Aurora Illumina


: Aurora Illumina


: Aura


: 59


: 8

Leveling history


: 9229142273877371309


: Small knit of friends seeking more to invite to our family. Newcomers more than welcomed here! We're very casual and accept friendly players!


: Immortal Flames




: Aura Kupohaus at Plot 45, 18 Ward, Mist, Zalera, Crystal

Welcome message

: Welcome to our guild house! Still under construction inside :D Feel free to bum around outside though.


: Always



Ranking history

Seraph Monarch Aenryth Euywn
Seraph Monarch Amon Tia
Lunar Knight Anomanderrr Rake
Lunar Knight Armin Okumura
Lunar Knight Autumn Tempest
Comet Squire Base God
Lunar Knight Black Tyr
Solar Phalanx Campy Saluja
Lunar Knight Channy Stolasi
Lunar Knight Cherryy Blossom
Lunar Knight Cyrus De'gal
Seraph Monarch Daniel Phoenixborn
Seraph Monarch Dannie Phoenixborn
Comet Squire Drake Belmont
Lunar Knight Eowyn Blossom
Comet Squire Gajeel Deathfox
Comet Squire Gizmogirl Hawk
Sub Leaders Hammerhead Shark
Lunar Knight Honda Hatch
Hushie 2.0 c: Hush Faeriefire
Comet Squire Jayde Lyon
Solar Phalanx Jessica Lola
Nebula Paladin Joao Carlos
Lunar Knight Kasari Silvermoon
Comet Squire Kiikano Tolkano
Lunar Knight Kisaki Vaus
Seraph Monarch Kosmos Altria
Lunar Knight Li Qiye
Lunar Knight Lian Jiji
Solar Phalanx Luan Becker
Lunar Knight Mad Lady
Princess Maria Pendragon
Sub Leaders Mina Zylina
Solar Phalanx Miu Noona
Lunar Knight Mogrim Mogolius
Sub Leaders Mr Nibbles
Comet Squire Nessura Glanton
El Scorcho Prototype Scorch
Lunar Knight Raccoon Farmer
Solar Phalanx Ren Saeko
Comet Squire Rhenwaubat Adarkim
Comet Squire Riena Rose
Seraph Monarch Rogue Shadowcat
Nebula Paladin Rudira Aurora
Lunar Knight Rumble Cat
Seraph Monarch Satanael Star
Solar Phalanx Senski Celestioux
Comet Squire Shae Haulia
Sub Leaders Silvano Becker
Solar Phalanx Simond Lightforge
Lunar Knight Sydney Langhorne
Seraph Monarch Theia Zafira
Nebula Paladin Trilea Druidia
Seraph Monarch Verana Moondance
Lunar Knight Violet Skinner
Creator Vyre Lyfir
Nebula Paladin Yatenryu Vajrayaksa
Princess Zaria Sunchaser
Comet Squire Zerin Athelar