corporal Darrow Dragonfire
Sergeant Major Delphi Septum
Sergeant Devious Undying
Staff Sergeant Dirt Trash
Private Dis Arranged
First Sergeant Dontyou Dieonme
Lance Corporal Draconis Etrigan
Corporal Dragazhar Silvermane
Sergeant Dreamy Inpanties
First Sergeant Dryk Wyvern
Lance Corporal Dump Truck
First Sergeant Durgon Forthrak
Lance Corporal Dylann Win
First Sergeant Eir Fenrir
Corporal Ellusion Frost
Sergeant Elora Virjeon
Sergeant Elysia Lunastre
Private Emma Columbus
Staff Sergeant Enyo Inferno
Sergeant Major Erandil Feanor
Private Erich Zann
First Sergeant Eve Nocturne
Private Evelyn Valentine
First Sergeant F'ehlori Mitnu
First Sergeant Face Brick
Lance Corporal Fading Frostshadow
Lance Corporal Fallen Ones
First Lt Faux Real
Staff Sergeant Fayt Lionheart
Lance Corporal Feanor Silverlight
Private Fhayllin Brightshadow
Corporal Fhergo Inspiration
Private Flying Martini
Private Fortior Universum
Captain Freya Amranth
Corporal Furious Fury
First Sergeant G'fhax Tia
First Lt Galadriel Estellise
First Sergeant Garr Myria
Private Garruk Wildspeak
Staff Sergeant Griiddil Bibin
Private Haernort Bloefhiswyn
Private Haldir Lothlrien
Staff Sergeant Hit Box
Sergeant Holy Mewrilah
Private Horik Valor
First Sergeant Howell Jenkins
Private Hunter Senpai
Sergeant I'm Deranged
Corporal Isos Cade
Big Boss Ixninth Xielevth
Lance Corporal Izdani Nightlaser
Sergeant Jaye Hall
Corporal Jenon Miyumi
Corporal Jess Danger
Sergeant Jhar Cor
Sergeant Jormungand Fenrir
First Sergeant Jyn Sa
Staff Sergeant Kalia Athanasia
First Sergeant Karst Fortissia
Staff Sergeant Katrina Kats
Lance Corporal Koh'a Qotsa
Private Kuro Jinsoku
First Sergeant La'quay Steelclaw
Mid-Boss Lady Godiva
Private Lara Luna
First Sergeant Le Cid
Staff Sergeant Leafe Garanjy
First Sergeant Liene Katte
Lance Corporal Lieutenant Wulfspade
Private Lightwind Silvermoon
Lance Corporal Lihymn Zavech
Corporal Lily Lavender
Lance Corporal Link Mimipoki
First Sergeant Llara Saltzmen
Lance Corporal Lorien Sylvanestie
Staff Sergeant Lost Within
Staff Sergeant Lucy Sky
Private Mad Hatters
First Sergeant Mana Archard
Staff Sergeant Marinda Carneth
Private Mastadon Black
First Sergeant Mathild Greywoode
Lance Corporal Matthias Zygern
Sergeant Maximus Meridus
First Sergeant Mediam Ultramaster
Staff Sergeant Merzan Zasar
Staff Sergeant Meyneth Tighmaevril
First Sergeant Mier Olliphiest
Lance Corporal Mikan Firepunch
Lance Corporal Milk Bags
First Sergeant Minamoto Yoritomo
Sergeant Miroko Mikimoto
Lance Corporal Mis Hil
Private Miscell Phen
Sergeant Major Mistress Pandemonium
Private Mochachris Oace
Sergeant Major Mokuwaii Frostshadow
Lance Corporal Monkeysee Monkeydo
Private Monster Cat
Sergeant Major Muuko Fwastblade
Private Myrande Curtoz
Sergeant Mystikk Disarranged
Lance Corporal Naevara Valanthe
First Sergeant Naomi Platinum
Corporal Natali Feurok
Sergeant Niklaus Vairemont
First Sergeant Nilus Ballad
Corporal Nivek Allderan
Lance Corporal Niven Dethanatos
Lance Corporal Odin Ryder
Sergeant Ofblackheart Xiv
Private Oksana Shade
Corporal Paladin Wanabe
Lance Corporal Pepper Saltzmen
Sergeant Perfection Freecs
Lance Corporal Pew Fingers
Staff Sergeant Phy Gee
Corporal Popoto Pototo
Lance Corporal Pork Loaf
Private Primae Noctis
Corporal Puta Paoluccii
Sergeant Raelin Stormwarden
Staff Sergeant Rageous Foxglove
Sergeant Raul Endymion
Sergeant Reign Norcross
First Sergeant Reiten Skyfall
Private Relysse Fait
Staff Sergeant Renzer Kerld
Corporal Reya Lightbringer
First Sergeant Reynalin Kross
Lance Corporal Richard Carver
Lance Corporal Rime Elysium
Lance Corporal Riou Tenkai
Corporal Rirowan Daga
Staff Sergeant Rook Wolf
Private Roposh Ofalen
Lance Corporal Sadique Bob
Corporal Samerson Warren
Sergeant Sara Yuki
First Sergeant Satoko Sato
First Sergeant Sean Braven
Lance Corporal Shanoa Belmont
Warrant Officer Shoru Ganasu
Staff Sergeant Shougo Lorde
Staff Sergeant Sieg Strife
First Sergeant Siparium Un
Lance Corporal Sir Bane
Lance Corporal Skybound Light
Corporal Smoke Capone
First Sergeant Snow Meow
Staff Sergeant Sol Brutha
Lance Corporal Solar Pickle
Corporal Solzel Kenshin
Staff Sergeant Sora Baxton
First Sergeant Spazz Tastic
Private Sriracha Mario
Staff Sergeant Stacy Kife
Lance Corporal Street Sweeper
First Sergeant Strike Zero
Private T'brohka Zmenza
Warrant Officer Taiyou Uchiha
Lance Corporal Taketeru Yumishi
First Sergeant Talon Wheeler
First Sergeant Tamarie Valance
First Sergeant Tasa Malaguld
Corporal Thalheal Zestris
First Sergeant Thamian Solus
First Sergeant Thorfinn Ragnarsen
Sergeant Tiberius Towns
Staff Sergeant Tiria Kiljaeden
Sergeant Titania Erzascarlet
Lance Corporal Tony Montana
Staff Sergeant Toofat Torun
Sergeant Traxius Stormwarden
Lance Corporal Trillary Clinton
Corporal Truck Bumper
First Sergeant Uncertain Heisenberg
Lance Corporal Useless Inpanties
Private Uthmilen Danger
First Sergeant V'al Kyrie
Corporal Vaaka Uchiha
Private Vallus Corvinith
Sergeant Varam Bolteem
Captain Vera Crystalline
Lance Corporal Vincent Gavinel
Winters gone by Viola Winters
Staff Sergeant Wes Mine
Lance Corporal Wynter Fyre
Lance Corporal X'heh Danger
Sergeant Xeta Nva
Lance Corporal Xul Kitska
Lance Corporal Y'mrilihn Veia
Sergeant Y'zhra Yuzu
First Sergeant Yachiru Uchiha
Staff Sergeant Yoshi Rio
Corporal Yukikaze Kitsune
Sergeant Yunaxlee Sky
First Sergeant Zen Velao
Mid-Boss Zero Limit
Captain Zero Wolfwood
First Sergeant Zevarel Tseva
Lance Corporal Zhun Zhen
Lance Corporal Zoechu Moonbeam
Lance Corporal Zora Nova