: SeeD


: 287


: 8

Leveling history


: 9228579323923958948


: Seeking new and returning players as well as anyone looking for a Free Company. Strong long standing family right here. Content Clear Focused FC


: Maelstrom




: Balamb Garden at Plot 32, 1 Ward, Mist, Mateus, Aether

Welcome message

: Welcome to the world of misfits. Were here to help craft, run dungeons, or just have fun. Balaamb Garden home of SeeD, mercenary elite.


: Always



Ranking history

SeeD of Heaven A'kihiko Reinhardt
SeeD Instructor Abakimasu Annias
SeeD VanGarD Abbyssel Spector
SeeD Sprout Abirae Kha
SeeD Sprout Actoran Ward
SeeD of Heaven Akane Himura
SeeD of Heaven Akashi Akna
SeeD VanGarD Akimoto Akira
SeeD of BlooD Akolyht Solgryn
SeeD VanGarD Alithya Dawnseeker
SeeD Sky Knight Alt Kahkol
SeeD Sprout Amelot Savage
SeeD of BlooD Animus Luethianose
SeeD Sprout Anzu Torgud
SeeD Sky Knight Aracelys Nyx
"RooT" Archereek Eleska
SeeD Sky Knight Arinae Glint
SeeD Instructor Arkana Eleska
SeeD of BlooD Arthur Eos
SeeD of BlooD Arthur Winchester
SeeD VanGarD Artigan Schezar
SeeD of BlooD Ashea Clanclan
SeeD Sky Knight Aslatiel Demirrah
SeeD Sprout Aurosk Ardonait
SeeD Instructor Ava Tribal
SeeD of BlooD Ayarei S'yu
SeeD Sky Knight Ayleth Lovecraft
SeeD of Heaven Bart Bartles
SeeD Sprout Beaverwrecker Didurma
SeeD of BlooD Belpir'a Tu'sahar
SeeD VanGarD Bfg Xiii
SeeD Sprout Black Diamond
SeeD Sky Knight Blayme Akilah
SeeD of BlooD Boogles Banjo
SeeD Sky Knight Brason Sharpwit
SeeD VanGarD Bright Bearcub
SeeD Sky Knight Bromb Takuto
SeeD Sprout Calgar Exart
SeeD VanGarD Caprarius Russo
SeeD Sprout Carina Roseway
SeeD Sky Knight Caspian Prydain
SeeD of BlooD Celeste Velstadt
SeeD Sprout Cerys Claer
SeeD Sky Knight Char Tzu
SeeD of BlooD Chibi Kojack
SeeD Sky Knight Chrysanthemum Koss
SeeD of BlooD Cielle Avone
SeeD of BlooD Clive Yager
SeeD VanGarD Clowd Striffe
SeeD of BlooD Colbie Xero
SeeD Sprout Cota Kanshi
SeeD VanGarD Crystal Nightglade
SeeD of Heaven Dagger Brooks
SeeD Sprout Dak Erikson
SeeD Sky Knight Dalaj Himaa
SeeD of Heaven Dano Cabra
SeeD Sky Knight Daphne Tamaris
SeeD of BlooD Dariuss Cloudjump
SeeD VanGarD Dart Highwind
SeeD of Heaven Darxac Elsben
SeeD Sprout Daveed Rodrican
SeeD VanGarD Degas Stellaire
GarD Father Deogee Ogee
SeeD Sky Knight Devrim Salah'din
SeeD Sprout Dorgono Orben
SeeD of BlooD Dragon Fire
SeeD VanGarD Dragon Kkiii
SeeD Sky Knight Drake Longsword
SeeD Sky Knight Drega Dream
SeeD Sky Knight Drozras Zostrinach
SeeD Sprout Drunken Goobbue
SeeD of BlooD Ein Lann
SeeD Instructor Elisandra Wulff
SeeD VanGarD Eph Neckwearmancer
SeeD VanGarD Eris Ketterer
SeeD of Heaven Esdeath Akame
SeeD Sky Knight Evilraged Demon
SeeD VanGarD F'zula Matias
SeeD Instructor Fade Leaf
SeeD Instructor Fangness Hellsing
SeeD of Heaven Finnea Rose
SeeD VanGarD Fiona Jarnefeldt
SeeD VanGarD Flemeth Dela
SeeD of BlooD Frostpine Solus
SeeD VanGarD Furan Tanshi
SeeD VanGarD Fuu Mantra
SeeD Instructor G'roil Freeson
SeeD of BlooD Gailiin Kataigida
SeeD Sky Knight Gawain Lothian
SeeD Instructor Gedmedgal Bahamut
SeeD Sprout Gelid Malevolence
SeeD VanGarD Gered Loren
SeeD VanGarD Gozain Ishrai
SeeD VanGarD Grumpy Camo
SeeD VanGarD Gun Shinobi
SeeD of Heaven H'istorae Moonlighter
SeeD Instructor Hahamaya Zuzumaya
SeeD VanGarD Harry Healer
GarD Father Haseo Kun
SeeD Sprout Hello Nurse
SeeD of Heaven Herenyia Arfeniel
SeeD Sky Knight Hermes Garula
SeeD Instructor Huey Eclectic
SeeD Sprout Iabie Yang
SeeD VanGarD Ilias Stillbringer
SeeD of BlooD Inialos Audron
SeeD of BlooD Iseult Menetries
SeeD of BlooD Ix'to Zenix
SeeD VanGarD J'rah Tia
SeeD of BlooD Jacen Mercer
SeeD of BlooD Jeffrey Brambles
SeeD of Heaven Jormondor Istrali
SeeD Sprout Juggernaght Goro
SeeD of Heaven K'falkh Tia
SeeD VanGarD Kaelub Mye
SeeD Sky Knight Kai Elora
SeeD VanGarD Kai Makani
SeeD Sprout Kalis Azrafel
SeeD of BlooD Keation Shickabunis
SeeD of BlooD Kelijyr Morvaine
SeeD of BlooD Khuja'to Skybreaker
SeeD VanGarD Khuja'to Umbralsky
SeeD VanGarD Khyana One
SeeD VanGarD Kikyo Chronicles
SeeD Sprout Kil Jaedan
SeeD of Heaven King Crumble
SeeD Sprout Kirito Ken
SeeD Instructor Kite Azureflame
SeeD VanGarD Kito Ren
GarD Father Kitty Uchiha
SeeD of Heaven Korax Xoryn
SeeD Sky Knight Kreux Ironblack
SeeD of BlooD Krommus Schneidel
SeeD of Heaven Kuroi Kuma
SeeD of Heaven Kyrt Strife
SeeD Sky Knight Laiko Itkovian
SeeD Instructor Lala Destruction
SeeD of Heaven Laughing Child
SeeD Sprout Laurent Boileau
SeeD Instructor Led Macadler
SeeD of BlooD Leon Maximus
SeeD VanGarD Lerrisa Deseria
SeeD Sky Knight Lhei Nyte
SeeD Sprout Lilirina Momorina
SeeD VanGarD Liloyo Pumpoyo
SeeD Sprout Logain Ablarr
SeeD VanGarD Lonenero Dragon
SeeD VanGarD Lothello Olleth
SeeD of Heaven Lucinne Iseterre
SeeD VanGarD Luswen Runisaux
SeeD Sprout Ly Set
SeeD of Heaven M'mud Stylous
SeeD Sky Knight Magnolia Bell
SeeD Sprout Malykah Umbraheart
SeeD Sprout Maren Burne
SeeD Instructor Maria Hart
SeeD Sky Knight Maxikillian Ketterer
SeeD of BlooD Medicci Stampede
SeeD of BlooD Megan Daie
SeeD of BlooD Melara Uriel
SeeD Instructor Mercy Song
SeeD of Heaven Mhik'li Nbolo
SeeD Sky Knight Mibu Ex
SeeD VanGarD Mikh'to Moshantu
SeeD Instructor Mila Kiki
SeeD Sky Knight Milo Meidi
SeeD Sky Knight Miria Winfell
SeeD Instructor Miroku Monk
SeeD of Heaven Miss Zisty
SeeD Sprout Mr Nobody
SeeD Instructor N'eia Ren
SeeD Sky Knight Nathan Firedusk
SeeD Sky Knight Natsu Kun
SeeD VanGarD Nebu Neza
SeeD VanGarD Nedoooi Ushka
SeeD Sprout Neez Biter
SeeD of Heaven Niminae Wistraiel
SeeD of Heaven Nova'saya Reinhardt
SeeD VanGarD Noxxia Asteria
SeeD Sprout Nyardam Thotep
SeeD VanGarD Nymeria Cat
SeeD of BlooD Omaewa'mou Shindeiru
SeeD Sprout Ophelia Locke
SeeD of Heaven Ophelia Sinclair
SeeD VanGarD Orchyid Rose
SeeD of Heaven Osa'li Tukri
SeeD of Heaven Osrik Halstein
SeeD Sprout Overlord Kirito
SeeD of Heaven Panna Cotta
SeeD VanGarD Pato Banton
SeeD Sky Knight Pe Coch
SeeD VanGarD Phelan Kell
SeeD Sprout Positon Thailand
SeeD of Heaven Pyro Maister
SeeD Instructor Qual'thas Silvermoon
SeeD of Heaven R'lloon Tohka
SeeD Instructor Raezes Tha'linaari
SeeD VanGarD Ragi Fhuz
SeeD Sky Knight Raging Ladybug
SeeD VanGarD Raith Whitewall
SeeD Instructor Rarebreed Savage
SeeD Sprout Rataman Lopez
SeeD Sky Knight Ratond Mieuseloir
SeeD Sprout Reaper Hermes
SeeD VanGarD Reaver King
SeeD of Heaven Recognize Real
SeeD Sky Knight Red Comet
SeeD of Heaven Rei Strauss
SeeD of Heaven Rem Yamane
SeeD of Heaven Renaire Aogane
SeeD of BlooD Ripsi Ispir
SeeD of BlooD Rivayn Tasane
SeeD Sky Knight Roxanne Red-light
SeeD of Heaven Runnihurra Owen
GarD Father Saber Pendragon
SeeD of BlooD Saber Sword
SeeD VanGarD Samson Fisker
GarD Father Sango Demonhunter
SeeD VanGarD Saskia Arbinger
SeeD Instructor Scoojay Sativa
SeeD VanGarD Sean Tulip
SeeD Instructor Sekiryu Koryu
SeeD VanGarD Senater Blackwell
SeeD of Heaven Senri Aogane
SeeD Sprout Serenity Dreamer
SeeD of BlooD Serisu Sheru
SeeD Instructor Shadow Choco
SeeD VanGarD Shaeytha Lunara
SeeD VanGarD Shanra Stark
SeeD Instructor Shidgen Acobi
SeeD of BlooD Shinna Mashiro
SeeD Instructor Shiro Fynx
SeeD Sky Knight Siegfried Blacke
SeeD Sky Knight Sinn Vanzaa
SeeD Sky Knight Slevin Calevra
SeeD Sprout Slurpette Lakage
SeeD VanGarD Smognar Lothbrok
SeeD Sprout Smokey Quartz
SeeD of Heaven Soggy Waffles
SeeD VanGarD Soliloquy Now
SeeD Instructor Soulmort Amedead
SeeD of BlooD Spector Plissken
SeeD VanGarD Speqtr Qyzar
SeeD VanGarD Spicy Chomp
SeeD of Heaven Squish Mitten
SeeD Sprout Sukoshi Tan'i
SeeD Sky Knight Summer Landsdown
SeeD Sprout Suwa Momo
SeeD Sprout Sylden Cardahee
SeeD of BlooD Syn Akemi
SeeD Sprout Takumi Kujikawa
SeeD Sprout Tao Kaka
SeeD VanGarD Ten'o Lunaris
SeeD of Heaven Tenzen Bodhisattva
SeeD Sprout Thedoc Mrdoom
SeeD VanGarD Theren Galanodel
SeeD VanGarD Thuunda Liips
SeeD VanGarD Thylian Arc
SeeD Sky Knight Thyra Aluya
SeeD Sprout Tick Bag
SeeD of Heaven Tinkere Belle
SeeD VanGarD Troyy Snoopp
SeeD of Heaven Tsuruo Shidari
SeeD of BlooD Uchiha Senpai
SeeD of Heaven Uko Bawoko
SeeD of BlooD Una'to Awandah
SeeD of Heaven Valak Defiler
SeeD Sky Knight Valencia Bradd
SeeD Instructor Valenthia Vamprine
SeeD VanGarD Velius Braumont
SeeD Sky Knight Vermicelli Yumyum
SeeD of Heaven Void Vanquisher
SeeD of Heaven Vox Nihili
SeeD Instructor Wicked Intent
SeeD of BlooD Wicked Ways
SeeD Instructor Wylem Haeler
SeeD VanGarD Xiao Wu
SeeD of Heaven Xyloto Rayo
SeeD VanGarD Yoyoshi Kisaragi
SeeD of BlooD Z'alana Yanar
SeeD Instructor Z'attano Rhiku
SeeD of Heaven Zall Langdale
SeeD of BlooD Zalos Ozwain
SeeD Instructor Zecttur Synn
SeeD VanGarD Zeoloix Beaudonet
SeeD Sky Knight Zohqa Nebya
SeeD Instructor Zytalia Viikat