Rabanastran Knights


: Rabanastran Knights


: -RK-


: 446


: 8

Leveling history


: 9229001536389059933


: We are the legendary Rabanastran Knights! All friendly players welcome! We accept WoW refugees! Come for the EXP, stay for the glory! [ffxivrk.com]


: Order of the Twin Adder




: Palace of Rabanastre at Plot 15, 17 Ward, Mist, Jenova, Aether

Welcome message

: With the royal family long gone, the Knights that once guarded the Royal City remained. Now the legendary Palace of Rabanastre belongs to her Knights.


: Always



Ranking history

RK of Nobility A'soni Maach
RK of Nobility Absolon Rouge
RK of Nobility Adjudicator Knightroad
RK of Combat Adorned Dalamiq
RK of Combat Adrex Leshanna
RK of Combat Ael Saris
RK of Justice Aeryth Auror
RK of Nobility Agor Skal
RK of Nobility Akko Chrystara
RK of Nobility Akria Stormstride
RK of Nobility Akum Zar
RK of Combat Aldrik Ronso
RK of the Crown Alexxus Disarno
RK of Nobility Alice Watson
RK of the Round Allbus Chap
RK of Justice Aloy Freek
RK of Nobility Altani Ura
RK of Nobility Amamiya Ren
RK of Nobility Amelia Malarkey
RK of Nobility Angmar Fellbeast
RK of Combat Aoimune Hashari
RK of Combat Apache Rosalina
RK of Combat Aquamarine Mako
RK of Combat Arada Jizutsu
RK of the Crown Arawn Death-lord
RK of Justice Arch Kyu
RK of Combat Archibalt Crofte
RK of Combat Arcine Lupis
RK of Nobility Arcturus Ventara
RK of Combat Arthur Kelley
RK of Nobility Artorias Wolfblade
RK of Combat Ash Falls
RK of Justice Asher Ra'duhl
RK Adventurer Ashford Vidor
RK of Combat Ashohara Starthorn
RK of Combat Asian Fry
RK of Nobility Atlas Midra
RK of Nobility Auraina Davar
RK of Nobility Austinio Hall
RK of Justice Aya Akagane
RK of Combat Aya Maruyama
RK of Combat Azarynn Evincar
RK of Combat Azazael Nyxia
RK of Combat Azrial Hawkeye
RK of Combat Azula Akatosh
RK of Combat Babalon Barbelith
RK of Justice Bancroft Epistolar
RK of the Crown Barbaneth Glabados
RK of Combat Bargara Gigibeta
RK of Nobility Bathala Warblade
RK of Nobility Bbq Sama
RK of Nobility Bella Aldard
RK of Nobility Belly Force
RK of Nobility Ben Adaephon
RK of Combat Beorm Morlbur
RK of Combat Bich Pudding
RK of Combat Bjorn Heldenhammer
RK of Combat Blazealiki Zoldyck
RK of Combat Blu Lightningg
RK of the Crown Bog Martian
RK of Combat Bolormaa Mol
RK of Combat Brant Rathgaille
RK of Nobility Bronnwyn Lonworsynd
RK of Nobility Brun Harding
RK of the Round Bubz Knight
RK of Combat Bulge Noticer
RK of Combat Buraian Suteku
RK of Combat Burilgi Nasan
RK of Combat Caelus Decimus
RK of Nobility Caine Ostrava
RK of Nobility Cameron Spear
RK of Justice Canopia Featherlight
RK of Nobility Captain King
RK of Nobility Careless Whiskers
RK of Combat Carmine Ainelpsa
RK of Combat Caster Troys
RK of Nobility Castiel Belmont
RK of Nobility Catastro Park
RK of Justice Celesa Stark
RK of Justice Celestia Syo
RK of Combat Cerise Silmontaix
RK of Nobility Cheese Pants
RK of Justice Chezna Rey
RK of Combat Chichia Kunai
RK of Nobility Chow-yung Phat
RK of Combat Chris Greenfield
RK of Nobility Ciel Vallerin
RK of Combat Cindynumbers Cuite
RK of Nobility Clintox Paradox
RK of Nobility Clock Mongler
RK of Combat Colm Renais
RK of Nobility Corenn Drogar
RK of Nobility Corvex Evrardoux
RK of Justice Cota Dawnsoul
RK of Justice Crimson Hellstorm
RK of Combat Crip Keeper
RK of Nobility Crixxis Marmann
RK of Nobility Cuddle Puppy
RK of Combat D'onzo Hattori
RK of Combat Daellial Wolfborne
RK of Nobility Dagily Olve
RK of Nobility Dailunarah Kaine
RK of Nobility Dante Prince
RK of Combat Dany Targ
RK of Combat Dawn Windsong
RK of Combat Dazzy Vanhell
RK of Justice Deep Slyvrinxio
RK of Nobility Demiurge Akabane
RK of Nobility Demon Vivi
RK of Nobility Derick Kabar
RK of Combat Desdemona Elric
RK of Nobility Dizter Dazzell
RK of Justice Doin It
RK of Nobility Dr Ringz
RK of Combat Drago Ghost
RK of Nobility Drarhan Urick
RK of Combat Dravist Viga
RK of Justice Draxiawyrm Syne
RK of Nobility Drewscylla Rose
RK of Justice Duel Core
RK of Justice Duraan Leonhart
RK of Combat Dwolin Orada
RK of Nobility Dyanna Blackthorne
RK of Justice Eara Leung
RK of Nobility Eien-no Yoru
RK Adventurer El Biggen
RK of Nobility Ellie Grieselle
RK of Nobility Elyon Vallerin
RK of Combat Emanidas Qc
RK of Nobility Embel Ado
RK of Combat Emma Fox
RK of Nobility Emmeline Knightly
RK of Nobility Envari Kusaragi
RK of Justice Enzeria Delente
RK of Combat Eris Tybalt
RK of Nobility Eso Eternum
RK of Nobility Esper Wolf
RK of the Round Evander Falk
RK of Nobility Ezrune Tesroc
RK of Justice Fadir Moonwind
RK of Nobility Fai'den Ahvatari
RK of the Round Falkros Wolvir
RK of Combat Felix Crimsonbrawler
RK of Combat Feso Latu
RK of Justice Finn Valor
RK of Combat Flintstonez Vitaminz
RK of Nobility Foehn Dreidos
RK of Nobility Foh Sho
RK of Combat Forgotten King
Grand Knight Fox Uzuki
RK of Nobility Freya Kuresento
RK of Nobility Frigerus Stormlight
RK of Nobility Fuggly Koi
RK of Nobility G'beronh Tia
RK of Nobility G'intana Ndai
RK of Combat Galaya Liautroix
RK of Combat Galon Dragonfire
RK of Nobility Galorath Talamar
RK of Combat Garr Kron
RK of Nobility Gawain Swift
RK of Combat Gerox Dalvag
RK of Nobility Giacona Bisket
RK of Nobility Goose Igaly
RK of Nobility Goro Ikeda
RK of Justice Gravity Eyelids
RK of Justice Grind Lee
RK of Nobility Grom Stormshield
RK of Nobility Gwen Grimsdottir
RK of Combat Gweneria Camira
RK of Combat Harry Podder
RK of Combat Haurchefant Greyclone
RK of Nobility Healer Lazsu
RK of Combat Hestizo Trace
RK of Justice Hewerald Knight
RK of the Round Holy Cannoli
RK of Combat Hotaru Gin
RK of Nobility Ice House
RK of Nobility Illivine Drachen
RK of Combat Jadiras Flaris
RK of Combat Jaster Klauser
RK of Nobility Jello Supreme
RK of Nobility Jeri Ko
RK of Combat Jet Namazaki
RK of Combat Jide Fletcher
RK of Justice Jin'to Janli
RK of Combat Jinn Masaki
RK of Nobility Jinzo Ko
RK of Combat Jiyu Nanohana
RK of Justice Jocea Dorne
RK of Nobility John Micheal
RK of Combat Jote Eruyt
RK of Combat Juakzodin Yiazmark
RK of Nobility Judgemagister Fishu
RK of Nobility Junkie Munkie
RK of Combat Jutah Vanih
RK of Nobility Kage Gurren
RK of Nobility Kaitlyne Ziegler
RK of Justice Kalame Tekete
RK of Nobility Kallias Bright
RK of Combat Kedwyn Alterror
RK of Combat Keris Nocturne
RK of Combat Kewnik Dhol
RK of Combat Khai Voll
RK of Nobility Khalja Himaa
RK of Nobility Khashi Arzanki
RK of Nobility Khu Xja
RK of Nobility Kialira Tyatu
RK of Combat Kime Atsu
RK of Justice King Shmitmiester
RK of Justice Kiw Wik
RK of Nobility Kiwi Wiwi
RK of the Round Klydoria Ihmmel
RK of Nobility Koko Ejinn
RK of Nobility Korgo Ashwalker
RK of Justice Kou Uraki
RK of Combat Koyouki Aethuriol
RK of Combat Krjn Ymir
RK of Combat Kumori Matsudai
RK of Combat Kureyri Kun
RK of Combat Kvothe Shadicar
RK of Nobility Kyo Mibu
RK of Combat Kyro Shmertle
RK of the Crown Laiykin Riley
RK of Combat Lalein Darkes
RK of Combat Laucean Zraiel
RK of Combat Layla Mcadams
RK of the Round Legolas Ezoro
RK of Nobility Levaa'ri Amariyo
RK of Justice Lilian Morgan
RK of the Round Linelle Falk
RK of Combat Linne Fugi
RK of Justice Little Rumproast
RK of Nobility Lord Taz
RK of Combat Lukas Einar
RK of Combat Luna Cross
RK of Justice Lune Windstriker
RK of Combat Lyna Shard
RK of Combat Maevyn Fozewyn
RK of Combat Magatama As'hura
RK of Combat Magnus Uchiha
RK of Nobility Magus Firestorm
RK of Nobility Majin Storm
RK of Combat Marcus Sinclair
RK of Justice Mari Waller
RK of Combat Maro Maro
RK of Combat Mattsacre Derramar
RK of Nobility Mei Alexandra
RK of Nobility Mellyna Hana
RK of Nobility Melody Nightwind
RK of Justice Mer Mer
RK of Nobility Mihos Kufu
RK of Combat Miyuki Kurogane
RK of Justice Mizzy Silverfang
RK of Justice Mo Mo
RK of Combat Mojah'to Rhaakan
RK of Combat Monette Charlamagne
RK of Combat Mooglle Knight
RK of Nobility Mr Majestic
RK Adventurer Musano Khunosan
RK of Nobility Myla Hayward
RK of Combat Myria Hyskaris
RK of Combat Naneaux Vorus
RK of Nobility Nanilie Rethgaul
RK of Nobility Narancia Ghirga
RK of Combat Nasuada Evandare
RK of Nobility Nebyaj Tivael
RK of Nobility Nekoda Kiba
RK of Nobility Nhago'li Doomshroom
RK of Nobility Night Rose
RK of Nobility Nineball Rumbottom
RK of Combat Nizin Arkwright
RK of Combat Nobu Naga
RK of Combat Noir Luna
RK of Nobility Nora Valkerie
RK Adventurer Nova Dox
RK of Nobility Nova Orchid
RK of Justice Nubenisa Sol'te
RK of Combat Ny'ala Kiytu
RK of Nobility Nyaru Nyakano
RK of Combat Ocsicnarf Ranemla
RK of Nobility Okibe Teizumi
RK of the Crown Old'man Stronghammer
RK of Combat Omontus Sabatage
RK of Nobility Pan Duh
RK of Nobility Paradox Daemond
RK of Justice Park Hyeyeon
RK of Combat Patryk Ferrari
RK of Combat Pea Tea
RK of the Round Peglegged Parrot
Grand Alternate Phantom Thief
RK of Justice Phedre Delaunay
RK of the Round Phobos Tia
RK of Nobility Phoenix Bane
RK of Nobility Physignathus Cocincin
RK of Justice Pie Rit
RK of the Round Pina Colada
RK of Combat Proud Warden
RK of Nobility Pso Xja
RK of Justice Qenu Mcgriddle
RK of Nobility Qina Vaguelen
RK of Combat Queen Cataleya
RK of Combat Quinn Ailuris
RK of Combat Quinn Yaeldrin
RK of Justice Qur Rhizome
RK of Justice R'lloon Kai
RK of Combat Rai Storm
RK of Combat Rakaji Toshira
RK of Combat Raknaive Darkes
RK of the Round Ray Caledonia
RK of Combat Raziel Demotto
RK of Combat Razzelin Dazzell
RK of Justice Regden Aethuriol
RK of Nobility Reginald Sea'bass
RK of Nobility Reina Els
RK of Justice Reina Quohn
RK of Combat Rek'civ Erebos
RK of Justice Relu H'aanit
RK of the Crown Ren Sylvaire
RK of Nobility Rhaya Catslayer
RK of Nobility Rhelagi Awandahed
RK of Combat Ricek Evergreen
RK of Combat Riju Fontaine
RK of Combat Rika Ito
RK of Nobility Riksi Daraius
RK of Justice Rime Varski
RK of Combat Rin Kiri
RK of Combat Rin Rintagonist
RK of Combat Rio'to Lihzeh
RK of Justice Risette Kujikawa
RK of Nobility Roarich Danville
RK of Nobility Rodan Arasheli
RK of Nobility Ronnec Lyehga
RK of Combat Rose Sin
RK of Nobility Rowena Ravencall
RK of the Round Roy Sorel
RK of Nobility Rubber Froggy
RK of Combat Rubh'li Moshantu
RK of Combat Rumple Forskinski
RK of Justice Rykan Havoc
RK of Combat Sage Dayfury
RK of Nobility Sakuraba Higanbana
RK of Nobility Sam Adams
RK of Combat Samantha Firemane
RK of Combat Sameal Greyashe
RK of Nobility Sapphire Moonwhisper
RK of Nobility Sasha Za'mura
RK of Combat Scherida Safed
RK of Justice Scootaloo Dash
RK of Nobility Selaine Monranguin
RK of Combat Selina Kyle
RK of Nobility Semi Qwo
RK of Justice Seran Marell
RK of Combat Seranthis Nacht
RK of Combat Setp Umoji
RK of Justice Shaday Hanzo
RK Adventurer Shadow Wolf
RK of Nobility Shark Dad
RK of Combat Sharlie Khilo
RK of Combat Sheera Kahn
RK of Nobility Shell Timelined
RK of the Crown Shilgen Renbun
RK of Nobility Shinobu Aki
RK of Justice Shiro Kun
RK of Nobility Siege Runner
RK of the Crown Sienna Marigold
RK of Nobility Sierra Nevada
RK of Combat Sinjen Loe
RK of Combat Sirestrong Nipples
RK of Combat Soahk Lightwood
RK of Nobility Someone Richer
RK of the Round Somnus Luciscaelum
RK of Combat Sorcis Knolba
RK of Combat Spider Swift
RK of the Round Sterben Firewater
RK of Combat Strider Highwind
RK of Nobility Sunkist Moonglow
RK of Justice T'heek Tia
RK of Combat Tassamai Shikhu
RK of Combat Tendreil Zoro
RK of Justice The Rob
RK of Combat The Zek
RK of Combat Theia Sun
RK of Nobility Theriou Genkaku
RK of Nobility Thunder Mountain
RK of Combat Tigger Man
RK of Nobility Trillian Prefect
RK of Justice Trista Limenta
RK of Nobility Tristan Cross
RK of Nobility Tsigili Soquili
RK of Nobility Tsubaki Ishiku
RK of Combat Tsukiko Hikari
RK of the Crown Two-b- Nier
RK of Combat Ulfgar Angery
RK of Combat Umbra Lux
RK Adventurer Unsuspecting Victim
RK of Nobility Uriel Astarot
RK of Combat Vaillant Coeur
RK of Justice Vallerin Reborne
RK of Justice Vallerin Starlocke
RK of Justice Varibel Rof
RK of Nobility Varien Dara
RK of Combat Vasily Smyslov
RK of Nobility Vega Villegas
RK of Nobility Velavy Amarzi
RK of Combat Venus Xe
RK of Nobility Vermilion Albhest
RK of Combat Vern Williams
RK of Combat Vessir Averisk
RK of Justice Violet Lily
RK of Nobility Vitam Mortem
RK of Nobility Vongola Primo
RK of Combat Vulpes Corsac
RK of Combat Vy King
RK of Combat W'baharra Runja
RK of Nobility W'ynh Ahlot
RK of Nobility Wabajakk Arkwright
RK of Nobility Wajirou Ichisada
RK of Nobility Walla Walla
RK of Nobility Wax Toke
RK of Justice Weegy Styrelse
RK of Combat Weiss Snowfall
RK of Combat White Jay
RK of Combat Winged Angel
RK of Combat Wubbd Zee
RK of Nobility Xade Aranea
RK of Combat Xaly Bourne
RK of Combat Xargon Oronir
RK of Justice Xaser Cooke
RK of Nobility Xion Hikari
RK of Nobility Y'yhonaya Tohka
RK of Combat Yakmier Majure
RK of Combat Yhu'rai Saruhktei
RK of Justice Yu Ishigami
RK of Nobility Yukio Sundar
RK of Nobility Yumi Lightwood
RK of Justice Yura Ryu
RK of Justice Yuri Dincht
RK of Nobility Zana Betwanhes
RK of Nobility Zealtus Nightheart
RK of Justice Zebra Rune
RK of Combat Zedric Nemsa
RK of Combat Zero Moonlight
RK of Nobility Zinnah Scarlet
RK of Combat Zirnwaht Usenberk
RK of Justice Zohar Lahar
RK of Nobility Zordiak Leonhart