The Survey Corps


: The Survey Corps


: AoT


: 446


: 8

Leveling history


: 9229142273877345803


: We&#39;re a casual FC, and we pride ourselves in helping others! :)<br />Our house at Uldah Ward 1 Plot 5! Come!


: Immortal Flames




: Palace of AoT at Plot 5, 1 Ward, The Goblet, Zalera, Aether

Welcome message

: Welcome to the home of AoT! Just come straight in and tour around! Join our FC to benefit from the crafting stations &amp; facilities!


: Always



Ranking history

Private Abigail Law
Private Acheron Avernus
Private Aeternum Skorpion
Private Agelaki Sheqa
Corporal Aiesha Anuket
Sergeant Ailith Ward
Corporal Akari Atsuko
Veteran Akira Raed
Private Alamond Oru
Corporal Aleria Aestus
Sergeant Alex Castiel
Corporal Alkora Amariyo
Private Allen Iverson
Private Allister Blackwater
Corporal Alpha Soul
Veteran Alyntmir Kalmar
Veteran Alyssa Kitsumi
Corporal Amberin Vyrce
Sergeant Ambriona Pereya
Private Ame Kurai
Corporal Andiboo Bear
Private Annabeth Wateriano
Private Annakasta Zymarra
Veteran Anne Blazer
Dame Delicious Annetuella Savastera
Private Anti Euphoria
Corporal Ao Tir
Veteran Aoba Tewpointoh
Private Aoshi Shinamori
Veteran Apostyl Darkmoon
Private Apothecary Bubukiser
Private Apple Danish
Private Aquani Faida
Corporal Archer Core
Veteran Arielle Lhant
Corporal Artaxes Savas
Lieutenant Artic Rush
Private Arya Lust
Captain Asellus Asengard
Private Ashley Grimm
Corporal Asmodeus Drakon
Corporal Aster Phos
Lieutenant Astro Swift
Veteran Asvolies Harvem
Corporal Athena Zealous
Private Aurelle Frambese
Sergeant Aurora Irken
Sergeant Auzzurri Epocan
Corporal Azshara Farron
Corporal Aztheroz Zephyr
Private Baby Sack
Private Baidar Ura
Private Bal Maurodus
Lieutenant Balthildis Bloode
Veteran Balthyre Bellveil
Private Bella Unicorn
Lieutenant Bexta Baeron
Private Biz Biz
Private Blood Killer
Lieutenant Blue Zaus
Corporal Blueberry Brah
Corporal Bolt Stormz
Corporal Bone Snap
Corporal Bongo Kitty
Private Bordeaux Lamia
Veteran Bree Deforest
Private Britt Lioness
Private Brixxe Chithaus
Private Brotherman Bill
Private Build Dream
Corporal Buraddori Arata
Generalissimo Burnin Gundam
Generalissimo Caimie Tsukino
Corporal Calub Rodestone
Sergeant Caster Troy
Private Ceana Kirk
Private Celest Talren
Veteran Celtic Lodestone
Sergeant Chidori Boots
Veteran Chidorii Boots
Private Chii Dayo
Corporal Chrome Dokuro
Private Citrine Phyre
Private Cloudy Murph
Private Corynn Sagewind
Private Cristina Echidna
Veteran Cryas Mousey
Private Cutiee Patootie
Corporal Cynthia River
Corporal Daisume Sasuke
Corporal Dakota Vex
Private Dante Marel
Private Dara Argus
Private Dark Myschif
Private Darkflamex Master
Lieutenant Daro Da'ri
Private Darth Purp
Generalissimo Darth Rok
Private David Dragonheart
Private David Fireheart
Private Deathby Snusnu
Private Delests Kicka
Sergeant Deno Arcane
Corporal Deno Zaraki
Private Desmona Darkmoon
Private Dez Nutz
Private Diamond Bearer
Private Donny Launigan
Private Dra Ne
Private Dragon Zphere
Private Drake Diablos
Private Drenhar Oren
Corporal Dualscar Orphaner
Private Duy Nguyen
Sergeant Earthscar Nilim
Private Eazye Eazye
Sergeant Ebitako Jax
Private Eclipse Solaris
Private Eigaar Ggg
Private Eilonwy Baalmann
Generalissimo Elaine Strachan
Corporal Eldrid Lawberg
Corporal Ellion Sin
Corporal Emalena Miqala
Private Evangeline Mcdowell
Corporal Ever Valentine
Corporal Ezra Mercer
Corporal Fallen Souls
Sergeant Faylynn Zephyr
Corporal Felkan Sky
Corporal Fin Ancalime
Remembered Ones Fingolfin Mulligan
Private Finn Florba
Veteran Fira Firaga
Private Fluxz Ay
Private Foxglove Isis
Private Freyja Delaunay
Sergeant Frostynuage Twohs
Corporal Galaxia Crimsonaura
Private Ganzorig Baatar
Sergeant Genghis Khanate
Lieutenant Genzer Guyrisseur
Private Geraphyne Rose
Corporal Giada Delorentas
Private Glen Co'co
Generalissimo Gnari Vah'mahl
Generalissimo God Gundam
Corporal Gradd Helian
Private Greed Sin
Private Grey Knightwalker
Private Gyel Hartense
Corporal Hahatsu Hatsen
Corporal Hahatsu Zatezen
Veteran Happy Kitty
Veteran Hector Troy
Captain Heimdall Sci
Sergeant Hellicon Windsorrow
Private Hellsing Alucard
Sergeant Hercules Stormbringer
Private Herilta Burnhuildre
Sergeant Hex Destructor
Private Himura Kenshinz
Veteran Hisoka Koibito
Corporal Holee Chit
Private Hunter Robinette
Corporal Iconik Arbosa
Private Illesmera Liautroix
Veteran Imperatrix Echidna
Private Imperatrix Indigo
Sergeant Inferno Mcdohl
Private Iron Fister
Private Isa Hicks
Private It Is
Corporal Itsuko Rhymes
Sergeant Ivan Smiliansky
Private Ivanna Seymourtites
Veteran J'majhi Vheola
Corporal Jackalope Tysoh
Corporal Jade Vyrce
Private Jay Rich
Captain Jay Trill
Private Jazz Shade
Private Jeanne Beajeau
Sergeant Jenna Pech
Corporal Jeraph Idc
Sergeant Jethro Boom
Captain Jill Pickle
Corporal Jimmy Jimpson
Private Jo Phoenix
Private June Yukira
Private Kaeyla Eternyia
Corporal Kage Trombler
Corporal Kage Venator
Private Kalpana Soladrim
Private Kara Rose
Private Kara Trister
Veteran Karna Bragwin
Veteran Karnus Silverfist
Corporal Kassius Nobleguard
Private Kastil Alter
FC MASCOT Katt Maddness
Sergeant Kazu Ishida
Private Keji Uchiha
Corporal Kendien Greenleaf
Sergeant Kenken Watanabe
Corporal Kennu Ulkleinu
Private Kerbecs Lathell
Corporal Kerel Mischemia
Corporal Kezia Ghasha
Private Khronick Bluntwist
Corporal Kiara Pindragon
Corporal Killre Diabolo
Corporal Killua Watanbe
Private Kinume Sarugaku
Private Kirito Igneel
Corporal Kirito Sansu
Corporal Kisara Lonefire
Sergeant Kisaragi Shikku
Sergeant Kit Sheqa
Corporal Kolosul Destroyer
Private Kongou Hawke
Corporal Kotake Jadis
Private Kotokage Zaeter
Corporal Kronas Calhoon
Private Kukudoga Tutudoga
Generalissimo Kumiko Hirasawa
Veteran Kyra Yukimore
Corporal Laxus Notsu
Lieutenant Leoni Grande
Private Levar Burton
Corporal Lie Lo
Veteran Likyer Lhant
Private Lilith Sakamaki
Corporal Lireh Alhinta
Private Lone Dameon
Veteran Lonewolf Mcquade
Private Loraden Firewind
Corporal Lord Reapersblade
Corporal Lost Lalafell
Lieutenant Loud Steel
Private Lousie Delavaliere
Lieutenant Lowstryde Wulfgar
Sergeant Lucreese Lunario
Generalissimo Lukah Killu
Private Lumi Baynwen
Private Luna Dracones
Generalissimo Lyt Phyre
Corporal Magadon Moshantu
Private Mako Infused
Remembered Ones Mandar Mousey
Captain Mar'ina Seafoam
Corporal Martha Stewartz
Lieutenant Master Kush
Corporal Matthius Rage
Veteran Medo Wedo
Corporal Meives Talium
Private Mian Bao
Corporal Miao Dawnhunter
Private Michael Xiong
Veteran Michiro D'bb
Private Mid Cloudish
Corporal Mike Rotchburns
Private Miraya Quicksilver
Private Mister Swell
Lieutenant Misty Meanor
Corporal Moo Snuckle
Sergeant Moodoo Voodoo
Corporal Moonlight Serenade
Corporal Moose Knuckles
Lieutenant Mr Kush
Corporal Mugen Skycreek
Private Mushi Molkoh
Broducer Nabeshin Nabeeeeshinn
Lieutenant Nami Lionheart
Corporal Natalaki Rexen
Sergeant Natalaki Sheqa
Private Nausica Mononoke
Sergeant Negi Dragneel
Veteran Neo Wolf
Private Nizrael Blackwood
Corporal Nobaba Noba
Private Nooblet Nels
Private Nosila Drachen
Lieutenant Novalee Morrison
Private Nowaifu Nolaifu
Corporal Nucky Stark
Corporal Nuloh Jin
Corporal Nya Nya
Private O'keari Wiloh
Private Oaktown God
Private Oboro Derossa
Sergeant Octavia Maddmess
Veteran Omega Whiteowl
Corporal Oneball Jenkins
Corporal Oopsie Daisy
Private Opeth Torgrirn
Veteran Orathia Skorata
Veteran Orion Pendraggon
Corporal Orphaniel Bunansa
Captain Pandora Boots
Private Peek Aboo
Sergeant Periskoa Drahos
Lieutenant Phi Pajamba
Corporal Phushalily Casillas
Corporal Pinnia Clearwater
Sergeant Pora Dura
Sergeant Possynerk Odella
Corporal Promethus Victorious
Corporal Proph Icies
Private Prophecys Shina
Private Pulga Bravo
Sergeant Pungi Molngi
Lieutenant Purajh Urborg
Sergeant Qih'a Jakhya
Sergeant Ragnarok Soul
Remembered Ones Rahvin Ashwright
Private Rapunzel Masis
Private Rasjin Nunh
Private Rat Kenji
Private Rauffe Berry
Lieutenant Raven Tonlico
Corporal Ravyn Shadow
Corporal Raz Remenez
Private Reefer Vii
Sergeant Reggie Pech
Corporal Rei Talren
Remembered Ones Reime Vancou
Corporal Rhel'ra Jinjahl
Corporal Riga Mortice
Corporal Rocka Feller
Corporal Roland Hawke
Lieutenant Ronald Martinez
Private Rosaria Iarren
Sergeant Roukan Kage
Private Rowic Lusion
Private Rozalynn Vanyes
Private Rue Rhea
Corporal Rune Draconis
Veteran Rwoa Zangan
Private Ryan Nelhah
Sergeant Rychard Harway
Veteran Sachi Komine
Corporal Sakura Moony
Corporal Sandman Bunnymen
Corporal Santans Son
Private Sarynn Crossblade
Lieutenant Sebastian Eldonia
Private Sebastian Jimjam
Sergeant Sephroth Mcdohl
Private Seraphim Caelum
Veteran Shadow Lionheart
Private Shazz Nemesis
Corporal Shimmy Shuffle
Private Shiro San
Sergeant Si Le
Private Sigmund Hellfury
Veteran Sir Rodrick
Veteran Sir Rodster
Corporal Sirius Redd
Corporal Sivaxe Vile
Private Skooter Stan
Corporal Slop Tot
Private So Groovy
Corporal Soliel Efher
Corporal Son Kirito
Lieutenant Sora Jaeger
Private Soukiro Yomo
Lieutenant Starbird Darkstar
Sergeant Statik Tredecim
Corporal Stazz Red
Veteran Strykeur Gamatiel
Private Sun Crow
Private Sundrina Solus
Corporal Sunny Bear
Private Surina Usagi
Private Sury Akira
Corporal Suzu Hoshino
Private Swamp Bandit
Private Syncro Enzo
Sergeant Synergy Illuminaughty
Private Synimini Firstaidkity
Private Tadzik Magic
Corporal Taliesin Faol
Corporal Tallo Reed
Private Tasa Kagari
Corporal Tatamaya Rurumaya
Private Tenbilion Dollarsheep
Private Tenzen Tesu
Private Tetsora Shavashe
Private Thancredd Tsukino
Private Thancyrd Waters
Private Tiduss Zarnakand
Corporal Tiffanie Droga
Private Toni Pepperoni
Sergeant Tranquil Desolation
Private Trav Mang
Corporal Treyton Penney
Private Tzar El
Private Ulises Barraza
Corporal Una Una
Private Una'sa Binbotaj
Sergeant Uneven Elephant
Generalissimo Unholy Apostle
Corporal Utchem Ye
Corporal Valeria Frenta
Generalissimo Valestia Tsukino
Veteran Vanata Lovegood
Sergeant Vedika Phyre
Private Vida Vie
Veteran Vivi Entreri
Sergeant Volkermord Baalmann
Sergeant Walter Squats
Private Wee Shield
Lieutenant Whateve Dude
Generalissimo Winnie Jimjam
Veteran Wispar Migal
Veteran Wolf Rise
Private Worth Auron
Corporal Wrath Zealot
Private Xerxeus Valentine
Private Xiana Ravenlock
Corporal Xxbad Luck
Corporal Xxgood Luck
Private Xylinix Demonic
Corporal Xylinix Demonik
Corporal Yachi Ko
Private Yamu Law
Private Yang Xaio-long
Private Yokico Akka
Private Yoskeha Ohanko
Private Zackath Ironclaw
Corporal Zalena Stormgird
Remembered Ones Zalenia Smithe
Private Zapharus Myrth
Veteran Zaren Bishop
Corporal Zel Bjartkindler
Private Zero Vii
Corporal Zhen Hollysharp
Corporal Ziggan Jojodoga
Captain Zino Thanh
Corporal Zoe Pricken
Private Zoltran Vhaam
Corporal Zork Ainur
Corporal Zubimitsu Ketsueki
Private Zuiko Yumishi
Sergeant Zylo Morph