: Bloodmoon


: Blood


: 21


: 8


: 9228438586435639630


: We are the voice and the clarion call, We are tyrant's ruin and rival's fall.


: Maelstrom




: Gruft at Plot 43, 12 Ward, The Goblet, Lich


: Always

Ranking history


as of 22/04/2018

[22/04/2018] Brik Mirae is assigned Initiand rank

[22/04/2018] Emmah Snowh is assigned Initiand rank

[22/04/2018] Vinaria Cer is assigned Initiand rank

[22/04/2018] Zhuljin Darkmoon is assigned Initiand rank

[12/04/2018] Milah Amariyo is assigned Vize-General rank

[12/04/2018] Touka Kaneki is assigned Vize-General rank

[12/04/2018] Janae Katsuragi is assigned Pause gemeldet rank

[12/04/2018] Lynn San is assigned Pause gemeldet rank

[12/04/2018] Ollowain Lichtbringer is assigned Pause gemeldet rank

[12/04/2018] Raia Sunshine is assigned Pause gemeldet rank

[12/04/2018] Yunales Vanille is assigned Pause gemeldet rank

[12/04/2018] Bloodmoon finds a Tank

[12/04/2018] Bloodmoon finds a Healer

[12/04/2018] Bloodmoon finds a DPS

[12/04/2018] Bloodmoon finds a Crafter

[12/04/2018] Bloodmoon finds a Gatherer

[12/04/2018] Khainan Darkblade leaves Bloodmoon

[12/04/2018] Rorran Schicht leaves Bloodmoon

[12/04/2018] Sakura Yakato leaves Bloodmoon

[18/02/2018] Niya Paw leaves Bloodmoon

[18/02/2018] Red Il leaves Bloodmoon

[18/02/2018] Miuri Lay leaves Bloodmoon

[18/02/2018] Galen Cloudheart leaves Bloodmoon

[18/02/2018] Kinshi Senpai leaves Bloodmoon

[17/02/2018] Ex Calibur leaves Bloodmoon

[25/11/2017] Theonly Light joins Bloodmoon

[25/11/2017] Kinshi Senpai joins Bloodmoon

[15/08/2017] Red Il joins Bloodmoon

[15/08/2017] Raia Sunshine joins Bloodmoon

[15/08/2017] Red Aethis joins Bloodmoon

[15/08/2017] Ruto Zoras joins Bloodmoon

[15/08/2017] Galen Cloudheart joins Bloodmoon

[15/08/2017] Sakura Yakato joins Bloodmoon

[15/08/2017] Rorran Schicht joins Bloodmoon

[15/08/2017] Niya Paw joins Bloodmoon

[15/08/2017] Lynn San joins Bloodmoon

[15/08/2017] Khainan Darkblade joins Bloodmoon

[15/08/2017] Ever Gloom joins Bloodmoon

[15/08/2017] Bigpitx Mix joins Bloodmoon

[15/08/2017] Uschi Ohnem joins Bloodmoon

[15/08/2017] Taiketsu Gries joins Bloodmoon

[15/08/2017] Miuri Lay joins Bloodmoon

[15/08/2017] Koneko Tou'jou joins Bloodmoon

[15/08/2017] Yureka Light joins Bloodmoon

[15/08/2017] Yunales Vanille joins Bloodmoon

[15/08/2017] Touka Kaneki joins Bloodmoon

[15/08/2017] Steven Hunter joins Bloodmoon

[15/08/2017] Milah Amariyo joins Bloodmoon

[15/08/2017] Janae Katsuragi joins Bloodmoon

[15/08/2017] Ex Calibur joins Bloodmoon

[15/08/2017] Ollowain Lichtbringer joins Bloodmoon

[15/08/2017] Minxs Winchester joins Bloodmoon

[15/08/2017] Bloodmoon is registered in the service

[26/06/2016] Free Company is formed

General Minxs Winchester
Adept Taiketsu Gries
Initiand Bigpitx Mix
Initiand Brik Mirae
Initiand Emmah Snowh
Initiand Theonly Light
Initiand Vinaria Cer
Initiand Zhuljin Darkmoon
Vize-General Milah Amariyo
Vize-General Touka Kaneki
Vertrauter Red Aethis
Vertrauter Steven Hunter
Vertrauter Uschi Ohnem
Vertrauter Yureka Light
Pause gemeldet Janae Katsuragi
Pause gemeldet Koneko Tou'jou
Pause gemeldet Lynn San
Pause gemeldet Ollowain Lichtbringer
Pause gemeldet Raia Sunshine
Pause gemeldet Ruto Zoras
Pause gemeldet Yunales Vanille