: Mercy


: Mercy


: 42


: 8


: 9228297848947271297


: 


: Order of the Twin Adder




: Castle on The Hill at Plot 30, 13 Ward, Shirogane, Famfrit

Welcome message

: I know I know, you're impressed. You should see the inside.


: Always



Ranking history


as of 21/02/2018

[21/02/2018] Shizu Ka is assigned Shizu rank

[21/02/2018] That Boy is assigned St. Honoré rank

[21/02/2018] Radiant Night is assigned La Galette rank

[21/02/2018] Aiza Kun is assigned Nougat rank

[21/02/2018] Alma Beoulve is assigned Nougat rank

[21/02/2018] Persephone Elyse is assigned Nougat rank

[21/02/2018] Mercy claims to be always active

[21/02/2018] Mercy buys Plot 30, 13 Ward, Shirogane (Large)

[21/02/2018] Mercy builds "Castle on The Hill"

[21/02/2018] Ty Patt joins Mercy

[21/02/2018] Silent Dee joins Mercy

[21/02/2018] Blumenkranz Ramensoup joins Mercy

[21/02/2018] Acha No'yumi joins Mercy

[21/02/2018] Royal Goddess joins Mercy

[21/02/2018] Ajora Beoulve joins Mercy

[21/02/2018] Ty Pa joins Mercy

[21/02/2018] Sarada Susano'o leaves Mercy

[21/02/2018] Haunza Envy leaves Mercy

[21/02/2018] Rowan Featherfall leaves Mercy

[21/02/2018] My Guy leaves Mercy

[21/02/2018] Indie El joins Mercy

[24/08/2017] Shizuka Kaze joins Mercy

[16/08/2017] My Guy joins Mercy

[01/05/2017] That Boy joins Mercy

[01/05/2017] Rowan Featherfall joins Mercy

[01/05/2017] Alma Beoulve joins Mercy

[01/05/2017] Aiza Kun joins Mercy

[01/05/2017] Haunza Envy joins Mercy

[01/05/2017] Mercy is registered in the service

[24/11/2015] Free Company is formed

Free Company members are being registered, so not all of them may be shown.
Shizu Shizu Ka
St. Honoré Indie El
St. Honoré Indigo Lux
St. Honoré That Boy
St. Honoré Ty Pa
Nougat Aiza Kun
Nougat Alma Beoulve
Nougat Cerellia Waltz
Nougat Clive Brooks
Nougat Cupcakes Lunabeam
Nougat Digital Phunk
Nougat Emme Rose
Nougat Flo Rida
Nougat Fran Leviline
Nougat Gwyneveres Sunlight
Nougat Jin Kuroneko
Nougat K'tall Muad'dib
Nougat Kali Fornia
Nougat Magical Girl
Nougat Min-ji Chae
Nougat Min-ki Chae
Nougat Mister Mittens
Nougat Persephone Elyse
Nougat Sgt Fuzzy-bootz
Nougat Silent Dee
Nougat Squishy Thot
Le pain Lunessa Lumina
Le pain Nectir Vrilten
Le pain Sapphire Rosse
Chevaliers Acha No'yumi
Chevaliers Bagged Milk
Chevaliers Blumenkranz Ramensoup
Chevaliers Brian Ricardo
Chevaliers Kisa Suzuki
La Galette Radiant Night
La Galette Sonya Violetto
Argent Ajora Beoulve
Argent Haunza Kurokami
Argent Jonah Bushou
Argent Royal Goddess
Argent Sai Ko
Argent Taylor Callon