: Turks


: Turks


: 23


: 8


: 9231112598714319956


: Don't step on the flowers.


: Immortal Flames




: Turtle's Paradise at Plot 19, 17 Ward, Shirogane, Lamia

Welcome message

: No, Today we're off duty


as of 15/03/2018

[15/03/2018] Arden Reign leaves Turks

[15/03/2018] Kaer Baer leaves Turks

[15/03/2018] Zell Carlson leaves Turks

[15/03/2018] Turks buys Plot 19, 17 Ward, Shirogane (Medium)

[01/08/2017] Zell Carlson joins Turks

[01/08/2017] Kaer Baer joins Turks

[01/08/2017] Rutsuka Kutsuka joins Turks

[01/08/2017] Kris Bladeheart joins Turks

[01/08/2017] Draken Trindson joins Turks

[01/08/2017] Jaguar Sauls joins Turks

[01/08/2017] Zakkhaios Valeforge joins Turks

[01/08/2017] Vkitorios Magus joins Turks

[01/08/2017] Valeria Izanami joins Turks

[01/08/2017] Tai Ra'a joins Turks

[01/08/2017] Luna Kamaria joins Turks

[01/08/2017] Jay Ulnith joins Turks

[01/08/2017] Krelen Rabier joins Turks

[01/08/2017] Jacjac Smash joins Turks

[01/08/2017] Hyler Scash joins Turks

[01/08/2017] Hikmah Asad joins Turks

[01/08/2017] Aokrerv Viveoda joins Turks

[01/08/2017] Aina Tachibana joins Turks

[01/08/2017] Vivi Leonardson joins Turks

[01/08/2017] Kelestine Targost joins Turks

[01/08/2017] Flaming Rosa joins Turks

[01/08/2017] Dval Shraea joins Turks

[01/08/2017] Ceceijea Vigguruld joins Turks

[01/08/2017] Selenia Ashirijen joins Turks

[01/08/2017] Ninfalla Grant joins Turks

[01/08/2017] Katsuo Endo joins Turks

[01/08/2017] Turks is registered in the service

[09/05/2017] Arden Reign joins Turks

[30/08/2013] Free Company is formed

Overpower Fiend Katsuo Endo
Lieutenant Ninfalla Grant
Lieutenant Selenia Ashirijen
Recruit Draken Trindson
Recruit Jaguar Sauls
Recruit Kris Bladeheart
Recruit Rutsuka Kutsuka
Major Ceceijea Vigguruld
Major Dval Shraea
Major Flaming Rosa
Major Kelestine Targost
Major Vivi Leonardson
Private FC Aina Tachibana
Private FC Alexander Wrath
Private FC Aokrerv Viveoda
Private FC Hyler Scash
Private FC Jacjac Smash
Private FC Jay Ulnith
Private FC Krelen Rabier
Private FC Luna Kamaria
Private FC Valeria Izanami
Private FC Vkitorios Magus
Private FC Zakkhaios Valeforge