: Cryptic


: EvE


: 63


: 8


: 9228297848947237793


: Returners of Terra


: Oblivion is the fate of all things, embrace it with friends.


: Maelstrom




: Cryptic Manor at Plot 46, 18 Ward, Shirogane, Famfrit

Welcome message

: Welcome to Cryptic Manor - Mind your manners


: Always



Ranking history


as of 09/03/2018

[09/03/2018] Kasumi Okawa is assigned Apprentice rank

[09/03/2018] Shizuko Aoi is assigned Apprentice rank

[09/03/2018] Tasomi Dusomi joins Cryptic

[09/03/2018] Dion Gwendalyn is assigned Veteran rank

[09/03/2018] Dixie Delune is assigned Core Member rank

[09/03/2018] Grey Wake is assigned Core Member rank

[09/03/2018] Liz Felicity is assigned Core Member rank

[09/03/2018] Lucas Beverage is assigned Core Member rank

[09/03/2018] Lucia Dark is assigned Core Member rank

[09/03/2018] Richie Uchiha' is assigned Core Member rank

[09/03/2018] Samoril Hakuli is assigned Core Member rank

[09/03/2018] A'marie Rose is assigned Apprentice rank

[09/03/2018] Alghu Gharl is assigned Apprentice rank

[09/03/2018] Arelia Emeraldas is assigned Apprentice rank

[09/03/2018] Bhanaar Rahl is assigned Apprentice rank

[09/03/2018] Gilgamesh Enkidu is assigned Apprentice rank

[09/03/2018] Iris Vespertine is assigned Apprentice rank

[09/03/2018] Joruno Jiostar is assigned Apprentice rank

[09/03/2018] K'lyhhia Wiloh is assigned Apprentice rank

[09/03/2018] Nekohime Meow is assigned Apprentice rank

[09/03/2018] Xtradiuz Symphony is assigned Apprentice rank

[06/03/2018] Caius Xavier is assigned Dark Lord rank

[06/03/2018] Rume Kari is assigned Dark Temptress rank

[06/03/2018] Gemlight Storm is assigned Officer rank

[06/03/2018] Chiraan Dragon is assigned Elite rank

[06/03/2018] Jaulin Reed is assigned Elite rank

[06/03/2018] Kurome Emeraldas is assigned Elite rank

[06/03/2018] Rhea Dae is assigned Elite rank

[06/03/2018] Shuya Hideaki is assigned Elite rank

[06/03/2018] Blue Midget is assigned Veteran rank

[06/03/2018] Capo Andretti is assigned Veteran rank

[06/03/2018] Captain Cold is assigned Veteran rank

[06/03/2018] Chara Strauss is assigned Veteran rank

[06/03/2018] Cloudbreaker Origins is assigned Veteran rank

[06/03/2018] Eatmoar Chikin is assigned Veteran rank

[06/03/2018] Ellis Wingfield is assigned Veteran rank

[06/03/2018] Hispanic Panic is assigned Veteran rank

[06/03/2018] Khiren Irzencross is assigned Veteran rank

[06/03/2018] Kibbo Galdalfr is assigned Veteran rank

[06/03/2018] Kiya Hito is assigned Veteran rank

[06/03/2018] Luna Kagari is assigned Veteran rank

[06/03/2018] Nero Cerulean is assigned Veteran rank

[06/03/2018] Poside Syn is assigned Veteran rank

[06/03/2018] Warstar Rillemont is assigned Veteran rank

[06/03/2018] Ace Whole is assigned Core Member rank

[06/03/2018] Asuna Kari is assigned Core Member rank

[06/03/2018] Binno Silada is assigned Core Member rank

[06/03/2018] Fae Midas is assigned Core Member rank

[06/03/2018] Gregory Hopkins is assigned Core Member rank

[06/03/2018] Herse Blackwood is assigned Core Member rank

[06/03/2018] Mizz Blue is assigned Core Member rank

[06/03/2018] Murasame Blacksteel is assigned Core Member rank

[06/03/2018] Namiel Solaris is assigned Core Member rank

[06/03/2018] Phat Swing is assigned Core Member rank

[06/03/2018] Primea Boogie is assigned Core Member rank

[06/03/2018] Quri Acity is assigned Core Member rank

[06/03/2018] Ryo Ayami is assigned Core Member rank

[06/03/2018] Simralin Belloruus is assigned Core Member rank

[06/03/2018] Siran Amaya is assigned Core Member rank

[06/03/2018] Johana Hills is assigned Apprentice rank

[06/03/2018] Keltoren Galil is assigned Apprentice rank

[06/03/2018] Tinnais Minnais is assigned Apprentice rank

[06/03/2018] Returners of Terra is renamed to Cryptic

[06/03/2018] Cryptic changes insignia to "EvE"

[06/03/2018] Cryptic buys Plot 46, 18 Ward, Shirogane (Large)

[06/03/2018] Cryptic builds "Cryptic Manor"

[06/03/2018] Pandora Syn leaves Cryptic

[06/03/2018] Bathory Syn leaves Cryptic

[06/03/2018] Lilith Syn leaves Cryptic

[06/03/2018] Nehellenia Syn leaves Cryptic

[06/03/2018] Avaria Orobouros leaves Cryptic

[06/03/2018] Bartok Thelassi leaves Cryptic

[06/03/2018] Hubbell Bubble leaves Cryptic

[06/03/2018] Minako Shinozaki leaves Cryptic

[06/03/2018] Namine Noir leaves Cryptic

[06/03/2018] Numbah One leaves Cryptic

[06/03/2018] Cosette Pontmercy leaves Cryptic

[06/03/2018] Merbas Battlehammer leaves Cryptic

[06/03/2018] Rid Cyn leaves Cryptic

[06/03/2018] Rook Voilinaut leaves Cryptic

[06/03/2018] Rycharde Reed leaves Cryptic

[06/03/2018] Adept Templar leaves Cryptic

[06/03/2018] Antair Bezan leaves Cryptic

[06/03/2018] Arcturus Vega leaves Cryptic

[06/03/2018] Cyrix Skyfall leaves Cryptic

[06/03/2018] Dr Boombastic leaves Cryptic

[06/03/2018] Eccentrica Gallumbits leaves Cryptic

[06/03/2018] Echi Zen leaves Cryptic

[06/03/2018] Elspeth Tirel leaves Cryptic

[06/03/2018] Jholdono Sunrunner leaves Cryptic

[06/03/2018] Lizzy Bizzy leaves Cryptic

[06/03/2018] Nilrasha Ebonheart leaves Cryptic

[06/03/2018] Obey Dez leaves Cryptic

[06/03/2018] Vann Yaeger leaves Cryptic

[06/03/2018] Varroy Greywolfe leaves Cryptic

[06/03/2018] Xander Thrace leaves Cryptic

[06/03/2018] Zee Echnant leaves Cryptic

[06/03/2018] Lunala Silvermoon leaves Cryptic

[06/03/2018] Ness Ofastoria leaves Cryptic

[06/03/2018] Telts Requlier leaves Cryptic

[06/03/2018] Tobarai Otus leaves Cryptic

[06/03/2018] Ty'lar D'urden leaves Cryptic

[06/03/2018] Axil Rysst leaves Cryptic

[06/03/2018] Destinious Themad leaves Cryptic

[06/03/2018] Astorias Ofastoria leaves Cryptic

[06/03/2018] Blaze Harley leaves Cryptic

[06/03/2018] Clyde Mafakka leaves Cryptic

[06/03/2018] Dwynn Caermag leaves Cryptic

[06/03/2018] Io Yu leaves Cryptic

[06/03/2018] Kinannah Snow leaves Cryptic

[06/03/2018] Mistress Thyia leaves Cryptic

[06/03/2018] Ori Zuru leaves Cryptic

[06/03/2018] Robin Themad leaves Cryptic

[06/03/2018] Astras Darkstar leaves Cryptic

[06/03/2018] Apollo Sopdu leaves Cryptic

[06/03/2018] Cuddlebunny Cuddlipoo leaves Cryptic

[06/03/2018] Er'ic Knight leaves Cryptic

[06/03/2018] Fancylad Syn leaves Cryptic

[06/03/2018] Jendrick Walder leaves Cryptic

[06/03/2018] Makaveli Heysquierdo leaves Cryptic

[06/03/2018] Rorzin Thelion leaves Cryptic

[06/03/2018] Shadic Advent leaves Cryptic

[06/03/2018] Silvabut Pincherluska leaves Cryptic

[06/03/2018] Tasomi Dusomi leaves Cryptic

[06/03/2018] Vortex Galdafr leaves Cryptic

[06/03/2018] Xemnas Lionheart leaves Cryptic

[17/02/2018] Sheisty Rx leaves Returners of Terra

[13/02/2018] Serra Barsenthor leaves Returners of Terra

[12/02/2018] Dadera Thromer leaves Returners of Terra

[11/02/2018] Bludd Bath leaves Returners of Terra

[11/02/2018] Odilie Norbettaux leaves Returners of Terra

[04/01/2018] Asuna Kari joins Returners of Terra

[24/02/2017] Zee Echnant joins Returners of Terra

[24/02/2017] Cyrix Skyfall joins Returners of Terra

[24/02/2017] Adept Templar joins Returners of Terra

[24/02/2017] Primea Boogie joins Returners of Terra

[24/02/2017] Ellis Wingfield joins Returners of Terra

[24/02/2017] Phat Swing joins Returners of Terra

[24/02/2017] Luna Kagari joins Returners of Terra

[24/02/2017] Blue Midget joins Returners of Terra

[24/02/2017] Returners of Terra is registered in the service

[01/01/2017] T'erra Branford joins Returners of Terra

[15/05/2014] Free Company is formed

Dark Lord Caius Xavier
Dark Temptress Rume Kari
Apprentice A'marie Rose
Apprentice Alghu Gharl
Apprentice Arelia Emeraldas
Apprentice Bhanaar Rahl
Apprentice Djangus Roundstone
Apprentice Gilgamesh Enkidu
Apprentice Iris Vespertine
Apprentice Johana Hills
Apprentice Joruno Jiostar
Apprentice K'lyhhia Wiloh
Apprentice Kasumi Okawa
Apprentice Keltoren Galil
Apprentice Nekohime Meow
Apprentice Shizuko Aoi
Apprentice Tasomi Dusomi
Apprentice Tinnais Minnais
Apprentice Xtradiuz Symphony
Elite Chiraan Dragon
Elite Jaulin Reed
Elite Kurome Emeraldas
Elite Rhea Dae
Elite Shuya Hideaki
Officer Gemlight Storm
Veteran Blue Midget
Veteran Capo Andretti
Veteran Captain Cold
Veteran Chara Strauss
Veteran Cloudbreaker Origins
Veteran Dion Gwendalyn
Veteran Eatmoar Chikin
Veteran Ellis Wingfield
Veteran Hispanic Panic
Veteran Khiren Irzencross
Veteran Kibbo Galdalfr
Veteran Kiya Hito
Veteran Luna Kagari
Veteran Nero Cerulean
Veteran Poside Syn
Veteran Warstar Rillemont
Core Member Ace Whole
Core Member Asuna Kari
Core Member Binno Silada
Core Member Dixie Delune
Core Member Fae Midas
Core Member Gregory Hopkins
Core Member Grey Wake
Core Member Herse Blackwood
Core Member Liz Felicity
Core Member Lucas Beverage
Core Member Lucia Dark
Core Member Mizz Blue
Core Member Murasame Blacksteel
Core Member Namiel Solaris
Core Member Phat Swing
Core Member Primea Boogie
Core Member Quri Acity
Core Member Richie Uchiha'
Core Member Ryo Ayami
Core Member Samoril Hakuli
Core Member Simralin Belloruus
Core Member Siran Amaya