: !Endless-Skies!

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: Maui


: 97


: 8

Leveling history


: 9228297848947319293


: Borne from the ash of Twilight, Strength in unity!<br />


: Maelstrom




: TwilightCastle! at Plot 1, 17 Ward, The Lavender Beds, Famfrit, Primal

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: Welcome to our wonderful home! Come enjoy the milk and cookies!:D<br />


: Always



Guardians Abail Vana'diel
Guardians Alythor Clydar
Guardians Ancro Mulligan
Guardians Aoi Usagi
Guardians Arslang Bayaqud
Guardians Astra Elderkin
Marshal Axogrid Nightshade
Guardians Azrail Bac
Guardians Baen Nihil
Guardians Baryth Strife
Guardians Before After
Guardians Burak Kusaands
Guardians Caldin Somerset
Guardians Celes Locke
Guardians Chloe Sulong
Guardians Ciana Ausaros
Guardians Claire Lightweaver
Guardians Crow Fritz
Guardians Darkness Blazefire
Guardians Davos Brictom
Guardians Demetria Gables
Guardians Dire White
Guardians Domexhadras Kramm
Guardians Emmaline Danvers
Guardians Fate Leonhart
Guardians Ferlentia Aragon
Guardians Fiftieth Baam
Guardians Frost Light
Guardians Gael Geela
Guardians Gared Ragnar
Guardians Grand Astrea
Guardians Gumi Candi
Guardians Hemmet Thorne
Guardians Hudson Jo
Guardians Incursio Rahl
Guardians Irina Kiran
Guardians Isabella Darkfang
Guardians Jagadai Uyagir
Guardians Joji Moonchild
Guardians Kakyoin Jojo
Guardians Katra Larin-daddy
Guardians Kendric Dragmire
Guardians Kenuto Again
Guardians Kijiu Thomson
Guardians Kikyo Rokuyari
Guardians King Protest
Guardians Kyra Alys
Guardians Leonidas Wrothgral
Guardians Lewis Rosewood
Guardians Liquid Ghost
Guardians Luna Wylde
Guardians Mara Nora
Guardians Marshmaline Ooo
Guardians Misusu Misu
Guardians Montgomery Williams
Guardians Naoh Bajhiri
Guardians Nikaze Ozuna
Guardians Nymeria Wolfheart
Guardians Odeve Charlemend
Guardians Oldaric Beltafraux
Guardians Over Boost
Guardians Paladino Br
Guardians Planeto Verde
Guardians Play Bunny
Guardians Professor Pyrowise
Guardians Redjack Swyftsun
Guardians Rime Blood
Guardians Roland Deschains
Guardians Rose Pink
Guardians Rudete Duckie
Guardians Ryuco Mitahl
Guardians Ryuk Kiryu
Guardians Semoset Vess
Guardians Seraphina Windrunner
Guardians Silvana Azrin
Guardians Simba Lion
Guardians Sir Kritikal
Guardians Smooth Strife
Guardians Solomon Chai
Guardians Stefnir Blackgate
Guardians Super Angel
Guardians Tailei Goto
Guardians Talia Dragovich
Guardians Ties Hess
Guardians Tiri Gosa
Guardians Tuft Sundown
Guardians Tyler Tranum
Guardians Valamont Roustaan
Guardians Velox Mortem
Guardians Vicious Paws
Guardians Vicious Spiegel
Guardians Vinma Vim
Guardians Virona Gables
Guardians Xion Lotus
Guardians Xx Stormsxx
Guardians Yami Haru
Guardians Yukki Blue