Shadow Company


: Shadow Company




: 442


: 8


: 9228297848947239288


: We love to help you and to have you


: Maelstrom




: Shadow HQ at Plot 35, 1 Ward, Mist, Famfrit

Welcome message

: WARNING... Those not welcome will be forgot from Eorzea! Everyone has secrets, We just hold them all!


: Always



Ranking history


as of 23/02/2018

[23/02/2018] Ishmael Drakun is assigned Intern rank

[23/02/2018] Glade Cinder is assigned Director rank

[23/02/2018] Executor Ultimate is assigned General Manager rank

[23/02/2018] Glade Spark is assigned General Manager rank

[23/02/2018] Harvey Lee is assigned General Manager rank

[23/02/2018] Slam Pig is assigned General Manager rank

[23/02/2018] Ajna Light is assigned Manager rank

[23/02/2018] Akira Taoki is assigned Manager rank

[23/02/2018] Drew Spears is assigned Manager rank

[23/02/2018] Mickie Dhalin is assigned Manager rank

[23/02/2018] Paoquus Amasdere is assigned Manager rank

[23/02/2018] Beast Feast is assigned Staff rank

[23/02/2018] Beatus Stink is assigned Staff rank

[23/02/2018] Charles Spears is assigned Staff rank

[23/02/2018] Draconis Darkblood is assigned Staff rank

[23/02/2018] Elito Potato is assigned Staff rank

[23/02/2018] Flash Bandicoot is assigned Staff rank

[23/02/2018] Frosty Lawl is assigned Staff rank

[23/02/2018] Garona Halforcen is assigned Staff rank

[23/02/2018] Grim Heart is assigned Staff rank

[23/02/2018] Guinea Moretti is assigned Staff rank

[23/02/2018] Hambone Jonny is assigned Staff rank

[23/02/2018] Jusper Lauzon is assigned Staff rank

[23/02/2018] Kazuki Kaji is assigned Staff rank

[23/02/2018] Keleka Ko'an is assigned Staff rank

[23/02/2018] Lil Toassty is assigned Staff rank

[23/02/2018] Lothusca Lothus is assigned Staff rank

[23/02/2018] Maire Musha is assigned Staff rank

[23/02/2018] Matrym Cauthon is assigned Staff rank

[23/02/2018] Max Maritimus is assigned Staff rank

[23/02/2018] Maximus Gyro is assigned Staff rank

[23/02/2018] Nathan Kennedy is assigned Staff rank

[23/02/2018] Olivine Lily is assigned Staff rank

[23/02/2018] Omega Freak is assigned Staff rank

[23/02/2018] Pandora Reign is assigned Staff rank

[23/02/2018] Popo Gigio is assigned Staff rank

[23/02/2018] Raven Dragonslayerii is assigned Staff rank

[23/02/2018] Rayeia Eria is assigned Staff rank

[23/02/2018] Shi Nosukuinushi is assigned Staff rank

[23/02/2018] Tango Alpha is assigned Staff rank

[23/02/2018] Thundernode Parvus is assigned Staff rank

[23/02/2018] Tsurime Meme is assigned Staff rank

[23/02/2018] Tsutta Naeuri is assigned Staff rank

[23/02/2018] Vakula Night is assigned Staff rank

[23/02/2018] Wiffffe Moretti is assigned Staff rank

[23/02/2018] Young Yomi is assigned Staff rank

[23/02/2018] Z'attano Tora is assigned Staff rank

[23/02/2018] Arkaya Frostfire is assigned Intern rank

[23/02/2018] Celebrimbor Wraith is assigned Intern rank

[23/02/2018] Dad Kun' is assigned Intern rank

[23/02/2018] Datgurl Goku is assigned Intern rank

[23/02/2018] El-ninyo Patches is assigned Intern rank

[23/02/2018] Falaethis Darkspear is assigned Intern rank

[23/02/2018] Fetusnuke Mrdoomguy is assigned Intern rank

[23/02/2018] Foodstamp Poor is assigned Intern rank

[23/02/2018] Froggy Badazz is assigned Intern rank

[23/02/2018] Frogwell Ariamus is assigned Intern rank

[23/02/2018] Frosty Destroyer is assigned Intern rank

[23/02/2018] G'kar Buduga is assigned Intern rank

[23/02/2018] Gaebulg Gungnir is assigned Intern rank

[23/02/2018] Gate Keeper is assigned Intern rank

[23/02/2018] Gemilang Ardhi is assigned Intern rank

[23/02/2018] Gin Keijo is assigned Intern rank

[23/02/2018] Grim Reap'r is assigned Intern rank

[23/02/2018] Gumfery Butcher is assigned Intern rank

[23/02/2018] Haalus Zasuel is assigned Intern rank

[23/02/2018] Hail Retro is assigned Intern rank

[23/02/2018] Haise Sasaki is assigned Intern rank

[23/02/2018] Hank Thethird is assigned Intern rank

[23/02/2018] Harlock Magius is assigned Intern rank

[23/02/2018] Hellsinki Fuomi is assigned Intern rank

[23/02/2018] Hyperion Raizer is assigned Intern rank

[23/02/2018] I'zimzi Vimbah is assigned Intern rank

[23/02/2018] Imrik Aogane is assigned Intern rank

[23/02/2018] Isra Sana is assigned Intern rank

[23/02/2018] Jade Lee is assigned Intern rank

[23/02/2018] James Frederick is assigned Intern rank

[23/02/2018] Jasper Amaranth is assigned Intern rank

[23/02/2018] Javy Thebold is assigned Intern rank

[23/02/2018] Jin Juriki is assigned Intern rank

[23/02/2018] Julian Morningstar is assigned Intern rank

[23/02/2018] Ka'zir Ra is assigned Intern rank

[23/02/2018] Kaitlyn Glaurung is assigned Intern rank

[23/02/2018] Kaleide Smith is assigned Intern rank

[23/02/2018] Kama Thesummoner is assigned Intern rank

[23/02/2018] Kason Mcgrilled is assigned Intern rank

[23/02/2018] Kassius Black is assigned Intern rank

[23/02/2018] Katniss Darktail is assigned Intern rank

[23/02/2018] Ken Pendragon is assigned Intern rank

[23/02/2018] Khala Drogo is assigned Intern rank

[23/02/2018] Khelris Stormbreak is assigned Intern rank

[23/02/2018] Khojin Sin is assigned Intern rank

[23/02/2018] Kitari Amari is assigned Intern rank

[23/02/2018] Kitsune Miku is assigned Intern rank

[23/02/2018] Komarii Kamikita is assigned Intern rank

[23/02/2018] Kyree Moon is assigned Intern rank

[23/02/2018] Latino Bladez is assigned Intern rank

[23/02/2018] Lauren Shaworse is assigned Intern rank

[23/02/2018] Lehna Natrhe is assigned Intern rank

[23/02/2018] Lil Arsynic is assigned Intern rank

[23/02/2018] Lilani Creya is assigned Intern rank

[23/02/2018] Lilith Ba'al is assigned Intern rank

[23/02/2018] Little Wiz is assigned Intern rank

[23/02/2018] Littlebigman Davis is assigned Intern rank

[23/02/2018] Lochness Robster is assigned Intern rank

[23/02/2018] Lord Diemos is assigned Intern rank

[23/02/2018] Lord Touchme is assigned Intern rank

[23/02/2018] Lucerin Ralare is assigned Intern rank

[23/02/2018] Ma'riah Riah is assigned Intern rank

[23/02/2018] Maljinx Sin is assigned Intern rank

[23/02/2018] Marwow Takemikazuchi is assigned Intern rank

[23/02/2018] Michi Kappa is assigned Intern rank

[23/02/2018] Mirra Sun is assigned Intern rank

[23/02/2018] Miss Dickinson is assigned Intern rank

[23/02/2018] Moraine Tuar is assigned Intern rank

[23/02/2018] My Msqtoon is assigned Intern rank

[23/02/2018] Myriel Redleaf is assigned Intern rank

[23/02/2018] Mystearica Aura'fende is assigned Intern rank

[23/02/2018] Namz Glitch is assigned Intern rank

[23/02/2018] Nao Fukuhara is assigned Intern rank

[23/02/2018] Naya Elise is assigned Intern rank

[23/02/2018] Nepeta Quest is assigned Intern rank

[23/02/2018] Nerun Nightstar is assigned Intern rank

[23/02/2018] Nia Leigh is assigned Intern rank

[23/02/2018] Nightliss Darkshadow is assigned Intern rank

[23/02/2018] Nikka Thorn is assigned Intern rank

[23/02/2018] Noctiss Strife is assigned Intern rank

[23/02/2018] Nyx Luna is assigned Intern rank

[23/02/2018] Odval Magius is assigned Intern rank

[23/02/2018] Oki Goro is assigned Intern rank

[23/02/2018] Oki Moks is assigned Intern rank

[23/02/2018] Onos Toolan is assigned Intern rank

[23/02/2018] Ophianne Izolith is assigned Intern rank

[23/02/2018] Orlandeaux Deluxe is assigned Intern rank

[23/02/2018] Pendar Hieall is assigned Intern rank

[23/02/2018] Photios Epimon is assigned Intern rank

[23/02/2018] Psy Congroo is assigned Intern rank

[23/02/2018] Puncher Punchface is assigned Intern rank

[23/02/2018] Purrish Kittenclaw is assigned Intern rank

[23/02/2018] Queen Aldra is assigned Intern rank

[23/02/2018] Ragey Magey is assigned Intern rank

[23/02/2018] Raiht Entialpoh is assigned Intern rank

[23/02/2018] Raven Darkstar is assigned Intern rank

[23/02/2018] Rey Lunaala is assigned Intern rank

[23/02/2018] Rio Sneaky is assigned Intern rank

[23/02/2018] Robin's Hood is assigned Intern rank

[23/02/2018] Roseanne Park is assigned Intern rank

[23/02/2018] Roundtree Hardwood is assigned Intern rank

[23/02/2018] Roxy Dew is assigned Intern rank

[23/02/2018] Roy Bigburger is assigned Intern rank

[23/02/2018] Rukia Hatake is assigned Intern rank

[23/02/2018] Sage Stormfire is assigned Intern rank

[23/02/2018] Sara Ru is assigned Intern rank

[23/02/2018] Sassypants Queefer is assigned Intern rank

[23/02/2018] Scarlet Kitty is assigned Intern rank

[23/02/2018] Scoodle Trizbit is assigned Intern rank

[23/02/2018] Seldan Valeir is assigned Intern rank

[23/02/2018] Ser Norman is assigned Intern rank

[23/02/2018] Sevi Ka is assigned Intern rank

[23/02/2018] Shakia Horn is assigned Intern rank

[23/02/2018] Shaolong Gui is assigned Intern rank

[23/02/2018] Shino Zaros is assigned Intern rank

[23/02/2018] Shirfyra Blaze is assigned Intern rank

[23/02/2018] Sir Pizzalad is assigned Intern rank

[23/02/2018] Sirsquishy Sqisherton is assigned Intern rank

[23/02/2018] Spicychicken Kentucky is assigned Intern rank

[23/02/2018] Spongebob Squarepants is assigned Intern rank

[23/02/2018] Staz Blood is assigned Intern rank

[23/02/2018] Stevie Blazerider is assigned Intern rank

[23/02/2018] Swift Strawberry is assigned Intern rank

[23/02/2018] Tatato Blaquier is assigned Intern rank

[23/02/2018] The Dev is assigned Intern rank

[23/02/2018] The Last is assigned Intern rank

[23/02/2018] Tibad Worldwaker is assigned Intern rank

[23/02/2018] Tillie Truffles is assigned Intern rank

[23/02/2018] Tobim Crewe is assigned Intern rank

[23/02/2018] Toma Megarant is assigned Intern rank

[23/02/2018] Tontz H'ayden is assigned Intern rank

[23/02/2018] Trash Man is assigned Intern rank

[23/02/2018] Uderu Linzil is assigned Intern rank

[23/02/2018] Valacor Thewalker is assigned Intern rank

[23/02/2018] Vincent Hulk is assigned Intern rank

[23/02/2018] Vinence Webbs is assigned Intern rank

[23/02/2018] Vix Nix is assigned Intern rank

[23/02/2018] Vix Vyne is assigned Intern rank

[23/02/2018] Witch Beatrice is assigned Intern rank

[23/02/2018] Xar'eldril Excelion is assigned Intern rank

[23/02/2018] Xiphioni Cordwyk is assigned Intern rank

[23/02/2018] Yahna Blackheart is assigned Intern rank

[23/02/2018] Yello Bambino is assigned Intern rank

[23/02/2018] Yenneferia Veng is assigned Intern rank

[23/02/2018] Your Captain is assigned Intern rank

[23/02/2018] Yuki Eiri is assigned Intern rank

[23/02/2018] Yukimi Kurin is assigned Intern rank

[23/02/2018] Z'mona Isengard is assigned Intern rank

[23/02/2018] Zaradis Gharl is assigned Intern rank

[23/02/2018] Zeke Dragonblood is assigned Intern rank

[23/02/2018] Zimili Star is assigned Intern rank

[23/02/2018] Zya Blackfyre is assigned Intern rank

[22/02/2018] Clasko Leonheart is assigned C.E.O. rank

[22/02/2018] Pinkie Leonheart is assigned C.O.O. rank

[22/02/2018] Cheifs Reborn is assigned Chiefs of Staff rank

[22/02/2018] Mischa Alexsis is assigned Chiefs of Staff rank

[22/02/2018] Raven Dragonslayer is assigned Chiefs of Staff rank

[22/02/2018] Hikaru Kaji is assigned Security Admin rank

[22/02/2018] Chargan Frost is assigned Executive Board rank

[22/02/2018] Singularia Moor is assigned Executive Board rank

[22/02/2018] Sir Lunatic is assigned Executive Board rank

[22/02/2018] Tuna Poke is assigned Executive Board rank

[22/02/2018] Alicia Kinari is assigned Director rank

[22/02/2018] Aticure Barlow is assigned Director rank

[22/02/2018] Beland Clastian is assigned Director rank

[22/02/2018] Filiwapa Padamus is assigned Director rank

[22/02/2018] James Carter is assigned Director rank

[22/02/2018] Ace Fullbuster is assigned General Manager rank

[22/02/2018] Ahona Snow is assigned General Manager rank

[22/02/2018] Aust Nightmantle is assigned General Manager rank

[22/02/2018] Chibs Iii is assigned General Manager rank

[22/02/2018] Dash Fatale is assigned General Manager rank

[22/02/2018] Enshar Lavellan is assigned General Manager rank

[22/02/2018] Eso Loso is assigned General Manager rank

[22/02/2018] Hungam Shier is assigned General Manager rank

[22/02/2018] Nayrion Thax is assigned General Manager rank

[22/02/2018] Phealix Madrid is assigned General Manager rank

[22/02/2018] Rinrin Aoi is assigned General Manager rank

[22/02/2018] Taijitsu Kamichigiri is assigned General Manager rank

[22/02/2018] Unable Imp is assigned General Manager rank

[22/02/2018] Zack Asbel is assigned General Manager rank

[22/02/2018] Acheron Styx is assigned Manager rank

[22/02/2018] Alarius Everglow is assigned Manager rank

[22/02/2018] Alec Nikomedes is assigned Manager rank

[22/02/2018] Ash Caughtemall is assigned Manager rank

[22/02/2018] Brownee Jr is assigned Manager rank

[22/02/2018] Daimas Fury is assigned Manager rank

[22/02/2018] Freyda Kaelston is assigned Manager rank

[22/02/2018] Makei Jijirya is assigned Manager rank

[22/02/2018] Miranda Heart is assigned Manager rank

[22/02/2018] Rob Lucci is assigned Manager rank

[22/02/2018] Sehrli Das is assigned Manager rank

[22/02/2018] Taco Sauce is assigned Manager rank

[22/02/2018] Yagyu Mitsyuoshi is assigned Manager rank

[22/02/2018] Zalatana Asteras is assigned Manager rank

[22/02/2018] Bine Binechaos is assigned Staff rank

[22/02/2018] Cassondra Vann is assigned Staff rank

[22/02/2018] Div Amaiev is assigned Staff rank

[22/02/2018] Dr Gremlar is assigned Staff rank

[22/02/2018] Drake Bluefire is assigned Staff rank

[22/02/2018] Ethereal Aurora is assigned Staff rank

[22/02/2018] Lamont Solidor is assigned Staff rank

[22/02/2018] Lothorak Stormbringer is assigned Staff rank

[22/02/2018] Odin Ragnorak is assigned Staff rank

[22/02/2018] Rednahss Noremac is assigned Staff rank

[22/02/2018] Roland Deschane is assigned Staff rank

[22/02/2018] Ser Fratly is assigned Staff rank

[22/02/2018] Slippery Amber is assigned Staff rank

[22/02/2018] Apollo Centaurus is assigned Intern rank

[22/02/2018] Archeus Azothian is assigned Intern rank

[22/02/2018] Belial Naiian is assigned Intern rank

[22/02/2018] Chief Suckajaweewee is assigned Intern rank

[22/02/2018] Crazy Shouten is assigned Intern rank

[22/02/2018] Dandy Lion is assigned Intern rank

[22/02/2018] Duke Nukem is assigned Intern rank

[22/02/2018] Farnell Hawke is assigned Intern rank

[22/02/2018] Fistoffury Godshand is assigned Intern rank

[22/02/2018] Hank Thesecond is assigned Intern rank

[22/02/2018] Harvey Goatman is assigned Intern rank

[22/02/2018] Hortencia Rawley is assigned Intern rank

[22/02/2018] Jundi Bunbun is assigned Intern rank

[22/02/2018] Kael'than Darksbane is assigned Intern rank

[22/02/2018] Kireael Nightwalker is assigned Intern rank

[22/02/2018] Kirith Ghon is assigned Intern rank

[22/02/2018] Kivassi Nufasa is assigned Intern rank

[22/02/2018] Lionel Vanderguilt is assigned Intern rank

[22/02/2018] Lola Firelight is assigned Intern rank

[22/02/2018] Magic Amber is assigned Intern rank

[22/02/2018] Miya'moto Musashi is assigned Intern rank

[22/02/2018] Nikos Agon is assigned Intern rank

[22/02/2018] Oliver Zuro is assigned Intern rank

[22/02/2018] Orwen Southway is assigned Intern rank

[22/02/2018] Ozy Mandiax is assigned Intern rank

[22/02/2018] Pop Farts is assigned Intern rank

[22/02/2018] Ragnar Ithis is assigned Intern rank

[22/02/2018] Romaa Mihgo is assigned Intern rank

[22/02/2018] Skye Kessho is assigned Intern rank

[22/02/2018] Still Hard is assigned Intern rank

[22/02/2018] Suicide King is assigned Intern rank

[22/02/2018] Xenia Zephalos is assigned Intern rank

[22/02/2018] Zadel Klien is assigned Intern rank

[22/02/2018] Shadow Company buys Plot 35, 1 Ward, Mist (Large)

[22/02/2018] Mixen Mach joins Shadow Company

[22/02/2018] Val Ven joins Shadow Company

[22/02/2018] Tianna Castilla leaves Shadow Company

[22/02/2018] Vivivachi Gogovachi leaves Shadow Company

[22/02/2018] Yuria Araceli leaves Shadow Company

[22/02/2018] Balxephon Rahms leaves Shadow Company

[22/02/2018] Bolar Weatherbee leaves Shadow Company

[22/02/2018] Boom Swagger leaves Shadow Company

[22/02/2018] Carthage Mahl leaves Shadow Company

[22/02/2018] Demon Takdeux leaves Shadow Company

[22/02/2018] Peaches Apricots leaves Shadow Company

[22/02/2018] Clay Ironfist leaves Shadow Company

[22/02/2018] Drex Hikumi leaves Shadow Company

[22/02/2018] Feyd Albatross leaves Shadow Company

[22/02/2018] Slootz Mclovin leaves Shadow Company

[22/02/2018] Adam Fugghett leaves Shadow Company

[22/02/2018] Harvey Winter leaves Shadow Company

[22/02/2018] Knight Isaac leaves Shadow Company

[22/02/2018] Osiris Namine leaves Shadow Company

[22/02/2018] Laec King leaves Shadow Company

[22/02/2018] Lucian King leaves Shadow Company

[22/02/2018] Ravio Cabrera leaves Shadow Company

[22/02/2018] Shiro Vaniih leaves Shadow Company

[21/02/2018] Rednahss Noremac joins Shadow Company

[19/02/2018] Jackal Deftarm leaves Shadow Company

[18/02/2018] Dragon Reborn leaves Shadow Company

[17/02/2018] Gigi Mon leaves Shadow Company

[17/02/2018] Edie Vontron leaves Shadow Company

[17/02/2018] Atiqa Tian leaves Shadow Company

[17/02/2018] Armantel Dechamberr leaves Shadow Company

[17/02/2018] Orchid Moonblossom leaves Shadow Company

[17/02/2018] Mena Kloreta leaves Shadow Company

[17/02/2018] Lucrecy Mcspank leaves Shadow Company

[17/02/2018] Jigoku Shojo leaves Shadow Company

[17/02/2018] Devia Reathergal leaves Shadow Company

[16/02/2018] Tuna Poke joins Shadow Company

[15/02/2018] Tanky Mcspank leaves Shadow Company

[12/02/2018] Aurelia Raisa leaves Shadow Company

[11/02/2018] Kalashni Kitty leaves Shadow Company

[19/12/2017] Drake Bluefire joins Shadow Company

[15/12/2017] Tianna Castilla joins Shadow Company

[13/11/2017] Vivivachi Gogovachi joins Shadow Company

[12/11/2017] Xeno Royale joins Shadow Company

[02/11/2017] Blair Freya joins Shadow Company

[15/09/2017] Executed Starr joins Shadow Company

[15/09/2017] Erin Zephyr joins Shadow Company

[15/09/2017] Eric Andreas joins Shadow Company

[15/09/2017] Emma Cox joins Shadow Company

[15/09/2017] Emaina Sanomuri joins Shadow Company

[15/09/2017] Edythe Jassamina joins Shadow Company

[15/09/2017] Duck Strickus joins Shadow Company

[15/09/2017] Dragon Reborn joins Shadow Company

[15/09/2017] Don Jay joins Shadow Company

[15/09/2017] Dom Ichiwa joins Shadow Company

[15/09/2017] Dod Varg joins Shadow Company

[15/09/2017] Doc Mcdoc joins Shadow Company

[15/09/2017] Div Amaiev joins Shadow Company

[15/09/2017] Devolish Denoma joins Shadow Company

[15/09/2017] Devia Reathergal joins Shadow Company

[15/09/2017] Demon Takdeux joins Shadow Company

[15/09/2017] Deadly Queen joins Shadow Company

[15/09/2017] Dark Elucidator joins Shadow Company

[15/09/2017] Dalan Dailemont joins Shadow Company

[15/09/2017] Daeva Zietra joins Shadow Company

[15/09/2017] Daddy Hulk joins Shadow Company

[15/09/2017] Cyl Argus joins Shadow Company

[15/09/2017] Crimzon Fox joins Shadow Company

[15/09/2017] Cil Jakkya joins Shadow Company

[15/09/2017] Cicano Lacroix joins Shadow Company

[15/09/2017] Chronos Sunbro joins Shadow Company

[15/09/2017] Chrono Triggerzx joins Shadow Company

[15/09/2017] Carthage Mahl joins Shadow Company

[15/09/2017] Choccolate Droppa joins Shadow Company

[15/09/2017] Carson Concrete joins Shadow Company

[15/09/2017] Carina Hubble joins Shadow Company

[15/09/2017] Break Yo'jaw joins Shadow Company

[15/09/2017] Caesia Winters joins Shadow Company

[15/09/2017] Bine Binechaos joins Shadow Company

[07/09/2017] Yuria Araceli joins Shadow Company

[25/08/2017] Boom Swagger joins Shadow Company

[25/08/2017] Bolar Weatherbee joins Shadow Company

[25/08/2017] Beta Blocker joins Shadow Company

[25/08/2017] Benjen Stark joins Shadow Company

[25/08/2017] Bearded Sinner joins Shadow Company

[25/08/2017] Balxephon Rahms joins Shadow Company

[25/08/2017] Aylin Arce joins Shadow Company

[25/08/2017] Axe Mythril joins Shadow Company

[25/08/2017] Aurore Xyrna joins Shadow Company

[25/08/2017] Astra Moore joins Shadow Company

[25/08/2017] Astara Roseborn joins Shadow Company

[25/08/2017] Asbjorn Nilsson joins Shadow Company

[25/08/2017] Aoi Asation joins Shadow Company

[25/08/2017] Antiox Battleborn joins Shadow Company

[25/08/2017] Alexi Kilivania joins Shadow Company

[25/08/2017] Airen Noledge joins Shadow Company

[25/08/2017] Airen Bowwla joins Shadow Company

[25/08/2017] Aeries Betherhart joins Shadow Company

[25/08/2017] Aegwynn Blackheart joins Shadow Company

[25/08/2017] Adanael Relanah joins Shadow Company

[25/08/2017] Ace Starwind joins Shadow Company

[25/08/2017] A'ghol Nunh joins Shadow Company

[25/08/2017] Zinki Spica joins Shadow Company

[25/08/2017] Yagyu Mitsyuoshi joins Shadow Company

[25/08/2017] Xeavious Flatline joins Shadow Company

[25/08/2017] Xcar Krios joins Shadow Company

[25/08/2017] Wizax Reiyu joins Shadow Company

[25/08/2017] Wacko Beggar joins Shadow Company

[25/08/2017] Unable Imp joins Shadow Company

[25/08/2017] Tracy Warden joins Shadow Company

[25/08/2017] Thaddeus Aurelius joins Shadow Company

[25/08/2017] Telos Adosis joins Shadow Company

[25/08/2017] Sukiya Yuki joins Shadow Company

[25/08/2017] Steven Holt joins Shadow Company

[25/08/2017] Sigmurd Oswell joins Shadow Company

[25/08/2017] Shiso Leaf joins Shadow Company

[25/08/2017] Shasher Mcfly joins Shadow Company

[25/08/2017] Sehrli Das joins Shadow Company

[25/08/2017] Ryan Everglade joins Shadow Company

[25/08/2017] Rikka Horkita joins Shadow Company

[22/08/2017] Glitch Flamefist joins Shadow Company

[17/08/2017] Rinrin Aoi joins Shadow Company

[17/08/2017] Rob Lucci joins Shadow Company

[17/08/2017] Prescilla Glass joins Shadow Company

[17/08/2017] Pop Farts joins Shadow Company

[17/08/2017] Ozy Mandiax joins Shadow Company

[17/08/2017] Osiris Namine joins Shadow Company

[17/08/2017] Oleevia Calmante joins Shadow Company

[17/08/2017] Nikos Agon joins Shadow Company

[17/08/2017] Nicky Healthana joins Shadow Company

[17/08/2017] Nayrion Thax joins Shadow Company

[17/08/2017] Miya'moto Musashi joins Shadow Company

[17/08/2017] Miranda Heart joins Shadow Company

[17/08/2017] Makei Jijirya joins Shadow Company

[17/08/2017] Lionel Vanderguilt joins Shadow Company

[17/08/2017] Little Hellion joins Shadow Company

[17/08/2017] Linkin Log joins Shadow Company

[17/08/2017] Leonardo Tarantino joins Shadow Company

[17/08/2017] Leo Stoneblood joins Shadow Company

[17/08/2017] Kylie Vanderwalt joins Shadow Company

[17/08/2017] Knight Isaac joins Shadow Company

[17/08/2017] Kirith Ghon joins Shadow Company

[17/08/2017] Kireael Nightwalker joins Shadow Company

[17/08/2017] King Qizzli joins Shadow Company

[17/08/2017] Karnever Sulcur joins Shadow Company

[17/08/2017] Kildred Nightwood joins Shadow Company

[17/08/2017] Kalashni Kitty joins Shadow Company

[17/08/2017] Jundi Bunbun joins Shadow Company

[17/08/2017] Jojo Fixit joins Shadow Company

[17/08/2017] Jago Jurei joins Shadow Company

[17/08/2017] J'inwa Tio joins Shadow Company

[17/08/2017] Hooshal Horo joins Shadow Company

[17/08/2017] Hisui Yume joins Shadow Company

[17/08/2017] Harvey Winter joins Shadow Company

[17/08/2017] Gigglesnort Feelgood joins Shadow Company

[17/08/2017] Freyda Kaelston joins Shadow Company

[17/08/2017] Fistoffury Godshand joins Shadow Company

[17/08/2017] Felkin Deadshot joins Shadow Company

[17/08/2017] Ephel Duath joins Shadow Company

[17/08/2017] Fance Doba joins Shadow Company

[17/08/2017] Emma Bifrost joins Shadow Company

[17/08/2017] Eli Tsuki joins Shadow Company

[17/08/2017] Duncan Wayne joins Shadow Company

[17/08/2017] Desmond Strife joins Shadow Company

[17/08/2017] Arxil Bainpard joins Shadow Company

[17/08/2017] Lionnet Kurenai joins Shadow Company

[13/08/2017] Datswa Chised joins Shadow Company

[13/08/2017] Dash Fatale joins Shadow Company

[13/08/2017] Dahvie Serekak joins Shadow Company

[13/08/2017] Dandy Lion joins Shadow Company

[13/08/2017] Cyriac Danktree joins Shadow Company

[13/08/2017] Crazy Shouten joins Shadow Company

[13/08/2017] Cirius Rigel joins Shadow Company

[13/08/2017] Chuckles Moosewax joins Shadow Company

[13/08/2017] Cetus Assassin joins Shadow Company

[13/08/2017] Casaara Lusim'tawe joins Shadow Company

[13/08/2017] Bruffalo Bill joins Shadow Company

[13/08/2017] Brownee Jr joins Shadow Company

[13/08/2017] Baneslayer Hoffy joins Shadow Company

[13/08/2017] Bane Creed joins Shadow Company

[13/08/2017] Bane Anton joins Shadow Company

[13/08/2017] Atiqa Tian joins Shadow Company

[13/08/2017] Artilius Darknote joins Shadow Company

[13/08/2017] Armantel Dechamberr joins Shadow Company

[13/08/2017] Anam Nathair joins Shadow Company

[13/08/2017] Alera Angelwings joins Shadow Company

[13/08/2017] Aisuki Saita joins Shadow Company

[13/08/2017] Ahna Lilly joins Shadow Company

[13/08/2017] Acheron Styx joins Shadow Company

[13/08/2017] Aust Nightmantle joins Shadow Company

[21/07/2017] Adikan Moonshadow joins Shadow Company

[21/07/2017] A'treyu Artax joins Shadow Company

[21/07/2017] Ragnox Luari joins Shadow Company

[21/07/2017] Kittirua Lionheart joins Shadow Company

[21/07/2017] Jekidia Reathergal joins Shadow Company

[21/07/2017] Ignea Drackonia joins Shadow Company

[21/07/2017] Hellion Bastardchild joins Shadow Company

[21/07/2017] Holy Ground' joins Shadow Company

[21/07/2017] Gigi Mon joins Shadow Company

[21/07/2017] Enshar Lavellan joins Shadow Company

[21/07/2017] Clay Ironfist joins Shadow Company

[21/07/2017] Chibs Iii joins Shadow Company

[21/07/2017] Brittany Katnap joins Shadow Company

[21/07/2017] Cecilia Sanare joins Shadow Company

[21/07/2017] Ahona Snow joins Shadow Company

[21/07/2017] Ace Fullbuster joins Shadow Company

[21/07/2017] Tyron Felpur joins Shadow Company

[21/07/2017] Lem O'naid joins Shadow Company

[21/07/2017] Lamont Forever joins Shadow Company

[03/06/2017] Rebecca Dewinter joins Shadow Company

[03/06/2017] Harvey Goatman joins Shadow Company

[03/06/2017] Eso Loso joins Shadow Company

[03/06/2017] Calintz Lanfir joins Shadow Company

[03/06/2017] Bigus Dikus joins Shadow Company

[03/06/2017] Alprazo Xan joins Shadow Company

[03/06/2017] Tanky Mcspank joins Shadow Company

[03/06/2017] Zalatana Asteras joins Shadow Company

[03/06/2017] Zadel Klien joins Shadow Company

[03/06/2017] Magic Amber joins Shadow Company

[03/06/2017] Hrafnin Sable joins Shadow Company

[03/06/2017] Atomic Toassty joins Shadow Company

[03/06/2017] Aticure Barlow joins Shadow Company

[03/06/2017] Aerhy Dragum joins Shadow Company

[03/06/2017] Terriah Mason joins Shadow Company

[03/06/2017] N'rhabye Monhi joins Shadow Company

[03/06/2017] Maiku Nai joins Shadow Company

[03/06/2017] Rayne Aldaine joins Shadow Company

[03/06/2017] Raven Darkfang joins Shadow Company

[03/06/2017] Lucian King joins Shadow Company

[03/06/2017] Kaladin Storm joins Shadow Company

[03/06/2017] Eebie Vardoh joins Shadow Company

[03/06/2017] Shadow Company is registered in the service

[15/05/2017] Aiyl Ixoa joins Shadow Company

[10/05/2017] Eluric Stone joins Shadow Company

[09/05/2017] Tiberius Wolf joins Shadow Company

[09/05/2017] Lunatic Lamb joins Shadow Company

[09/05/2017] Praline Alamode joins Shadow Company

[08/05/2017] Kael'than Darksbane joins Shadow Company

[08/05/2017] Kazuto Tetsuya joins Shadow Company

[08/05/2017] Ethereal Aurora joins Shadow Company

[08/05/2017] Alec Nikomedes joins Shadow Company

[08/05/2017] Jesse Tetsuya joins Shadow Company

[04/03/2017] Yonbimaru Silverwind joins Shadow Company

[04/03/2017] Zarrion Dae'carium joins Shadow Company

[20/02/2017] Dragovion Scalefyre joins Shadow Company

[20/02/2017] Rudolph Exmas joins Shadow Company

[06/06/2014] Free Company is formed

Free Company members are being registered, so not all of them may be shown.
C.E.O. Clasko Leonheart
Chiefs of Staff Cheifs Reborn
Chiefs of Staff Mischa Alexsis
Chiefs of Staff Raven Dragonslayer
Intern Ace Starwind
Intern Adanael Relanah
Intern Aegwynn Blackheart
Intern Aeries Betherhart
Intern Airen Bowwla
Intern Airen Noledge
Intern Alexi Kilivania
Intern Antiox Battleborn
Intern Aoi Asation
Intern Apollo Centaurus
Intern Archeus Azothian
Intern Arkaya Frostfire
Intern Asbjorn Nilsson
Intern Astara Roseborn
Intern Astra Moore
Intern Aurore Xyrna
Intern Axe Mythril
Intern Aylin Arce
Intern Bearded Sinner
Intern Belial Naiian
Intern Benjen Stark
Intern Beta Blocker
Intern Break Yo'jaw
Intern Caesia Winters
Intern Carina Hubble
Intern Carson Concrete
Intern Celebrimbor Wraith
Intern Chief Suckajaweewee
Intern Choccolate Droppa
Intern Chrono Triggerzx
Intern Chronos Sunbro
Intern Cicano Lacroix
Intern Cil Jakkya
Intern Crazy Shouten
Intern Crimzon Fox
Intern Cyl Argus
Intern Dad Kun'
Intern Daddy Hulk
Intern Daeva Zietra
Intern Dalan Dailemont
Intern Dandy Lion
Intern Dark Elucidator
Intern Datgurl Goku
Intern Deadly Queen
Intern Devolish Denoma
Intern Doc Mcdoc
Intern Dod Varg
Intern Dom Ichiwa
Intern Don Jay
Intern Duck Strickus
Intern Duke Nukem
Intern Edythe Jassamina
Intern El-ninyo Patches
Intern Emaina Sanomuri
Intern Emma Cox
Intern Eric Andreas
Intern Erin Zephyr
Intern Executed Starr
Intern Falaethis Darkspear
Intern Farnell Hawke
Intern Fetusnuke Mrdoomguy
Intern Fistoffury Godshand
Intern Foodstamp Poor
Intern Froggy Badazz
Intern Frogwell Ariamus
Intern Frosty Destroyer
Intern G'kar Buduga
Intern Gaebulg Gungnir
Intern Gate Keeper
Intern Gemilang Ardhi
Intern Gin Keijo
Intern Grim Reap'r
Intern Gumfery Butcher
Intern Haalus Zasuel
Intern Hail Retro
Intern Haise Sasaki
Intern Hank Thesecond
Intern Hank Thethird
Intern Harlock Magius
Intern Harvey Goatman
Intern Hellsinki Fuomi
Intern Hortencia Rawley
Intern Hyperion Raizer
Intern I'zimzi Vimbah
Intern Imrik Aogane
Intern Ishmael Drakun
Intern Isra Sana
Intern Jade Lee
Intern James Frederick
Intern Jasper Amaranth
Intern Javy Thebold
Intern Jin Juriki
Intern Julian Morningstar
Intern Jundi Bunbun
Intern Ka'zir Ra
Intern Kael'than Darksbane
Intern Kaitlyn Glaurung
Intern Kaleide Smith
Intern Kama Thesummoner
Intern Kason Mcgrilled
Intern Kassius Black
Intern Katniss Darktail
Intern Ken Pendragon
Intern Khala Drogo
Intern Khelris Stormbreak
Intern Khojin Sin
Intern Kireael Nightwalker
Intern Kirith Ghon
Intern Kitari Amari
Intern Kitsune Miku
Intern Kivassi Nufasa
Intern Komarii Kamikita
Intern Kyree Moon
Intern Latino Bladez
Intern Lauren Shaworse
Intern Lehna Natrhe
Intern Lil Arsynic
Intern Lilani Creya
Intern Lilith Ba'al
Intern Lionel Vanderguilt
Intern Little Wiz
Intern Littlebigman Davis
Intern Lochness Robster
Intern Lola Firelight
Intern Lord Diemos
Intern Lord Touchme
Intern Lucerin Ralare
Intern Ma'riah Riah
Intern Magic Amber
Intern Maljinx Sin
Intern Marwow Takemikazuchi
Intern Michi Kappa
Intern Mirra Sun
Intern Miss Dickinson
Intern Miya'moto Musashi
Intern Moraine Tuar
Intern My Msqtoon
Intern Myriel Redleaf
Intern Mystearica Aura'fende
Intern Namz Glitch
Intern Nao Fukuhara
Intern Naya Elise
Intern Nepeta Quest
Intern Nerun Nightstar
Intern Nia Leigh
Intern Nightliss Darkshadow
Intern Nikka Thorn
Intern Nikos Agon
Intern Noctiss Strife
Intern Nyx Luna
Intern Odval Magius
Intern Oki Goro
Intern Oki Moks
Intern Oliver Zuro
Intern Onos Toolan
Intern Ophianne Izolith
Intern Orlandeaux Deluxe
Intern Orwen Southway
Intern Ozy Mandiax
Intern Pendar Hieall
Intern Photios Epimon
Intern Pop Farts
Intern Psy Congroo
Intern Puncher Punchface
Intern Purrish Kittenclaw
Intern Queen Aldra
Intern Ragey Magey
Intern Ragnar Ithis
Intern Raiht Entialpoh
Intern Raven Darkstar
Intern Rey Lunaala
Intern Rio Sneaky
Intern Robin's Hood
Intern Romaa Mihgo
Intern Roseanne Park
Intern Roundtree Hardwood
Intern Roxy Dew
Intern Roy Bigburger
Intern Rukia Hatake
Intern Sage Stormfire
Intern Sara Ru
Intern Sassypants Queefer
Intern Scarlet Kitty
Intern Scoodle Trizbit
Intern Seldan Valeir
Intern Ser Norman
Intern Sevi Ka
Intern Shakia Horn
Intern Shaolong Gui
Intern Shino Zaros
Intern Shirfyra Blaze
Intern Sir Pizzalad
Intern Sirsquishy Sqisherton
Intern Skye Kessho
Intern Spicychicken Kentucky
Intern Spongebob Squarepants
Intern Staz Blood
Intern Stevie Blazerider
Intern Still Hard
Intern Suicide King
Intern Swift Strawberry
Intern Tatato Blaquier
Intern The Dev
Intern The Last
Intern Tibad Worldwaker
Intern Tillie Truffles
Intern Tobim Crewe
Intern Toma Megarant
Intern Tontz H'ayden
Intern Trash Man
Intern Uderu Linzil
Intern Valacor Thewalker
Intern Vincent Hulk
Intern Vinence Webbs
Intern Vix Nix
Intern Vix Vyne
Intern Witch Beatrice
Intern Xar'eldril Excelion
Intern Xenia Zephalos
Intern Xiphioni Cordwyk
Intern Yahna Blackheart
Intern Yello Bambino
Intern Yenneferia Veng
Intern Your Captain
Intern Yuki Eiri
Intern Yukimi Kurin
Intern Z'mona Isengard
Intern Zadel Klien
Intern Zaradis Gharl
Intern Zeke Dragonblood
Intern Zimili Star
Intern Zya Blackfyre
Director Alicia Kinari
Director Aticure Barlow
Director Beland Clastian
Director Deadkid Kagon
Director Filiwapa Padamus
Director Glade Cinder
Director James Carter
Director Lamont Forever
Director Lunafreya Nox'fleuret
Director Maiku Nai
Director N'rhabye Monhi
Director Terriah Mason
Director Xeyphyr San
General Manager Ace Fullbuster
General Manager Ahona Snow
General Manager Arngrim Glace
General Manager Atomic Toassty
General Manager Aust Nightmantle
General Manager Chibs Iii
General Manager Dash Fatale
General Manager Eluric Stone
General Manager Enshar Lavellan
General Manager Eso Loso
General Manager Executor Ultimate
General Manager Glade Spark
General Manager Harvey Lee
General Manager Hrafnin Sable
General Manager Hrotmar Brood
General Manager Hungam Shier
General Manager Le Stomp
General Manager Lem O'naid
General Manager Lulu Grimory
General Manager Markken Barnes
General Manager Mithra Pantherspirit
General Manager Nayrion Thax
General Manager Neon Theladox
General Manager Okatsu Akechi
General Manager Phealix Madrid
General Manager Rinrin Aoi
General Manager Sin Deamos
General Manager Slam Pig
General Manager Taijitsu Kamichigiri
General Manager Tyron Felpur
General Manager Unable Imp
General Manager Zack Asbel
Security Admin Hikaru Kaji
C.O.O. Pinkie Leonheart
Manager Acheron Styx
Manager Aiyl Ixoa
Manager Ajna Light
Manager Akira Taoki
Manager Alarius Everglow
Manager Alec Nikomedes
Manager Alprazo Xan
Manager Ash Caughtemall
Manager Bigus Dikus
Manager Brownee Jr
Manager Calintz Lanfir
Manager Cecilia Sanare
Manager Daimas Fury
Manager Drew Spears
Manager Freyda Kaelston
Manager Hellion Bastardchild
Manager Holy Ground'
Manager Ignea Drackonia
Manager Lionnet Kurenai
Manager Makei Jijirya
Manager Mickie Dhalin
Manager Miranda Heart
Manager Paoquus Amasdere
Manager Ragnox Luari
Manager Rebecca Dewinter
Manager Rob Lucci
Manager Sehrli Das
Manager Taco Sauce
Manager Tae'dan Drivvet
Manager Tummler Epin
Manager Yagyu Mitsyuoshi
Manager Zahbuza Wallace
Manager Zalatana Asteras
Manager Zandia Rue
Staff A'treyu Artax
Staff Adikan Moonshadow
Staff Ahna Lilly
Staff Aisuki Saita
Staff Alera Angelwings
Staff Amelia Allond
Staff Anam Nathair
Staff Andreaux Debant
Staff Ark Rayne
Staff Artilius Darknote
Staff Bane Anton
Staff Bane Creed
Staff Baneslayer Hoffy
Staff Beast Feast
Staff Beatus Stink
Staff Bine Binechaos
Staff Bruffalo Bill
Staff Casaara Lusim'tawe
Staff Cassondra Vann
Staff Cetus Assassin
Staff Charles Spears
Staff Chuckles Moosewax
Staff Cirius Rigel
Staff Cyriac Danktree
Staff Dahvie Serekak
Staff Datswa Chised
Staff Desmond Strife
Staff Div Amaiev
Staff Dr Gremlar
Staff Draconis Darkblood
Staff Drake Bluefire
Staff Duncan Wayne
Staff Eli Tsuki
Staff Elito Potato
Staff Emma Bifrost
Staff Ephel Duath
Staff Ethereal Aurora
Staff Fance Doba
Staff Felkin Deadshot
Staff Flash Bandicoot
Staff Frosty Lawl
Staff Garona Halforcen
Staff Gigglesnort Feelgood
Staff Grim Heart
Staff Guinea Moretti
Staff Hambone Jonny
Staff Hisui Yume
Staff Hooshal Horo
Staff J'inwa Tio
Staff Jago Jurei
Staff Jojo Fixit
Staff Jusper Lauzon
Staff Karnever Sulcur
Staff Kazuki Kaji
Staff Keleka Ko'an
Staff Kildred Nightwood
Staff King Qizzli
Staff Kylie Vanderwalt
Staff Lamont Solidor
Staff Leo Stoneblood
Staff Leonardo Tarantino
Staff Lil Toassty
Staff Linkin Log
Staff Little Hellion
Staff Lothorak Stormbringer
Staff Lothusca Lothus
Staff Lunatic Lamb
Staff Maire Musha
Staff Matrym Cauthon
Staff Max Maritimus
Staff Maximus Gyro
Staff Mixen Mach
Staff Nathan Kennedy
Staff Nicky Healthana
Staff Odin Ragnorak
Staff Oleevia Calmante
Staff Olivine Lily
Staff Omega Freak
Staff Pandora Reign
Staff Popo Gigio
Staff Prescilla Glass
Staff Raven Dragonslayerii
Staff Rayeia Eria
Staff Rednahss Noremac
Staff Rikka Horkita
Staff Roland Deschane
Staff Ryan Everglade
Staff Ser Fratly
Staff Shasher Mcfly
Staff Shi Nosukuinushi
Staff Shiso Leaf
Staff Sigmurd Oswell
Staff Slippery Amber
Staff Steven Holt
Staff Tango Alpha
Staff Telos Adosis
Staff Thaddeus Aurelius
Staff Thundernode Parvus
Staff Tiberius Wolf
Staff Tracy Warden
Staff Tsurime Meme
Staff Tsutta Naeuri
Staff Vakula Night
Staff Val Ven
Staff Wacko Beggar
Staff Wiffffe Moretti
Staff Wizax Reiyu
Staff Xcar Krios
Staff Xeavious Flatline
Staff Young Yomi
Staff Z'attano Tora
Staff Zinki Spica
Executive Board Akira Ichi
Executive Board Ashlyn Sullans
Executive Board Chargan Frost
Executive Board Dot Magus
Executive Board Eebie Vardoh
Executive Board Gaku Nytundah
Executive Board Kaladin Storm
Executive Board Kaspyr Isanobody
Executive Board Raven Darkfang
Executive Board Rayne Aldaine
Executive Board Singularia Moor
Executive Board Sir Lunatic
Executive Board Tuna Poke