Quasar Knights


: Quasar Knights

Previous names

13 Court Guard Squad,
Solar Knights,
The 7 Deadly Sins




: 191


: 30


: 9228297848947284823


: Forever burning brightly in the midst of eternal darkness,<br />we forge our path amongst the distant stars.


: Immortal Flames




: Starfield Pub at Plot 6, 15 Ward, The Lavender Beds, Famfrit, Primal

Welcome message

: Welcome! Come on in and have a bite to eat and a drink!


: Always



Ranking history

BlackholeKnight Acit Panda
BlackholeKnight Aiden Stormbringer
CelestialKnight Aki Shadow
Gravity Knight Alex Xmoon
BlackholeKnight Alicia Voltaire
Aurora Knight Amelia Nether
Aurora Knight Angruu Da'reus
Aurora Knight Angry Groverr
Aurora Knight Aqua Icemake
BlackholeKnight Archangel Dante
BlackholeKnight Archangel Ryudoshero
BlackholeKnight Ark Tanan
BlackholeKnight Artanis Tasssadar
BlackholeKnight Arwen Galadriel
Gravity Knight Ary Boo
Gravity Knight Astre Mcclain
BlackholeKnight Aucfifer Shiba
Gravity Knight Axel S'aronai
Aurora Knight Ayana Tsuzuki
Starfire Knight Ayumi Takumi
Aurora Knight Azurgalia Fiora
Gravity Knight Bacon Sandwich
Aurora Knight Bad Rock
Aurora Knight Baerik Maclin
Aurora Knight Balthier Bunansa'
Starfire Knight Bastian Frost
Starfire Knight Bender Harlequin
Aurora Knight Biscuit Eater
BlackholeKnight Bon Ukitake
Gravity Knight Boya Shadow
Gravity Knight Brambles Black
Gravity Knight Breezy Covergirl
BlackholeKnight Brooklyn Highwind
Aurora Knight Bulltar Firestorm
Aurora Knight Cake Chan
BlackholeKnight Calamity D'jane
Gravity Knight Camo Xx
BlackholeKnight Capt Falcon
BlackholeKnight Cattiebrie Do'urden
Starfire Knight Celis Sedia
Aurora Knight Chealsea Gigglesworth
Aurora Knight Cid Chamhawk
Aurora Knight Corvin Okami
Gravity Knight Creme Brule'e
Aurora Knight Cyber Alpha
BlackholeKnight Cydek Clearwater
BlackholeKnight Darklight Rojsell
Aurora Knight Darkwing Shadowstorm
BlackholeKnight Death Spank
Aurora Knight Deium Levant'
BlackholeKnight Demon Arcangle
Gravity Knight Deus Bellum
Aurora Knight Devils Friend
Aurora Knight Di'ahna Denma
Gravity Knight Diameus Black
BlackholeKnight Divina Light
Aurora Knight Dohmih Vosshu
Aurora Knight Don Atello
Aurora Knight Doom Vein
Aurora Knight Dora The'explorer
Gravity Knight Draco Dragonknight
BlackholeKnight Draven Nightfire
BlackholeKnight Drayay Polaali
Aurora Knight Drinktorious Mugs
BlackholeKnight Drizzt Eladrin
BlackholeKnight Ejderha Yeshyl
Aurora Knight Eldrae D'meia
Gravity Knight Eldraed S'aronai
BlackholeKnight Espey Vivilon
Aurora Knight Esrelle Castette
BlackholeKnight Eucliwood Hellscythe
BlackholeKnight Fang Brodyaga
BlackholeKnight Fangard Baylen
Gravity Knight Farka Murenkamp
Aurora Knight Frank Stein
BlackholeKnight Fromith Behind
BlackholeKnight Frozen Baws
Aurora Knight Gato Theyarnsplayer
BlackholeKnight Gevvin Ty'ryhn
Aurora Knight Ghost Ryder
BlackholeKnight Goat Tee
Aurora Knight Golden Ren
Aurora Knight Goobi Shaliloqui
Aurora Knight Gravija Demon
CelestialKnight Hannibal Barca
Aurora Knight Heavens Shadow
Gravity Knight Huggybear Cuddlesong
CelestialKnight Hyades Shadow
Starfire Knight Ice Spike
Gravity Knight Ichika Shadow
BlackholeKnight Icy Combat
CelestialKnight Ikaros Shadow
Aurora Knight Infrit Dorin
BlackholeKnight Jalshey Zero
BlackholeKnight Jeremy Shadow
BlackholeKnight Jericho Turne
Starfire Knight Kadee Nightchase
BlackholeKnight Kataatsu Ejinn
Gravity Knight Katie Bugzi
Aurora Knight Kelista Arkwright
Aurora Knight Khalia Lex
Aurora Knight Khudus Mankhad
CelestialKnight Kiht Chalahko
Gravity Knight Kiku St'kyu
Aurora Knight Kito Akuta
Aurora Knight Kona Kahlua
Aurora Knight Krispy Kremes
BlackholeKnight Krombopulos Strange
Gravity Knight Kuyuk Tumett
BlackholeKnight Lady Iavasul
BlackholeKnight Layla Flow
SuperNova Lexia Shadow
Aurora Knight Lilith Jones
Aurora Knight Lillon Mors
Aurora Knight Lishushu Lishu
BlackholeKnight Loddey Kins
BlackholeKnight Lokos Swansong
House Assistant Lulu Luca
Aurora Knight Luna Lovegod
Aurora Knight Maggnar Betwanhi
BlackholeKnight Mark Ijon
Gravity Knight Marthes Stuarts
Gravity Knight Mayo Lord
Aurora Knight Melphima Melorelei
BlackholeKnight Midnight Sky
BlackholeKnight Mike Tran
BlackholeKnight Miruki Moon
Aurora Knight Miss Zed
Gravity Knight Mizuine Xiao
Starfire Knight Mos Imba
BlackholeKnight Neimi Blackarrow
Gravity Knight Nevaeh Nightwing
BlackholeKnight Niasha Lord
Aurora Knight Nikro Fairchild
BlackholeKnight Nova Shadow
Gravity Knight Nyte Raven
BlackholeKnight Olorin Sesenji
Aurora Knight Omega Divine
Aurora Knight Onion Tart
Starfire Knight Opalene Rose
Aurora Knight Orion Voltage
BlackholeKnight Pingu Faircloud
Aurora Knight Platinum Ash
Aurora Knight Poki Mane
Aurora Knight Pray Pray
Aurora Knight Ragnarok Oldblood
Aurora Knight Raiden Kurogane
BlackholeKnight Raleigh Hunt
Starfire Knight Ranma Shironi
Gravity Knight Rin Hime
Aurora Knight Rodric Stove
Aurora Knight Roru Ko
Gravity Knight Rukus Imaru
BlackholeKnight Ryver Wheeler
Aurora Knight Savagezombie Queen
BlackholeKnight Scarlet Teksik
Aurora Knight Seberino Pepperino
BlackholeKnight Shiro Kirihara
Aurora Knight Sir Berskie
Aurora Knight Sir Prizebuttseks
BlackholeKnight Slurp Durgle
Starfire Knight Snacks Nz
BlackholeKnight Sora Kirihara
Gravity Knight Sora Sol
BlackholeKnight Stk Mkd
Gravity Knight Strata Black
Gravity Knight Sui Kaifu
BlackholeKnight Symphony Brachs
Aurora Knight Tagadhur Qerel
Aurora Knight Tarolyn Betwanhi
Aurora Knight Timbo Timboslice
BlackholeKnight Tipsy Barbamus
Starfire Knight Togo Sensei
Aurora Knight Tristm Saber
Aurora Knight Twistedf King
Aurora Knight Va'lerik Frost
BlackholeKnight Vari Badeim
Aurora Knight Vinyet Alamor
Aurora Knight Warrior Gazebo
BlackholeKnight White Shadow
Aurora Knight Wic Ked
BlackholeKnight Wisdom Pk
Aurora Knight Wynn Reon
BlackholeKnight Yagi Toshinori
Aurora Knight Yami Kahkol
Starfire Knight Yunia Ziegler
Aurora Knight Zami'sae Bhaddexo
Aurora Knight Zank Lin
Aurora Knight Zavier Fawkes
Gravity Knight Zenki Magnusen
BlackholeKnight Zlatan Tarrant