Wild Hearts


: Wild Hearts


: Feral


: 66


: 8

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: We are a casual, stable community, going 3 years strong! We welcome players of all levels, for all content. Join us for 24/7 EXP, weekly events, and more!


: Maelstrom




: Feral Heights at Plot 5, 10 Ward, Mist, Exodus, Primal

Welcome message

: A sanctuary of respite for the free spirited heroes of Eorzea; <br />To rest, to grow, and to reach new heights.


: Always



Ranking history

Primal Fury Aegon Dalenthar
New Blood Amadeus Alaric
Free Spirit Arlasan Shadeslayer
Free Spirit Arthur Silverlake
The Strays Ashe Moonrider
New Blood Ashooby Du
Free Spirit Awol Summerset
New Blood Bayagi Mganga
New Blood Bear Auraguard
Free Spirit Belldandy Verde
Primal Fury Bill Watterson
New Blood Brielle Paige
The Strays Captain Sammy
Primal Fury Chizuru Tanaka
New Blood Darinmo Moonfist
Primal Fury Dizastra Venomstrike
Copy Cats Dragonis Dragneel
Free Spirit Eilis Justinia
Free Spirit Eucalyptus Mint
Primal Fury Evyl Eternia
New Blood Fausa Duskstone
Primal Fury Favva Bean
Untamed Spirit Frost Vipre
Primal Fury Gahariet Colt
New Blood Gizmo Goober
Free Spirit Hartley Sol'airre
New Blood Heartless Hero
Free Spirit Hikari Reiki
Free Spirit Howard Dropbear
Untamed Spirit Izaya Akiyama
Copy Cats Izzy Dalenthar
Primal Fury Jacuzi Jaeger
Primal Fury Jakhydro Twilight
Free Spirit Jedi Skywalker
Free Spirit Kakava Vesper
Primal Fury Khaine Asuryan
Free Spirit Kisa Tygrys
Free Spirit L'ana Siyaki
Free Spirit Last Ironheart
Primal Fury Lumielle De'aura
Copy Cats Lumilu Lumi
The Strays Lyralei Q'insa
Wild Heart Mimilu Ruruna
Copy Cats Minty Melts
New Blood Miyako Underfell
Free Spirit Nero Hisami
Primal Fury Oe Negative
Copy Cats Old' Man
Primal Fury Orchios Amano
Free Spirit Razza'taz Sha'shaw
The Strays Regagner Necromancien
Primal Fury Renjaro Winterbane
Untamed Spirit Rin Hoshizora
Free Spirit Rochelle Songweaver
Free Spirit Rookcel Peace
Feral Heart Sable Fenrir
Copy Cats Shado Asuryan
Primal Fury Shandrys Luarek
Primal Fury Skuli Nushif
Primal Fury Thomas Greystone
Copy Cats Vana Kenovi
Free Spirit Waifu Lorsyk
Copy Cats Xavian Bowen
The Strays Zael Zenith
The Strays Zeg Prime
The Strays Zero Degrees