: DebaucheryTeaParty!


: Tea


: 27


: 8


: 9228438586435642694


: Bei uns gibt es leckeren, heißen Tee mit einer prise Verrücktheit! =)


: Immortal Flames




: MadTeaHouse at Plot 11, 8 Ward, The Goblet, Lich

Ranking history


as of 18/03/2018

[18/03/2018] Alissa Gha'jad is assigned Teeliebhaber rank

[18/03/2018] Eliza Khan is assigned Teeliebhaber rank

[18/03/2018] Kohai Neko is assigned Teeliebhaber rank

[18/03/2018] Luna Thalana is assigned Teeliebhaber rank

[18/03/2018] Matsune Hiku is assigned Teeliebhaber rank

[18/03/2018] Nyyu Khan is assigned Teeliebhaber rank

[18/03/2018] Chizuru Nanago is assigned Teebeutel rank

[18/03/2018] Kohyu'a Niwah is assigned Teebeutel rank

[18/03/2018] Lenka Kaagamine is assigned Teebeutel rank

[18/03/2018] Lucia Chuta is assigned Teebeutel rank

[18/03/2018] Momori Lawi is assigned Teebeutel rank

[18/03/2018] N'octis Caelum is assigned Teebeutel rank

[18/03/2018] Prom'to Argentum is assigned Teebeutel rank

[18/03/2018] Yuki Kurohoshi is assigned Teebeutel rank

[18/03/2018] Elven Koenigin leaves DebaucheryTeaParty!

[18/03/2018] Kaadse Volpens leaves DebaucheryTeaParty!

[18/03/2018] Leyanora Finn leaves DebaucheryTeaParty!

[18/03/2018] Yoyonori Tatanori leaves DebaucheryTeaParty!

[15/03/2018] Dokaria Lee joins DebaucheryTeaParty!

[15/03/2018] Lyona Vaarc joins DebaucheryTeaParty!

[15/03/2018] Zexion Somnium joins DebaucheryTeaParty!

[15/03/2018] Draryn Kenrigh is assigned Teephilter! rank

[15/03/2018] Hina Kuroneko leaves DebaucheryTeaParty!

[15/03/2018] Nakari Darkkey leaves DebaucheryTeaParty!

[15/03/2018] Shoyo Kun leaves DebaucheryTeaParty!

[19/08/2017] Yoyonori Tatanori joins DebaucheryTeaParty!

[19/08/2017] Shruikan Shadowclaw joins DebaucheryTeaParty!

[19/08/2017] Shoyo Kun joins DebaucheryTeaParty!

[19/08/2017] Niwa Shirayuki joins DebaucheryTeaParty!

[19/08/2017] Hina Kuroneko joins DebaucheryTeaParty!

[03/08/2017] Nakari Darkkey joins DebaucheryTeaParty!

[03/08/2017] Lenya Albia joins DebaucheryTeaParty!

[03/08/2017] Leyanora Finn joins DebaucheryTeaParty!

[03/08/2017] Aura Gread joins DebaucheryTeaParty!

[03/08/2017] Kuro Hakuhyo joins DebaucheryTeaParty!

[03/08/2017] Artemis Tiamat joins DebaucheryTeaParty!

[03/08/2017] Draryn Kenrigh joins DebaucheryTeaParty!

[03/08/2017] Domminator Frozenclaw joins DebaucheryTeaParty!

[03/08/2017] Darien Finn joins DebaucheryTeaParty!

[03/08/2017] Richi Diaz joins DebaucheryTeaParty!

[03/08/2017] Ayane Satanme joins DebaucheryTeaParty!

[03/08/2017] DebaucheryTeaParty! is registered in the service

[25/05/2017] Valeria Valkyrie joins DebaucheryTeaParty!

[28/09/2016] Free Company is formed

Teemeister Ayane Satanme
Teequila Richi Diaz
Teebeutel Chizuru Nanago
Teebeutel Dokaria Lee
Teebeutel Kohyu'a Niwah
Teebeutel Lenka Kaagamine
Teebeutel Lucia Chuta
Teebeutel Lyona Vaarc
Teebeutel Momori Lawi
Teebeutel N'octis Caelum
Teebeutel Prom'to Argentum
Teebeutel Yuki Kurohoshi
Teebeutel Zexion Somnium
Teeliebhaber Alissa Gha'jad
Teeliebhaber Artemis Tiamat
Teeliebhaber Aura Gread
Teeliebhaber Eliza Khan
Teeliebhaber Kohai Neko
Teeliebhaber Lenya Albia
Teeliebhaber Luna Thalana
Teeliebhaber Matsune Hiku
Teeliebhaber Nyyu Khan
Teeliebhaber Shruikan Shadowclaw
Teekenner Valeria Valkyrie
Teephilter! Draryn Kenrigh
Teeprofi Darien Finn
Teeprofi Domminator Frozenclaw