: Sovereign


: Reign


: 79


: 8


: 9228297848947257336


: Apply @ Beat the devil out of it.


: Maelstrom




: Reign-6-2 at Plot 2, 6 Ward, Mist, Famfrit

Welcome message

: Beat the devil out of it!


: Always



Ranking history


as of 23/02/2018

[23/02/2018] Rylee Ishida is assigned Officer rank

[23/02/2018] Ashe Oakheart is assigned Veteran rank

[23/02/2018] Arden Yew is assigned Adventurer rank

[23/02/2018] Gai Tsutsugami is assigned Adventurer rank

[23/02/2018] Ima Casual is assigned Adventurer rank

[23/02/2018] Katarina Rose is assigned Adventurer rank

[23/02/2018] Kayla Kins is assigned Adventurer rank

[23/02/2018] Lysarm Aurifort is assigned Adventurer rank

[23/02/2018] Missy Looselips is assigned Adventurer rank

[23/02/2018] Rekka Ryu is assigned Adventurer rank

[23/02/2018] Revan Studwell is assigned Adventurer rank

[23/02/2018] Ricesir Ronin is assigned Adventurer rank

[23/02/2018] Rip Studwell is assigned Adventurer rank

[23/02/2018] Vahn Valerius is assigned Adventurer rank

[23/02/2018] Kai Ro is assigned Eorzean rank

[23/02/2018] Sunder Armor is assigned Eorzean rank

[23/02/2018] The Doctor' is assigned Eorzean rank

[23/02/2018] Wandering Peak is assigned Eorzean rank

[23/02/2018] Ahri Aboh is assigned Stranger Danger rank

[23/02/2018] Beatrix Xirtaeb is assigned Stranger Danger rank

[23/02/2018] Flara Solistice is assigned Stranger Danger rank

[23/02/2018] Miah Alexia is assigned Stranger Danger rank

[23/02/2018] Puffin Snuggles is assigned Stranger Danger rank

[23/02/2018] Unicorn Mayo is assigned Stranger Danger rank

[22/02/2018] Mighty Alrighty is assigned Guild Master rank

[22/02/2018] Ahri'qi Sxuim'vre is assigned Officer rank

[22/02/2018] Ignasse Poisson is assigned Officer rank

[22/02/2018] Kajo Saito is assigned Officer rank

[22/02/2018] Rina Bobina is assigned Officer rank

[22/02/2018] Rina Ishida is assigned Officer rank

[22/02/2018] Telandra Blendrina is assigned Officer rank

[22/02/2018] Trikki Sangfroid is assigned Officer rank

[22/02/2018] Raeanya Ashurke is assigned Flying Sea Dog rank

[22/02/2018] Aldath Asakura is assigned WarriorOfLight rank

[22/02/2018] Babako Yuchi is assigned WarriorOfLight rank

[22/02/2018] Dald Likestoparty is assigned WarriorOfLight rank

[22/02/2018] Katty Wompuss is assigned WarriorOfLight rank

[22/02/2018] Relicus Ashborne is assigned WarriorOfLight rank

[22/02/2018] Angelic Shadows is assigned Veteran rank

[22/02/2018] Axolotl Atomsk is assigned Veteran rank

[22/02/2018] Emma Crofte is assigned Veteran rank

[22/02/2018] Forum Aver'age is assigned Veteran rank

[22/02/2018] Lep Zuror is assigned Veteran rank

[22/02/2018] Space Ghost is assigned Veteran rank

[22/02/2018] Yuina Hayami is assigned Veteran rank

[22/02/2018] Zona Cabra is assigned Veteran rank

[22/02/2018] Adelia Carmel is assigned Adventurer rank

[22/02/2018] Bambi Kin is assigned Adventurer rank

[22/02/2018] Jumbo Large is assigned Adventurer rank

[22/02/2018] Kaede Shirogane is assigned Adventurer rank

[22/02/2018] Morgiana Saluja is assigned Adventurer rank

[22/02/2018] Prya Tayuun is assigned Adventurer rank

[22/02/2018] Sino San is assigned Adventurer rank

[22/02/2018] Sol Helios is assigned Adventurer rank

[22/02/2018] Alis Carroll is assigned Eorzean rank

[22/02/2018] Beat Steele is assigned Eorzean rank

[22/02/2018] Elewyn Windcaller is assigned Eorzean rank

[22/02/2018] Kunuma Tenebrae is assigned Eorzean rank

[22/02/2018] Osiris Farron is assigned Eorzean rank

[22/02/2018] Verman Yurae is assigned Eorzean rank

[22/02/2018] Brunock Wilder is assigned Stranger Danger rank

[22/02/2018] Zhar Livia is assigned Stranger Danger rank

[22/02/2018] Matthew Tia joins Sovereign

[22/02/2018] Inori Aiba joins Sovereign

[22/02/2018] Eureka Noble joins Sovereign

[22/02/2018] Goofy Brah leaves Sovereign

[22/02/2018] Mario Zulu leaves Sovereign

[22/02/2018] Nora Ravenglade leaves Sovereign

[22/02/2018] Yvella Winters leaves Sovereign

[22/02/2018] Artemis Fowlman leaves Sovereign

[22/02/2018] Lenya Kaldigath leaves Sovereign

[22/02/2018] Maoz Zoam leaves Sovereign

[22/02/2018] Mike Tython leaves Sovereign

[22/02/2018] Nova Paw leaves Sovereign

[22/02/2018] Viewing Cutscne leaves Sovereign

[22/02/2018] Auri Kiwi leaves Sovereign

[22/02/2018] Leih Jomah leaves Sovereign

[22/02/2018] Angello Jeon leaves Sovereign

[22/02/2018] Brook Cauthon leaves Sovereign

[22/02/2018] Drakenn Zahn leaves Sovereign

[22/02/2018] Elde Marot leaves Sovereign

[22/02/2018] Fina Foil leaves Sovereign

[22/02/2018] Markolai Pokeystabber leaves Sovereign

[22/02/2018] Syl Zulu leaves Sovereign

[22/02/2018] Vangl Stain leaves Sovereign

[22/02/2018] Jihrec Nur leaves Sovereign

[22/02/2018] Valos Darada leaves Sovereign

[21/02/2018] Kunuma Tenebrae joins Sovereign

[19/02/2018] Alis Carroll joins Sovereign

[18/02/2018] Matrim Hathsin leaves Sovereign

[17/02/2018] Downy Al'thor leaves Sovereign

[16/02/2018] Beat Steele joins Sovereign

[12/02/2018] Nova Starburst leaves Sovereign

[11/02/2018] Aiko Migoto leaves Sovereign

[09/11/2017] Verman Yurae joins Sovereign

[05/10/2017] Nora Ravenglade joins Sovereign

[30/08/2017] Osiris Farron joins Sovereign

[23/08/2017] Elewyn Windcaller joins Sovereign

[09/05/2017] Yvella Winters joins Sovereign

[09/05/2017] Matrim Hathsin joins Sovereign

[09/05/2017] Downy Al'thor joins Sovereign

[09/05/2017] Lou Lou joins Sovereign

[08/05/2017] Lenya Kaldigath joins Sovereign

[08/05/2017] Zhar Livia joins Sovereign

[08/05/2017] Aiko Migoto joins Sovereign

[22/03/2017] Doofy Brah joins Sovereign

[22/03/2017] Goofy Brah joins Sovereign

[07/03/2017] Rina Bobina joins Sovereign

[29/01/2017] Elde Marot joins Sovereign

[29/01/2017] Brunock Wilder joins Sovereign

[29/01/2017] Mario Zulu joins Sovereign

[29/01/2017] Lep Zuror joins Sovereign

[29/01/2017] Angelic Shadows joins Sovereign

[29/01/2017] Adelia Carmel joins Sovereign

[29/01/2017] Sermyth Azurane joins Sovereign

[29/01/2017] Relicus Ashborne joins Sovereign

[29/01/2017] Oz Gjallarhorn joins Sovereign

[29/01/2017] Montgraves D'ambrosia joins Sovereign

[29/01/2017] Cal Amari joins Sovereign

[29/01/2017] Z'ekias Duskrunner joins Sovereign

[29/01/2017] Rina Ishida joins Sovereign

[29/01/2017] Mighty Alrighty joins Sovereign

[29/01/2017] Sovereign is registered in the service

[13/03/2015] Free Company is formed

Free Company members are being registered, so not all of them may be shown.
Guild Master Mighty Alrighty
Officer Ahri'qi Sxuim'vre
Officer Ignasse Poisson
Officer Kajo Saito
Officer Rina Bobina
Officer Rina Ishida
Officer Rylee Ishida
Officer Telandra Blendrina
Officer Trikki Sangfroid
Stranger Danger Ahri Aboh
Stranger Danger Beatrix Xirtaeb
Stranger Danger Brunock Wilder
Stranger Danger Eureka Noble
Stranger Danger Flara Solistice
Stranger Danger Kyuusoku Tsukimi
Stranger Danger Miah Alexia
Stranger Danger Puffin Snuggles
Stranger Danger Unicorn Mayo
Stranger Danger Zhar Livia
Veteran Angelic Shadows
Veteran Ashe Oakheart
Veteran Ashelia Celestine
Veteran Axolotl Atomsk
Veteran Dan Dutts
Veteran Drako Windwalker
Veteran Emma Crofte
Veteran Forum Aver'age
Veteran Heros Merlose
Veteran Lep Zuror
Veteran Moist Babyfartz
Veteran Oz Gjallarhorn
Veteran Sermyth Azurane
Veteran Space Ghost
Veteran Yuina Hayami
Veteran Zona Cabra
WarriorOfLight Aldath Asakura
WarriorOfLight Babako Yuchi
WarriorOfLight Cal Amari
WarriorOfLight Dald Likestoparty
WarriorOfLight Ellesmera Delacour
WarriorOfLight Emiya Shirou
WarriorOfLight Flara Starburst
WarriorOfLight Hawken Pierce
WarriorOfLight Katty Wompuss
WarriorOfLight Mike Zulu
WarriorOfLight Montgraves D'ambrosia
WarriorOfLight Relicus Ashborne
WarriorOfLight Z'ekias Duskrunner
Eorzean Alis Carroll
Eorzean Beat Steele
Eorzean Inori Aiba
Eorzean Kai Ro
Eorzean Kunuma Tenebrae
Eorzean Rini Chan
Eorzean Sunder Armor
Eorzean The Doctor'
Eorzean Wandering Peak
Adventurer Adelia Carmel
Adventurer Arden Yew
Adventurer Bambi Kin
Adventurer Gai Tsutsugami
Adventurer Ima Casual
Adventurer Jumbo Large
Adventurer Kaede Shirogane
Adventurer Katarina Rose
Adventurer Kayla Kins
Adventurer Lysarm Aurifort
Adventurer Matthew Tia
Adventurer Missy Looselips
Adventurer Morgiana Saluja
Adventurer Prya Tayuun
Adventurer Rekka Ryu
Adventurer Revan Studwell
Adventurer Ricesir Ronin
Adventurer Rip Studwell
Adventurer Sino San
Adventurer Sol Helios
Adventurer Vahn Valerius
Flying Sea Dog Raeanya Ashurke