: SoulSilver


: Johto


: 92


: 8


: 9228297848947276302


: Gotta catch em all! We have fun, helpful weekly activities! Join us and become the very best, like no one ever was.


: Order of the Twin Adder




: Pokemon Colosseum at Plot 28, 4 Ward, The Lavender Beds, Famfrit

Welcome message

: Welcome to the home of SoulSilver!


: Always



Ranking history


as of 09/03/2018

[09/03/2018] Falcon Dusktalon leaves SoulSilver

[09/03/2018] Larry Steve is assigned Proffessor aid. rank

[09/03/2018] Kazetora Ten'naka is assigned Lass/Bug Boy rank

[08/03/2018] Addicus Welter is assigned Top Coordinator rank

[08/03/2018] Dendrix Tyriss is assigned Proffessor aid. rank

[08/03/2018] Hot Bunz is assigned Proffessor aid. rank

[08/03/2018] Mini Warrior is assigned Proffessor aid. rank

[08/03/2018] Pehni Hoffstaeder is assigned Proffessor aid. rank

[08/03/2018] Airbear Brown is assigned Pokemaniac rank

[08/03/2018] Neo Griever is assigned Pokemaniac rank

[08/03/2018] Silvia Niss is assigned Pokemaniac rank

[08/03/2018] Sypher Rieden is assigned Pokemaniac rank

[08/03/2018] Cinnamon Chai-latte is assigned Lass/Bug Boy rank

[08/03/2018] Concalinar Sumisu is assigned Lass/Bug Boy rank

[08/03/2018] Eye Rbaboon is assigned Lass/Bug Boy rank

[08/03/2018] Roosham Bow is assigned Lass/Bug Boy rank

[08/03/2018] Wew Lad is assigned Lass/Bug Boy rank

[08/03/2018] Akwa Kurrent is assigned Trainer rank

[08/03/2018] Bluej Ganajai is assigned Trainer rank

[08/03/2018] Cari Shaoutan is assigned Trainer rank

[08/03/2018] Ezalor Darkbane is assigned Trainer rank

[08/03/2018] Fafajoni Jajajoni is assigned Trainer rank

[08/03/2018] Ferreol Fierlain is assigned Trainer rank

[08/03/2018] Galaxy Kibbles is assigned Trainer rank

[08/03/2018] Jae Black is assigned Trainer rank

[08/03/2018] Ka'me Curaga is assigned Trainer rank

[08/03/2018] Kaita Kiriaa is assigned Trainer rank

[08/03/2018] Kazetora Ten'naka is assigned Trainer rank

[08/03/2018] Leran Legaia is assigned Trainer rank

[08/03/2018] Mei Mhiki is assigned Trainer rank

[08/03/2018] Miffy Chan is assigned Trainer rank

[08/03/2018] Montu Thebold is assigned Trainer rank

[08/03/2018] Natsu Astral is assigned Trainer rank

[08/03/2018] Noctus Bravepancake is assigned Trainer rank

[08/03/2018] Op Ivy is assigned Trainer rank

[08/03/2018] Purple Voodoo is assigned Trainer rank

[08/03/2018] Risaan Smallbranch is assigned Trainer rank

[08/03/2018] Rizen Nightmist is assigned Trainer rank

[08/03/2018] Saturn Skydragon is assigned Trainer rank

[08/03/2018] Sephie Kett is assigned Trainer rank

[08/03/2018] Sera De'sata is assigned Trainer rank

[08/03/2018] Sic Boy is assigned Trainer rank

[08/03/2018] Silvia Lin is assigned Trainer rank

[08/03/2018] Sliced Tomatoes is assigned Trainer rank

[08/03/2018] So Spooky is assigned Trainer rank

[08/03/2018] Sonata Furude is assigned Trainer rank

[08/03/2018] Tyrion Ren is assigned Trainer rank

[08/03/2018] Yakimito Diaba is assigned Trainer rank

[08/03/2018] Yushiro Shihoin is assigned Trainer rank

[08/03/2018] Zybord Drodyz is assigned Trainer rank

[08/03/2018] Aestria Sindel is assigned Ash rank

[08/03/2018] El Choopa is assigned Ash rank

[08/03/2018] Kasoto Kityguya is assigned Ash rank

[08/03/2018] Kuro Kaji is assigned Ash rank

[08/03/2018] Mira Strauss is assigned Ash rank

[08/03/2018] Mirawen Caer is assigned Ash rank

[08/03/2018] Nymph Skyler is assigned Ash rank

[08/03/2018] Sapling Zur is assigned Ash rank

[08/03/2018] Seigfried Gias is assigned Ash rank

[08/03/2018] Von Kuri is assigned Ash rank

[08/03/2018] Wiseass Butcher is assigned Ash rank

[08/03/2018] Wulph King is assigned Ash rank

[08/03/2018] Zleeto Qdobaru is assigned Ash rank

[06/03/2018] Nysalle Sunstrider is assigned Elite Four rank

[06/03/2018] Chalu Papi is assigned Proffessor aid. rank

[06/03/2018] Koroko Matsuhiko is assigned Proffessor aid. rank

[06/03/2018] Tomoe San is assigned Proffessor aid. rank

[06/03/2018] Falcon Dusktalon is assigned Gym Leader rank

[06/03/2018] Moe Noe is assigned Gym Leader rank

[06/03/2018] Myla Ekimmai is assigned Gym Leader rank

[06/03/2018] Raeyu Tatsuya is assigned Gym Leader rank

[06/03/2018] Zana'to Tayuun is assigned Gym Leader rank

[06/03/2018] Payorth Lesana is assigned Pokemon Breeder rank

[06/03/2018] Kaedien Virete is assigned Ace Trainer rank

[06/03/2018] Kota Sol is assigned Ace Trainer rank

[06/03/2018] Silent Reaper is assigned Ace Trainer rank

[06/03/2018] Moka Koko is assigned Pokemaniac rank

[06/03/2018] Trugan Con is assigned Pokemaniac rank

[06/03/2018] Dridas Fhar is assigned Lass/Bug Boy rank

[06/03/2018] Arisa Varrus is assigned Ash rank

[06/03/2018] Briar Redbird is assigned Ash rank

[06/03/2018] Mitch Kuchorz is assigned Ash rank

[06/03/2018] SoulSilver changes insignia to "Johto"

[06/03/2018] Xegen Izanagi joins SoulSilver

[06/03/2018] Eos Hemera joins SoulSilver

[06/03/2018] Alynt Ikora leaves SoulSilver

[06/03/2018] Ancaladar Spellweaver leaves SoulSilver

[06/03/2018] Crash Raz'ora leaves SoulSilver

[06/03/2018] Lalinder Prime leaves SoulSilver

[06/03/2018] Nergal Nachocheese leaves SoulSilver

[06/03/2018] Reya Il leaves SoulSilver

[06/03/2018] Sabrina Farron leaves SoulSilver

[06/03/2018] Scarlette Roux leaves SoulSilver

[06/03/2018] Skyler Bunansa leaves SoulSilver

[06/03/2018] Umbra Calligraphy leaves SoulSilver

[06/03/2018] Wolf Exmortis leaves SoulSilver

[06/03/2018] Mini Warrior leaves SoulSilver

[06/03/2018] Tono Rose leaves SoulSilver

[06/03/2018] Nami's Lil'sister leaves SoulSilver

[06/03/2018] Taco Mama leaves SoulSilver

[06/03/2018] Touka Kirishima leaves SoulSilver

[06/03/2018] Rockhard Abs leaves SoulSilver

[06/03/2018] Brown Rage joins SoulSilver

[19/12/2017] Zana'to Tayuun joins SoulSilver

[16/12/2017] Aversa Hollow joins SoulSilver

[12/05/2017] Skyler Bunansa joins SoulSilver

[12/05/2017] Sabrina Farron joins SoulSilver

[12/05/2017] Leoriane Redbird joins SoulSilver

[12/05/2017] Chalu Papi joins SoulSilver

[12/05/2017] Briar Redbird joins SoulSilver

[12/05/2017] Thaisie Hanrieaux joins SoulSilver

[12/05/2017] Silent Reaper joins SoulSilver

[12/05/2017] Payorth Lesana joins SoulSilver

[12/05/2017] Arisa Varrus joins SoulSilver

[12/05/2017] Kota Sol joins SoulSilver

[12/05/2017] Yuziki Narukami joins SoulSilver

[12/05/2017] Tatalu Talu joins SoulSilver

[12/05/2017] Falcon Dusktalon joins SoulSilver

[12/05/2017] Koroko Matsuhiko joins SoulSilver

[12/05/2017] Kai Amaryllis joins SoulSilver

[12/05/2017] SoulSilver is registered in the service

[09/05/2017] Ryuu Tatsuya joins SoulSilver

[09/02/2016] Free Company is formed

Free Company members are being registered, so not all of them may be shown.
Champion Nami Shinji
Elite Four Nysalle Sunstrider
Elite Four Raistal Zafira
Elite Four Tatalu Talu
Elite Four Yuziki Narukami
Trainer Akwa Kurrent
Trainer Baoshi Panic
Trainer Bluej Ganajai
Trainer Cari Shaoutan
Trainer Eos Hemera
Trainer Ezalor Darkbane
Trainer Fafajoni Jajajoni
Trainer Ferreol Fierlain
Trainer Galaxy Kibbles
Trainer Jae Black
Trainer Ka'me Curaga
Trainer Kaita Kiriaa
Trainer Leran Legaia
Trainer Mei Mhiki
Trainer Miffy Chan
Trainer Montu Thebold
Trainer Natsu Astral
Trainer Noctus Bravepancake
Trainer Op Ivy
Trainer Purple Voodoo
Trainer Risaan Smallbranch
Trainer Rizen Nightmist
Trainer Saturn Skydragon
Trainer Sephie Kett
Trainer Sera De'sata
Trainer Sic Boy
Trainer Silvia Lin
Trainer Sliced Tomatoes
Trainer So Spooky
Trainer Sonata Furude
Trainer Tyrion Ren
Trainer Yakimito Diaba
Trainer Yushiro Shihoin
Trainer Zybord Drodyz
Gym Leader Moe Noe
Gym Leader Myla Ekimmai
Gym Leader Raeyu Tatsuya
Gym Leader Thaisie Hanrieaux
Gym Leader U'mahra Khek
Gym Leader Zana'to Tayuun
Ace Trainer Kaedien Virete
Ace Trainer Kota Sol
Ace Trainer Silent Reaper
Pokemon Breeder Payorth Lesana
Lass/Bug Boy Cinnamon Chai-latte
Lass/Bug Boy Concalinar Sumisu
Lass/Bug Boy Dridas Fhar
Lass/Bug Boy Eye Rbaboon
Lass/Bug Boy Kazetora Ten'naka
Lass/Bug Boy Roosham Bow
Lass/Bug Boy Wew Lad
Pokemaniac Airbear Brown
Pokemaniac Brown Rage
Pokemaniac Moka Koko
Pokemaniac Neo Griever
Pokemaniac Silvia Niss
Pokemaniac Sypher Rieden
Pokemaniac Trugan Con
Pokemaniac Xegen Izanagi
Ash Aestria Sindel
Ash Arisa Varrus
Ash Briar Redbird
Ash El Choopa
Ash Kasoto Kityguya
Ash Kuro Kaji
Ash Mira Strauss
Ash Mirawen Caer
Ash Mitch Kuchorz
Ash Nymph Skyler
Ash Sapling Zur
Ash Seigfried Gias
Ash Von Kuri
Ash Wiseass Butcher
Ash Wulph King
Ash Zleeto Qdobaru
Pokemon Prof. Miss Waffles
Rocket Boss Kai Amaryllis
Top Coordinator Addicus Welter
Top Coordinator Samson Simpson
Proffessor aid. Chalu Papi
Proffessor aid. Dendrix Tyriss
Proffessor aid. Hot Bunz
Proffessor aid. Koroko Matsuhiko
Proffessor aid. Larry Steve
Proffessor aid. Mini Warrior
Proffessor aid. Pehni Hoffstaeder
Proffessor aid. Tomoe San