The Assault Team


: The Assault Team


: T.A.T


: 98


: 8

Leveling history


: 9229001536389052507


: We're kinda like 7-11.. we aren't always doing business.. but we're always open.


: Maelstrom




: Granzam at Plot 35, 17 Ward, The Goblet, Jenova, Aether

Welcome message

: Welcome to Granzam, HQ for The Assault Team! Recruiting all Adventurers looking for an FC to call home!


: Always



Ranking history

AWOL Accalia Valtryx
-*The Turks*- Adrian Branwen
-*The Turks*- Alexander Tesla
[T.A.T] Army Alissa Piper
[T.A.T] Army Alistair Arcadis
AWOL Alucard Batts
Alt Squadron Ameila Rose
Alt Squadron Amelia Chan
High Council Amelia Phen
Recruits Andyroo Ocawnir
-*The Turks*- Anneliese Svila
[T.A.T] Army Astra Lamprouch
Alt Squadron Asuna Yukii
[T.A.T] Army Aura Neverwinter
Alt Squadron Barbie Roberts
AWOL Batty Angel
Alt Squadron Bun Buns
[T.A.T] Army C'roline Akira
AWOL Casca Havoc
AWOL Chiara Churro
-*The Turks*- Clairissa Kusakari
High Council Darksiden Thaliak
AWOL Deadeye Archer
[T.A.T] Army Deadmaan Ontheground
[T.A.T] Army Devil Myte
AWOL Dolph Magefire
[T.A.T] Army Ed Decklin
AWOL Elias Feyer
[T.A.T] Army Ellie Arcadis
[T.A.T] Army Excel Excel
High Council Flip Strider
[T.A.T] Army Fuzzy Lumpkinst
[T.A.T] Army Gale Sigismund
[Blood Oath] Hanako Gremory
Alt Squadron Isabelle Nightshade
[T.A.T] Army Jeger Point
[T.A.T] Army Jin Hayabuusa
AWOL Joel Leoj
AWOL Jubjub Mcgubgub
[T.A.T] Army Katai Tiger
AWOL Kayostra Highwind
AWOL Kiki Knight
Alt Squadron Killua Fullbuster
[T.A.T] Army Kilrais Zandatsu
Alt Squadron Kirito Kun'
[T.A.T] Army Kirito Nitefoxx
AWOL Kyler Ren
-*The Turks*- Lady Asuna
[T.A.T] Army Lava Rhaq
[T.A.T] Army Light Y'agami
Alt Squadron Lil Ame
Alt Squadron Little Might
AWOL Little Snaggy
-*The Turks*- Little Winguard
[T.A.T] Army Lucid Leblanc
[T.A.T] Army Midna Gangarna
Workshop Tech Milindra Malshirea
Workshop Tech Mira Fairchild
Alt Squadron Misa A'mane
[T.A.T] Army Mitsuhide Akechi
[T.A.T] Army Miya Niwa
Workshop Tech Miyo Niwa
[T.A.T] Army Msbee Haven
AWOL Mysil Ticer
[T.A.T] Army Mysteif Maker
[T.A.T] Army Nana Trueblood
[T.A.T] Army Natalie Grima
-*The Turks*- Nyela Akinyemi
[T.A.T] Army Odnasty Mcgullicutty
[T.A.T] Army Oswald Butler
AWOL Ovan Magna
Alt Squadron Phillip Shadow
Alt Squadron Piper Hallywell
High Council Pope Hus
High Council Princess Lynn
Alt Squadron Ra'thalos Nightblade
-*The Turks*- Roxas Moon
AWOL Sailor Jupiter
Recruits Samson Yang
[T.A.T] Army Sara Connor
Workshop Tech Shart Muncher
Alt Squadron Sierra Devin
[Blood Oath] Sir Atriark
[T.A.T] Army Sombra Boots
AWOL Spanky Mcdoogal
[T.A.T] Army Tau'rieli Moonblade
[T.A.T] Army Taydolf Switler
[T.A.T] Army Totomune Raramune
[T.A.T] Army Treavor Boldivic
AWOL Tuesday Leonhart
[T.A.T] Army Veronica Gremory
[T.A.T] Army Vertimus O'connor
[Blood Oath] Wokka Flokka
[T.A.T] Army Xadrian Linwaker
AWOL Youra Wizardharry
[T.A.T] Army Zayech Laurentis
[T.A.T] Army Zehera Zeppeli
[T.A.T] Army Zuel Bloodwing