: Argonauts


: Argo


: 70


: 8


: 9228297848947238403


: "I will sing of the glory of men born long ago, who drove the Argo with the golden fleece over the sea at the command of King Pelias."


: Immortal Flames




: Monkey Mansion at Plot 30, 4 Ward, The Goblet, Famfrit

Welcome message

: "And Hera placed a sweet longing for the Argo in these demi-gods, so no one might stay at home to live a life without adventure." Pindar, Pythian 4.184-6.


: Always



Ranking history


as of 01/03/2018

[01/03/2018] Cress Moon is assigned Hero rank

[01/03/2018] Adel Spider is assigned Crew Member rank

[01/03/2018] Briawyn Kano is assigned Crew Member rank

[01/03/2018] Cora Valentina is assigned Crew Member rank

[01/03/2018] Deathwish Blackblood is assigned Crew Member rank

[01/03/2018] Delila Rosenz is assigned Crew Member rank

[01/03/2018] Dembe Zuma is assigned Crew Member rank

[01/03/2018] Silent Neoshadow is assigned Crew Member rank

[01/03/2018] Tan Jango is assigned Crew Member rank

[01/03/2018] Yukimura Daisho is assigned Crew Member rank

[01/03/2018] Zaskfir Nirgin is assigned Crew Member rank

[01/03/2018] Zephyrus Swift is assigned Crew Member rank

[27/02/2018] Hinton Mattly leaves Argonauts

[27/02/2018] Longinus Angelsthorn leaves Argonauts

[27/02/2018] Animus Paine leaves Argonauts

[27/02/2018] Cadis Etrama leaves Argonauts

[27/02/2018] Cyla Fletcher leaves Argonauts

[27/02/2018] Drizzt Nashezbaernon leaves Argonauts

[27/02/2018] Drukalnn Al'thor leaves Argonauts

[27/02/2018] Dumb Axe leaves Argonauts

[27/02/2018] Legato Bluesummers leaves Argonauts

[27/02/2018] Lulu Victry leaves Argonauts

[27/02/2018] Nakeetah Kiddo leaves Argonauts

[27/02/2018] Noob Rektforlife leaves Argonauts

[27/02/2018] Ser Rube leaves Argonauts

[27/02/2018] Yupp Yupp leaves Argonauts

[27/02/2018] Atalia Gunrir joins Argonauts

[27/02/2018] Esme Wolndara joins Argonauts

[27/02/2018] Kharjo Layanna joins Argonauts

[27/02/2018] Nernie Blossom joins Argonauts

[27/02/2018] Oracle Goddess joins Argonauts

[27/02/2018] Zinaida Grayve joins Argonauts

[27/02/2018] Space Coyote is assigned Jason rank

[27/02/2018] Au Gratin is assigned Minyai rank

[27/02/2018] Lyn Vann is assigned Minyai rank

[27/02/2018] Adelina Wyght is assigned Champion rank

[27/02/2018] Kisara Talath is assigned Champion rank

[27/02/2018] Rune Spider is assigned Champion rank

[27/02/2018] Creta Kano is assigned Hero rank

[27/02/2018] Helion Spider is assigned Hero rank

[27/02/2018] Nimbosa Morcant is assigned Hero rank

[27/02/2018] Kro Vars is assigned Crew Member rank

[27/02/2018] Kurinto Avalon is assigned Crew Member rank

[27/02/2018] X'vet Ti is assigned Crew Member rank

[17/02/2018] Zeo Asher leaves Argonauts

[02/08/2017] Kro Vars joins Argonauts

[02/08/2017] Kurinto Avalon joins Argonauts

[05/06/2017] Vann Veiviser joins Argonauts

[05/06/2017] Ser Rube joins Argonauts

[05/06/2017] Pikoko Hiki joins Argonauts

[05/06/2017] Helion Spider joins Argonauts

[05/06/2017] Lurking Shadow joins Argonauts

[22/05/2017] Drukalnn Al'thor joins Argonauts

[22/05/2017] Balan Dorel joins Argonauts

[22/05/2017] Astria Duskwight joins Argonauts

[22/05/2017] Animus Paine joins Argonauts

[22/05/2017] Amiaya Securis joins Argonauts

[22/05/2017] Alcett Metis joins Argonauts

[22/05/2017] Aaron Gale joins Argonauts

[22/05/2017] Zeo Asher joins Argonauts

[22/05/2017] Refiama Dragneel joins Argonauts

[22/05/2017] Navina Bavina joins Argonauts

[22/05/2017] Longinus Angelsthorn joins Argonauts

[22/05/2017] Hinton Mattly joins Argonauts

[22/05/2017] Eyrinitar Ryssankasyn joins Argonauts

[22/05/2017] Cressent Moon joins Argonauts

[22/05/2017] Bino Astro joins Argonauts

[22/05/2017] Adelina Wyght joins Argonauts

[22/05/2017] Zenith Haversine joins Argonauts

[22/05/2017] Sophia Grimm joins Argonauts

[22/05/2017] Norin Thalin joins Argonauts

[22/05/2017] Mholi'ra Avila joins Argonauts

[22/05/2017] Crow Stormwind joins Argonauts

[22/05/2017] Ragna Souledge joins Argonauts

[22/05/2017] Mikasa Leonhart joins Argonauts

[22/05/2017] Miah Wolndara joins Argonauts

[22/05/2017] Alternis Darkmoon joins Argonauts

[22/05/2017] Valesti Peleiades joins Argonauts

[22/05/2017] Ryley Origaza joins Argonauts

[22/05/2017] Noob Nooberson joins Argonauts

[22/05/2017] Ghost Fox joins Argonauts

[22/05/2017] Ari Atreides joins Argonauts

[22/05/2017] Lyn Vann joins Argonauts

[22/05/2017] Argonauts is registered in the service

[09/05/2017] X'vet Ti joins Argonauts

[03/06/2014] Free Company is formed

Jason Space Coyote
Hero Bino Astro
Hero Cress Moon
Hero Cressent Moon
Hero Creta Kano
Hero Eyrinitar Ryssankasyn
Hero Helion Spider
Hero Lurking Shadow
Hero Navina Bavina
Hero Nimbosa Morcant
Hero Refiama Dragneel
Crew Member Aaron Gale
Crew Member Adel Spider
Crew Member Alcett Metis
Crew Member Amiaya Securis
Crew Member Astria Duskwight
Crew Member Atalia Gunrir
Crew Member Balan Dorel
Crew Member Briawyn Kano
Crew Member Cora Valentina
Crew Member Deathwish Blackblood
Crew Member Delila Rosenz
Crew Member Dembe Zuma
Crew Member Deseranda Yehott
Crew Member Dex Hawkins
Crew Member Dirgh Vahku
Crew Member Esme Wolndara
Crew Member Gunter Bawbnussen
Crew Member Hino'sae Kuze
Crew Member Kharjo Layanna
Crew Member Klaus Mikaelson
Crew Member Kolivar Suhl
Crew Member Kro Vars
Crew Member Kurinto Avalon
Crew Member Malrak Dendrid
Crew Member Megidola Flare
Crew Member Nernie Blossom
Crew Member Nick Fullbuster
Crew Member Nova Visionary
Crew Member Oracle Goddess
Crew Member Pikoko Hiki
Crew Member Shana Rose
Crew Member Silent Neoshadow
Crew Member Stella Void
Crew Member Tan Jango
Crew Member Vahn Eidel
Crew Member Vann Veiviser
Crew Member X'vet Ti
Crew Member Yukimura Daisho
Crew Member Zaskfir Nirgin
Crew Member Zephyrus Swift
Crew Member Zinaida Grayve
Minyai Ari Atreides
Minyai Au Gratin
Minyai Lyn Vann
Minyai Noob Nooberson
Minyai Ryley Origaza
Minyai Valesti Peleiades
Demi-god Alternis Darkmoon
Demi-god Miah Wolndara
Demi-god Mikasa Leonhart
Demi-god Ragna Souledge
Champion Adelina Wyght
Champion Crow Stormwind
Champion Daeron Targaryen
Champion Ghost Fox
Champion Kisara Talath
Champion Norin Thalin
Champion Rune Spider
Champion Sophia Grimm