Shiro Nabi


: Shiro Nabi


: Mirai


: 22


: 8


: 9228297848947296320


: Together we ride, helping and killing each other through the hells and heavens of this game.


: Maelstrom




: The Chrysalis at Plot 36, 5 Ward, The Lavender Beds, Famfrit

Welcome message

: We Have a Strip Club in the basement ^-^

Ranking history


as of 17/02/2018

[17/02/2018] Cyprus Constantine is assigned Toothfairy rank

[17/02/2018] Saelethil Abelas is assigned Toothfairy rank

[17/02/2018] Shadow Nightshade is assigned Toothfairy rank

[17/02/2018] Alzarius Granhail is assigned Shiro Monarchs rank

[17/02/2018] Edward Teller is assigned Shiro Monarchs rank

[17/02/2018] Farbod Ender is assigned Shiro Monarchs rank

[17/02/2018] Severine Khione is assigned Shiro Monarchs rank

[17/02/2018] Estelle Alucard is assigned New Monarchs rank

[17/02/2018] Naoki Noboru is assigned New Monarchs rank

[17/02/2018] Talon Dra'ien is assigned New Monarchs rank

[17/02/2018] Yoon Bum is assigned Bluewing Nabi rank

[17/02/2018] Hwarang Iii is assigned Chrysalis rank

[17/02/2018] Heskret Tialdyr is assigned Metamorphosis rank

[17/02/2018] Kanan Jarrus is assigned Larvas rank

[17/02/2018] Trey The-third is assigned Larvas rank

[17/02/2018] Caalun Ural is assigned Nabi rank

[17/02/2018] Heroic Panda is assigned Nabi rank

[17/02/2018] Shiro Nabi closes recruitment

[17/02/2018] Shiro Nabi buys Plot 36, 5 Ward, The Lavender Beds (Large)

[17/02/2018] Shiro Nabi builds "The Chrysalis"

[17/02/2018] Heroic Panda joins Shiro Nabi

[17/02/2018] Kanan Jarrus joins Shiro Nabi

[17/02/2018] Naoki Noboru joins Shiro Nabi

[17/02/2018] Estelle Alucard joins Shiro Nabi

[17/02/2018] Severine Khione joins Shiro Nabi

[17/02/2018] Shadow Nightshade joins Shiro Nabi

[17/02/2018] Verdeloth Gunner leaves Shiro Nabi

[17/02/2018] Shonna Thantia leaves Shiro Nabi

[17/02/2018] Shandra Novarenth leaves Shiro Nabi

[17/02/2018] Omg Wronghole leaves Shiro Nabi

[17/02/2018] Kiah Elakha leaves Shiro Nabi

[17/02/2018] Astidien Drage leaves Shiro Nabi

[17/02/2018] Sir Clarkadub leaves Shiro Nabi

[17/02/2018] Razule Belmont leaves Shiro Nabi

[17/02/2018] Champzibella Wanheda leaves Shiro Nabi

[17/02/2018] Scarlett Melody leaves Shiro Nabi

[17/02/2018] Aurion Black leaves Shiro Nabi

[17/02/2018] Zeus Nanaki leaves Shiro Nabi

[17/02/2018] Sosino Sosirino leaves Shiro Nabi

[17/02/2018] Shinobu Oumae leaves Shiro Nabi

[17/02/2018] Pepsi Bottler leaves Shiro Nabi

[15/02/2018] Michael Stallings leaves Shiro Nabi

[15/02/2018] Hodra Dkiller leaves Shiro Nabi

[15/02/2018] Dakota Blackwell leaves Shiro Nabi

[15/02/2018] Lorelei Rhalgr leaves Shiro Nabi

[15/02/2018] Arty Rhalgr leaves Shiro Nabi

[15/02/2018] Annaliese Rose leaves Shiro Nabi

[12/02/2018] Alzarius Granhail joins Shiro Nabi

[11/02/2018] Farbod Ender joins Shiro Nabi

[11/02/2018] Spooks Sinister leaves Shiro Nabi

[02/08/2017] Zeus Nanaki joins Shiro Nabi

[02/08/2017] Sosino Sosirino joins Shiro Nabi

[02/08/2017] Shinobu Oumae joins Shiro Nabi

[02/08/2017] Pepsi Bottler joins Shiro Nabi

[02/08/2017] Michael Stallings joins Shiro Nabi

[02/08/2017] Luna Catarina joins Shiro Nabi

[02/08/2017] Hodra Dkiller joins Shiro Nabi

[02/08/2017] Esdeath Ora joins Shiro Nabi

[02/08/2017] Heskret Tialdyr joins Shiro Nabi

[02/08/2017] Dakota Blackwell joins Shiro Nabi

[02/08/2017] Sir Clarkadub joins Shiro Nabi

[02/08/2017] Edward Teller joins Shiro Nabi

[02/08/2017] Champzibella Wanheda joins Shiro Nabi

[02/08/2017] Annaliese Rose joins Shiro Nabi

[03/06/2017] Hwarang Iii joins Shiro Nabi

[10/05/2017] Kiah Elakha joins Shiro Nabi

[10/05/2017] Razule Belmont joins Shiro Nabi

[10/05/2017] Aurion Black joins Shiro Nabi

[10/05/2017] Yoon Bum joins Shiro Nabi

[10/05/2017] Verdeloth Gunner joins Shiro Nabi

[10/05/2017] Omg Wronghole joins Shiro Nabi

[10/05/2017] Shandra Novarenth joins Shiro Nabi

[10/05/2017] Rinion Bles joins Shiro Nabi

[10/05/2017] Lorelei Rhalgr joins Shiro Nabi

[10/05/2017] Arty Rhalgr joins Shiro Nabi

[10/05/2017] Saelethil Abelas joins Shiro Nabi

[10/05/2017] Cyprus Constantine joins Shiro Nabi

[10/05/2017] Astidien Drage joins Shiro Nabi

[10/05/2017] Annora Dreamsnow joins Shiro Nabi

[10/05/2017] Shiro Nabi is registered in the service

[14/03/2017] Spooks Sinister joins Shiro Nabi

[07/03/2017] Shonna Thantia joins Shiro Nabi

[07/03/2017] Free Company is formed

Queen S Monarch Annora Dreamsnow
Shiro Monarchs Alzarius Granhail
Shiro Monarchs Edward Teller
Shiro Monarchs Farbod Ender
Shiro Monarchs Severine Khione
Nabi Caalun Ural
Nabi Heroic Panda
Nabi Jagadai Khan
Nabi Lucis Fleuret
Nabi Luna Catarina
Nabi Pontea Ender
New Monarchs Estelle Alucard
New Monarchs Naoki Noboru
New Monarchs Talon Dra'ien
Chrysalis Hwarang Iii
Bluewing Nabi Yoon Bum
Larvas Kanan Jarrus
Larvas Trey The-third
Metamorphosis Heskret Tialdyr
Toothfairy Cyprus Constantine
Toothfairy Saelethil Abelas
Toothfairy Shadow Nightshade