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: Fanatasy Squad


: Squad


: 12


: 8


: 9228438586435653141


: Oasis


: Friendly and casual FC with Large Mansion in Goblet ... Accepting evryone to FC ... Game experience dont matter ;)


: Order of the Twin Adder




: Palace of Sanctuary at Plot 60, 4 Ward, The Goblet, Lich

Welcome message

: Welcome to Palace


: Always




as of 20/03/2018

[20/03/2018] Dracon Anarekoth is assigned Member rank

[20/03/2018] Ki Smith is assigned Trial Member rank

[19/03/2018] Heelu Timppa leaves Fanatasy Squad

[19/03/2018] Kaza Shin leaves Fanatasy Squad

[18/03/2018] Lebeater Sao leaves Fanatasy Squad

[18/03/2018] Kaza Shin joins Fanatasy Squad

[18/03/2018] Shayami Shiro is assigned FC President rank

[18/03/2018] Andres Shiro is assigned President's alt rank

[18/03/2018] Shiron White is assigned President's alt rank

[18/03/2018] Dack Droller is assigned Member rank

[18/03/2018] Heelu Timppa is assigned Member rank

[18/03/2018] Kakashi Atake is assigned Member rank

[18/03/2018] Lycaon Hyrule is assigned Member rank

[18/03/2018] Matson Wintherchild is assigned Member rank

[18/03/2018] Mister Spazzaneve is assigned Member rank

[18/03/2018] Pain Hiraki is assigned Member rank

[18/03/2018] Therana Herebi is assigned Member rank

[15/03/2018] Elvide Evencloud leaves Fanatasy Squad

[15/03/2018] Elynna Isma leaves Fanatasy Squad

[15/03/2018] Shinji Tezuna leaves Fanatasy Squad

[15/03/2018] Alana Amaris leaves Fanatasy Squad

[15/03/2018] Ayda Ennelis leaves Fanatasy Squad

[15/03/2018] Beatriss Oharra leaves Fanatasy Squad

[15/03/2018] Cronhos Wildcloud leaves Fanatasy Squad

[15/03/2018] Exivo White leaves Fanatasy Squad

[15/03/2018] Funk Nut leaves Fanatasy Squad

[15/03/2018] I'zimzizi Wetae leaves Fanatasy Squad

[15/03/2018] Ithildwen Arscelin leaves Fanatasy Squad

[15/03/2018] Kayla Astralis leaves Fanatasy Squad

[15/03/2018] Maedrosk Tolnjir leaves Fanatasy Squad

[15/03/2018] Mael Emrys leaves Fanatasy Squad

[15/03/2018] Murasaki Shinkai leaves Fanatasy Squad

[15/03/2018] Novus Prime leaves Fanatasy Squad

[15/03/2018] Rheworas Val'karth leaves Fanatasy Squad

[15/03/2018] Rosalyn Floe leaves Fanatasy Squad

[15/03/2018] Visquas Shari leaves Fanatasy Squad

[15/03/2018] Yuuki Sakamoto leaves Fanatasy Squad

[15/03/2018] Lebeater Sao joins Fanatasy Squad

[15/03/2018] Oasis is renamed to Fanatasy Squad

[15/03/2018] Fanatasy Squad changes insignia to "Squad"

[15/03/2018] Fanatasy Squad renames "Palace of Oasis" to "Palace of Sanctuary"

[17/02/2018] Ziggy Valentine leaves Oasis

[17/02/2018] Mira Mercer leaves Oasis

[12/02/2018] Kurai Nazo leaves Oasis

[10/02/2018] Inu Kanto leaves Oasis

[18/08/2017] Elynna Isma joins Oasis

[07/08/2017] Tyrwald Kugelfisch joins Oasis

[07/08/2017] Shinji Tezuna joins Oasis

[07/08/2017] Morgannon Lefendenis joins Oasis

[07/08/2017] Elvide Evencloud joins Oasis

[07/08/2017] Midget Thunder joins Oasis

[07/08/2017] Amarelan Laranthal joins Oasis

[07/08/2017] Aisha Rose joins Oasis

[07/08/2017] Virgil Callisto joins Oasis

[07/08/2017] Thor Steelsmash joins Oasis

[07/08/2017] Satrek G'kar joins Oasis

[07/08/2017] Saint Celestine joins Oasis

[07/08/2017] Mael Emrys joins Oasis

[07/08/2017] Funk Nut joins Oasis

[07/08/2017] Fanos Vicious joins Oasis

[07/08/2017] Ellie Vicious joins Oasis

[07/08/2017] Drac Hera joins Oasis

[07/08/2017] Calliande Saranda joins Oasis

[07/08/2017] Brian Dragonslayer joins Oasis

[12/07/2017] Kayla Astralis joins Oasis

[12/07/2017] Vyncent Leach joins Oasis

[12/07/2017] Fen Minelava joins Oasis

[12/07/2017] Alana Amaris joins Oasis

[12/07/2017] Rosalyn Floe joins Oasis

[12/07/2017] Maedrosk Tolnjir joins Oasis

[12/07/2017] Exivo White joins Oasis

[25/06/2017] Ziggy Valentine joins Oasis

[25/06/2017] Murasaki Shinkai joins Oasis

[25/06/2017] Giah Greene joins Oasis

[25/06/2017] Dilly Dally joins Oasis

[25/06/2017] Cronhos Wildcloud joins Oasis

[25/06/2017] Beatriss Oharra joins Oasis

[25/06/2017] Barr Grotto joins Oasis

[25/06/2017] Yuuki Sakamoto joins Oasis

[25/06/2017] Visquas Shari joins Oasis

[25/06/2017] Rheworas Val'karth joins Oasis

[25/06/2017] Saggy Kun joins Oasis

[25/06/2017] Red Fourteen joins Oasis

[25/06/2017] Novus Prime joins Oasis

[25/06/2017] Mira Mercer joins Oasis

[25/06/2017] Minstrel Thezig joins Oasis

[25/06/2017] Menelith Strauss joins Oasis

[25/06/2017] Meelyx Musa joins Oasis

[25/06/2017] Lito Li joins Oasis

[25/06/2017] Kyra Awandah joins Oasis

[25/06/2017] Iris Flower joins Oasis

[25/06/2017] Ithildwen Arscelin joins Oasis

[25/06/2017] I'zimzizi Wetae joins Oasis

[25/06/2017] Grim Harvester joins Oasis

[25/06/2017] Gokuka Chaplin joins Oasis

[25/06/2017] Elanhi Faeylin joins Oasis

[25/06/2017] Dedbeth Reaper joins Oasis

[25/06/2017] Chiyu Sazanaka joins Oasis

[25/06/2017] Ayda Ennelis joins Oasis

[25/06/2017] Aurexus Magnus joins Oasis

[25/06/2017] Sperodolor Bellator joins Oasis

[25/06/2017] Oasis is registered in the service

[22/05/2017] Free Company is formed

[16/05/2017] Inu Kanto joins Oasis

[10/05/2017] Ceta Cina joins Oasis

[08/05/2017] Cerulean Sky joins Oasis

[08/05/2017] Ghoster Arrow joins Oasis

[08/05/2017] Kurai Nazo joins Oasis

[18/03/2017] Viridian Sky joins Oasis

FC President Shayami Shiro
President's alt Andres Shiro
President's alt Shiron White
Trial Member Ki Smith
Member Dack Droller
Member Dracon Anarekoth
Member Kakashi Atake
Member Lycaon Hyrule
Member Matson Wintherchild
Member Mister Spazzaneve
Member Pain Hiraki
Member Therana Herebi