Northern Sky


: Northern Sky


: North


: 27


: 8


: 9230971861226045025


: You won't find anyone worse than us. Except lalafells.


: Maelstrom




: The Mystery Shack at Plot 5, 15 Ward, Mist, Faerie

Welcome message

: Reality is an illusion, the universe is a hologram, buy gold, bye!


: Always


as of 13/03/2018

[13/03/2018] Kobato Airashii is assigned Squire rank

[13/03/2018] Miqoh Rainteau is assigned Squire rank

[13/03/2018] Anna Lina is assigned Plebeian rank

[13/03/2018] Black Snow is assigned Plebeian rank

[13/03/2018] Luniana Erato is assigned Plebeian rank

[13/03/2018] Wilhelm Fistman is assigned Plebeian rank

[13/03/2018] Wordless Fig is assigned Plebeian rank

[13/03/2018] Lunette S'oleil leaves Northern Sky

[13/03/2018] Aurik Vallen leaves Northern Sky

[13/03/2018] Vendetta Vallen leaves Northern Sky

[13/03/2018] Shogun Shenanigans joins Northern Sky

[13/03/2018] Switch Mint joins Northern Sky

[13/03/2018] Halina Helluin joins Northern Sky

[13/03/2018] Belle Kitsukite is assigned Monarch rank

[13/03/2018] Sebastian Ashworth is assigned High Court rank

[13/03/2018] Deliora Redfox is assigned Squire rank

[13/03/2018] Alistar Halcon is assigned Plebeian rank

[13/03/2018] Elipteus Argonis is assigned Plebeian rank

[13/03/2018] Lasurus Felheart is assigned Plebeian rank

[13/03/2018] Sekhmet Apophysis is assigned Plebeian rank

[13/03/2018] Almond Joys is assigned Dad rank

[13/03/2018] Northern Sky changes insignia to "North"

[13/03/2018] Northern Sky buys Plot 5, 15 Ward, Mist (Large)

[13/03/2018] Northern Sky builds "The Mystery Shack"

[12/12/2017] Lasurus Felheart joins Northern Sky

[27/09/2017] Lunette S'oleil joins Northern Sky

[20/07/2017] Vendetta Vallen joins Northern Sky

[20/07/2017] Cordelia Freyalise joins Northern Sky

[20/07/2017] Aurik Vallen joins Northern Sky

[20/07/2017] Arjuna Serran joins Northern Sky

[20/07/2017] Aningan Y'vette joins Northern Sky

[20/07/2017] Sekhmet Apophysis joins Northern Sky

[20/07/2017] Overlord Cuddles joins Northern Sky

[20/07/2017] Elipteus Argonis joins Northern Sky

[20/07/2017] Alistar Halcon joins Northern Sky

[20/07/2017] Vito Voltaire joins Northern Sky

[20/07/2017] Bittie Moon joins Northern Sky

[20/07/2017] Halbert Grimwald joins Northern Sky

[20/07/2017] Cyrene Nemiel joins Northern Sky

[20/07/2017] Belle Kitsukite joins Northern Sky

[20/07/2017] Northern Sky is registered in the service

[12/05/2017] Aurora Kitsukite joins Northern Sky

[10/05/2017] Kirishima Yuukoni joins Northern Sky

[10/05/2017] Sebastian Ashworth joins Northern Sky

[09/05/2017] Deliora Redfox joins Northern Sky

[05/02/2017] Free Company is formed

Monarch Belle Kitsukite
High Court Cyrene Nemiel
High Court Halbert Grimwald
High Court Sebastian Ashworth
High Court Vito Voltaire
Plebeian Alistar Halcon
Plebeian Aningan Y'vette
Plebeian Anna Lina
Plebeian Arjuna Serran
Plebeian Black Snow
Plebeian Elipteus Argonis
Plebeian Halina Helluin
Plebeian Lasurus Felheart
Plebeian Luniana Erato
Plebeian Sekhmet Apophysis
Plebeian Wilhelm Fistman
Plebeian Wordless Fig
Knight Overlord Cuddles
Knight Shogun Shenanigans
Catto Magus Bittie Moon
Catto Magus Kirishima Yuukoni
Super Kami Guru Aurora Kitsukite
Squire Deliora Redfox
Squire Kobato Airashii
Squire Miqoh Rainteau
Squire Switch Mint
Dad Almond Joys