Sky Gazers


: Sky Gazers


: Sky


: 90


: 8

Leveling history


: 9230971861225969544


: Easygoing and fun, just come be yourself and enjoy good company. No drama safe space, LGBT friendly. Raid group is quiet, but the rest will respond.


: Order of the Twin Adder




: Smex Dojo at Plot 2, 8 Ward, Mist, Faerie, Aether

Welcome message

: Keep your weaver hands strong...


: Always



Ranking history

In-Training Aldric Ruardyn
Mewmaster Alexandra Realta
Senior Citizen Alyce Grim
Mewmaker Aoki Oski
In-Training Aric Cosamaru
In-Training Aurellia Dewlyr
Mewmaker Auronth Egreat
Rookie Azriel Vaquaniel
Rookie Bea Skylum
In-Training Big Dee
Super Junior Blame Dps
Super Junior Blame Healer
Super Junior Blame Tank
In-Training Brian Masih
In-Training Cedar Onyx
In-Training Celica Zenk
Senior Citizen Church Candy
In-Training Ciren Daikon
Roseraiders Clo Bear
In-Training Doc Land
In-Training Echo Wolf
Senior Citizen Elric Thewhitewolf
In-Training Eruda Daruma
Mewmaker Estrella Lunetta
In-Training Faythe Ulloriaq
Mewmaker Fenana Fena
Senior Citizen Goroth Grimstar
Senior Citizen Gunhead Wong
Super Junior Gyaxus Desparte
Senior Citizen Hiyosup Paladir
Super Junior Hom Tanks
In-Training Jengarian Otsutsuki
In-Training Jubjub Habeek
In-Training Just'us Wailmers
Meowthatsright Justus Whales
Super Junior Katsuki Fuyusora
Cheesefries Keebah Okami
Super Junior Killer Waffles
In-Training Kojirou Sasaki
Roseraiders Korona Heineken
Super Junior Kou Kazen
In-Training Kurama F'hawkes
In-Training Lalatheyne Ttalgi
Senior Citizen Leon Geeste
In-Training Leronde Forte
In-Training Lesbean Latte
In-Training Lex Raha
Vivillonmon Lithelyne Tristelle
In-Training Little Chiwawa
Rookie Maeko Shinobu
Senior Citizen Mael Strom
Senior Citizen Manami Clearsky
Etro's Knight Mendoza Blackstone
Mewmaker Milla Vivamus
In-Training Minoyo Froyo
Senior Citizen Mizzz Kitty
Senior Citizen Moon Everglow
In-Training Mr Stout
Super Junior Nai Kousei
Senior Citizen Naoh Tiyum
In-Training Numend Forsythe
In-Training Nyanko Sensei
Etro's Knight Protista Pirogoeth
In-Training Rin Katsuragi
Senior Citizen Rjwz Jr
Senior Citizen Roki'a Tiyum
Super Junior Rune Voltaire
In-Training Ryna Qalli
Etro's Knight Ryo Taylor
Senior Citizen Scarlette Rinclaire
In-Training Serenity Martinez
In-Training Serin Arkwright
In-Training Silranna Imako
Senior Citizen Skeletoncrew Mulligan
Senior Citizen Skyz Dalimit
Roseraiders Sona Kiriyu
In-Training Strom Boli
In-Training Subsist Tsukasa
Roseraiders Taeyeon Kim
Rookie Tiki Blackburn
Super Junior Turtle Pls
Senior Citizen Val Lugannon
Vivillonmon Vivianne Mori
In-Training Vraiel Umaroth
In-Training Wamba Flamba
Super Junior Williams Boode
Etro's Knight Xenovexus Mo
Rookie Yoruichi Kurosaki
Roseraiders Yunica Bael
In-Training Zen Ra