Bardam's Fury


: Bardam's Fury




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: Cent Hyaline


: Recruiting all those who are seeking to be hired for hunts, adventures, and much more. [Roleplaying FC] [Darker themes] [LGBTQ Friendly] [18+]


: Immortal Flames




: Fury's Headquarters at Plot 19, 18 Ward, Shirogane, Mateus

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as of 08/03/2018

[08/03/2018] Hisa Obinata is assigned Officer (Temp) rank

[08/03/2018] Mikh'a Nelhah is assigned Officer (Temp) rank

[08/03/2018] Shion Yui is assigned Officer (Temp) rank

[08/03/2018] Alan Ejinn is assigned Recruits rank

[08/03/2018] An Omen is assigned Nomads rank

[08/03/2018] Jisa Naeuri is assigned Alternates rank

[08/03/2018] Jouchi Dotharl is assigned Alternates rank

[08/03/2018] Kara Shibata is assigned Alternates rank

[08/03/2018] Makoto Yui is assigned Alternates rank

[06/03/2018] Akira Kurosawa leaves Bardam's Fury

[06/03/2018] Furan Iteya leaves Bardam's Fury

[06/03/2018] Rhakes Tejat leaves Bardam's Fury

[06/03/2018] Rylie Seyuna leaves Bardam's Fury

[06/03/2018] Drogo Skullcleaver leaves Bardam's Fury

[06/03/2018] E'mira Tia leaves Bardam's Fury

[06/03/2018] Ei'ara Tia leaves Bardam's Fury

[06/03/2018] Ei'nala Khai leaves Bardam's Fury

[06/03/2018] Alina Vance leaves Bardam's Fury

[06/03/2018] Khali Mer'qid leaves Bardam's Fury

[06/03/2018] Katashi Malaguld joins Bardam's Fury

[06/03/2018] Asa Naeuri joins Bardam's Fury

[06/03/2018] E'zayi Tia joins Bardam's Fury

[06/03/2018] Cent Hyaline is renamed to Bardam's Fury

[06/03/2018] Bardam's Fury changes insignia to "BAMF"

[06/03/2018] Bardam's Fury buys Plot 19, 18 Ward, Shirogane (Medium)

[06/03/2018] Bardam's Fury builds "Fury's Headquarters"

[19/02/2018] Nala Rihn leaves Cent Hyaline

[17/02/2018] Isamu Minakomori leaves Cent Hyaline

[17/02/2018] Arasen Oronir leaves Cent Hyaline

[12/02/2018] Aaron Ixtapa leaves Cent Hyaline

[03/08/2017] Ei'nala Khai joins Cent Hyaline

[03/08/2017] Ei'ara Tia joins Cent Hyaline

[03/08/2017] E'mira Tia joins Cent Hyaline

[03/08/2017] Drogo Skullcleaver joins Cent Hyaline

[03/08/2017] Rhakes Tejat joins Cent Hyaline

[03/08/2017] Furan Iteya joins Cent Hyaline

[03/08/2017] Akira Kurosawa joins Cent Hyaline

[03/08/2017] Aaron Ixtapa joins Cent Hyaline

[03/08/2017] Isamu Minakomori joins Cent Hyaline

[03/08/2017] Alina Vance joins Cent Hyaline

[03/08/2017] Rylie Seyuna joins Cent Hyaline

[03/08/2017] Khali Mer'qid joins Cent Hyaline

[03/08/2017] O'mehr Bajihri joins Cent Hyaline

[03/08/2017] L'vhacis Tia joins Cent Hyaline

[03/08/2017] Cent Hyaline is registered in the service

[29/08/2015] Free Company is formed

Khan Katashi Malaguld
Officer (Temp) Hisa Obinata
Officer (Temp) Mikh'a Nelhah
Officer (Temp) Shion Yui
Nomads An Omen
Alternates Jisa Naeuri
Alternates Jouchi Dotharl
Alternates Kara Shibata
Alternates Makoto Yui
Recruits E'zayi Tia