The Survey Corps


: The Survey Corps


: AoT


: 75


: 8

Leveling history


: 9229142273877345803


: We&#39;re a casual FC, and we pride ourselves in helping others! :)<br />Our house at Uldah Ward 1 Plot 5! Come!


: Immortal Flames




: Palace of AoT at Plot 5, 1 Ward, The Goblet, Zalera, Crystal

Welcome message

: Welcome to the home of AoT! Just come straight in and tour around! Join our FC to benefit from the crafting stations &amp; facilities!


: Always



Ranking history

Sergeant Aiesha Anuket
Sergeant Ailith Ward
Sergeant Alex Castiel
Sergeant Alita Battle-bunny
Sergeant Ambriona Pereya
Sergeant Amefurashi Ashe
Captain Anne Blazer
Dame Delicious Annetuella Savastera
Captain Asellus Asengard
Sergeant Asmodeus Drakon
Sergeant Aurora Irken
Sergeant Auzzurri Epocan
Sergeant Aztheria Zephyr
Captain Azunite Akamori
Sergeant Caster Troy
Sergeant Chidori Boots
Sergeant Clorifex Ezalor
Sergeant Daccio Bajihri
Sergeant Deno Arcane
Sergeant Earthscar Nilim
Sergeant Ebitako Jax
Remembered Ones Fingolfin Mulligan
Sergeant Frostynuage Twohs
Sergeant Galaxia Crimsonaura
Sergeant Genghis Khanate
Sergeant Hawke Sawyer
Captain Heimdall Sci
Sergeant Hellicon Windsorrow
Sergeant Hercules Stormbringer
Sergeant Hex Destructor
Sergeant Idxium Edyrin
Sergeant Inferno Mcdohl
Sergeant Ivan Smiliansky
Captain Jay Trill
Captain Jill Pickle
FC MASCOT Katt Maddness
Sergeant Kazu Ishida
Sergeant Kenken Watanabe
Sergeant Lucreese Lunario
Remembered Ones Mandar Mousey
Captain Mar'ina Seafoam
Sergeant Meives Talium
Sergeant Moonlight Serenade
Sergeant Natalaki Sheqa
Sergeant Negi Dragneel
Sergeant Nobaba Noba
Sergeant Oaktown God
Sergeant Octavia Maddmess
Sergeant Pora Dura
Sergeant Possynerk Odella
Sergeant Pungi Molngi
Sergeant Qih'a Jakhya
Sergeant Ragnarok Soul
Remembered Ones Rahvin Ashwright
Remembered Ones Reime Vancou
Sergeant Roukan Kage
Sergeant Rychard Harway
Sergeant Sephroth Mcdohl
Sergeant Shimo Hi
Sergeant Shiro Hisagi
Sergeant Si Le
Sergeant Sin Kazumay
Sergeant Soliel Efher
Sergeant Statik Tredecim
Sergeant Tranquil Desolation
Sergeant Uneven Elephant
Sergeant Vedika Phyre
Sergeant Volkermord Baalmann
Sergeant Walter Squats
Sergeant Wren Zheras
Sergeant Xylinix Demonik
Sergeant Yuki Mishima
Remembered Ones Zalenia Smithe
Captain Zino Thanh
Sergeant Zylo Morph