: Chaldea


: Mashu


: 90


: 8


: 9228297848947236409


: Eradia, :D :3


: Midsized FC Looking for Active Players to run content with. We currently have a mansion in the mist and also Discord. Come join if interested.


: Order of the Twin Adder




: Light Manor at Plot 5, 9 Ward, Mist, Famfrit

Welcome message

: Home of Chaldea, come take a look inside, or come to say Hi. Always looking to recruit new people. Pm Hitagi if you're interested.


: Always



Ranking history


as of 23/02/2018

[23/02/2018] Abdiel Tirimas is assigned Level 70+ rank

[23/02/2018] Arcturus Vakarian is assigned Level 70+ rank

[23/02/2018] Athanaric Zel is assigned Level 70+ rank

[23/02/2018] Damien Vonrose is assigned Level 70+ rank

[23/02/2018] Elaesella Gaelreos is assigned Level 70+ rank

[23/02/2018] Lalalai Didilai is assigned Level 70+ rank

[23/02/2018] Rayzar Allenius is assigned Level 70+ rank

[23/02/2018] Roland Kenshin is assigned Level 70+ rank

[23/02/2018] Soylent Green is assigned Level 70+ rank

[23/02/2018] Wulvgar Metalfist is assigned Level 70+ rank

[23/02/2018] Arya Zoldyck is assigned Lvling rank

[23/02/2018] Ben Dingo is assigned Lvling rank

[23/02/2018] Cael Trevi is assigned Lvling rank

[23/02/2018] Celeste Herondale is assigned Lvling rank

[23/02/2018] Danny Hess is assigned Lvling rank

[23/02/2018] Deezie Thegreat is assigned Lvling rank

[23/02/2018] Full Clip is assigned Lvling rank

[23/02/2018] Koneko Toujo is assigned Lvling rank

[23/02/2018] Kouhei Silverwind is assigned Lvling rank

[23/02/2018] Leodaire Estrelaint is assigned Lvling rank

[23/02/2018] Little Squish is assigned Lvling rank

[23/02/2018] Megarette Shocke is assigned Lvling rank

[23/02/2018] Niu Fendrel is assigned Lvling rank

[23/02/2018] Regal Bryant is assigned Lvling rank

[23/02/2018] Remmington Steele is assigned Lvling rank

[23/02/2018] Rick Trea is assigned Lvling rank

[23/02/2018] Rinoa Heartilyy is assigned Lvling rank

[23/02/2018] Romnus Strife is assigned Lvling rank

[23/02/2018] Shar Jhungid is assigned Lvling rank

[23/02/2018] Tradpole Lerajie is assigned Lvling rank

[23/02/2018] Zackin Guin is assigned Lvling rank

[23/02/2018] Zalorn Frostmoon is assigned Lvling rank

[23/02/2018] Lemuris Moonsong is assigned Alt rank

[23/02/2018] Amalie Lorimer is assigned Inactives rank

[23/02/2018] Dreadlord Bane is assigned Inactives rank

[23/02/2018] Luigi Camp is assigned Inactives rank

[23/02/2018] M'trimmnaone Mhasi is assigned Inactives rank

[23/02/2018] Naomi Rei is assigned Inactives rank

[23/02/2018] Odila Penwyke is assigned Inactives rank

[23/02/2018] Pulse Fire is assigned Inactives rank

[23/02/2018] Sdot Pro is assigned Inactives rank

[23/02/2018] Shade Redmist is assigned Inactives rank

[23/02/2018] Sidonia Tanikaze is assigned Inactives rank

[23/02/2018] Suddil Stargazer is assigned Inactives rank

[23/02/2018] Take Notes is assigned Inactives rank

[23/02/2018] Xane Saulf is assigned Inactives rank

[23/02/2018] Zephenir Kygt is assigned Inactives rank

[22/02/2018] Kenpachi Kuro is assigned Calamari rank

[22/02/2018] Eris Greyrat is assigned Hitagi rank

[22/02/2018] Mayoi Hachikuji is assigned Hitagi rank

[22/02/2018] Shinobu Oshino is assigned Hitagi rank

[22/02/2018] Framboise Chardonnay is assigned FC Officers rank

[22/02/2018] Brass Ballzack is assigned Mentors rank

[22/02/2018] Pong Senpai is assigned Mentors rank

[22/02/2018] Sticky Notes is assigned Mentors rank

[22/02/2018] Doom Squirrel is assigned Baby Calamari rank

[22/02/2018] Pikachu Kupo is assigned Baby Calamari rank

[22/02/2018] Yachiru Momoiro is assigned Baby Calamari rank

[22/02/2018] Ashe Walker is assigned Level 70+ rank

[22/02/2018] August Fael is assigned Level 70+ rank

[22/02/2018] Edreth Greymoon is assigned Level 70+ rank

[22/02/2018] Hailia Folcore is assigned Level 70+ rank

[22/02/2018] Hanzo Main is assigned Level 70+ rank

[22/02/2018] Katrina Mewrilah is assigned Level 70+ rank

[22/02/2018] Materia Man is assigned Level 70+ rank

[22/02/2018] Obee One is assigned Level 70+ rank

[22/02/2018] Third Impact is assigned Level 70+ rank

[22/02/2018] Kake Spacer is assigned Lvling rank

[22/02/2018] Rabid Squirrel is assigned Lvling rank

[22/02/2018] Robin Daraen is assigned Lvling rank

[22/02/2018] Atheia Bamu is assigned Inactives rank

[22/02/2018] Bruisefest Baggins is assigned Inactives rank

[22/02/2018] L'ion Oh is assigned Inactives rank

[22/02/2018] Raih Origami is assigned Inactives rank

[22/02/2018] Seranii Tair is assigned Inactives rank

[22/02/2018] :D :3 is renamed to Chaldea

[22/02/2018] Chaldea changes insignia to "Mashu"

[22/02/2018] Vareos Nectos joins Chaldea

[22/02/2018] Galaeron Zestanis joins Chaldea

[22/02/2018] Variddia Arthel joins Chaldea

[22/02/2018] Haru Silver leaves Chaldea

[22/02/2018] Inori Aiba leaves Chaldea

[22/02/2018] Carne Asada leaves Chaldea

[22/02/2018] Khal Valus leaves Chaldea

[22/02/2018] Pump Anddump leaves Chaldea

[22/02/2018] Shanakumu Keshin leaves Chaldea

[22/02/2018] Theblack Dragon leaves Chaldea

[22/02/2018] Kat Beth leaves Chaldea

[22/02/2018] Liachisa Wesker leaves Chaldea

[22/02/2018] Matthew Tia leaves Chaldea

[22/02/2018] Zulmen Keir leaves Chaldea

[22/02/2018] Dartane Moonsong leaves Chaldea

[22/02/2018] Mira Yurizaki leaves Chaldea

[22/02/2018] Shiki Silver leaves Chaldea

[22/02/2018] Arslang Kha leaves Chaldea

[22/02/2018] Atriana Deathbloom leaves Chaldea

[22/02/2018] Bebesuji Mumusuji leaves Chaldea

[22/02/2018] Broos Banner leaves Chaldea

[22/02/2018] Carlos White leaves Chaldea

[22/02/2018] Cat Fajita leaves Chaldea

[22/02/2018] Connor O'brian leaves Chaldea

[22/02/2018] Dovah Smoliin leaves Chaldea

[22/02/2018] Dream Realities leaves Chaldea

[22/02/2018] Echo Nihil leaves Chaldea

[22/02/2018] Fox Trot leaves Chaldea

[22/02/2018] Harinc Goodman leaves Chaldea

[22/02/2018] High Templar leaves Chaldea

[22/02/2018] Hinata Hyuga' leaves Chaldea

[22/02/2018] Iam Bigg leaves Chaldea

[22/02/2018] Kalam Mekharr leaves Chaldea

[22/02/2018] Kamani Namani leaves Chaldea

[22/02/2018] Kazuya Shiba leaves Chaldea

[22/02/2018] Keoni Kamali leaves Chaldea

[22/02/2018] Kurah Healz leaves Chaldea

[22/02/2018] Lilly Sommersby leaves Chaldea

[22/02/2018] Magnus Eudaimon leaves Chaldea

[22/02/2018] Mahfah Summabeech leaves Chaldea

[22/02/2018] Malsuyen Nightfall leaves Chaldea

[22/02/2018] Mars Moon leaves Chaldea

[22/02/2018] Mavrik Kotonashi leaves Chaldea

[22/02/2018] Moka Scarlett leaves Chaldea

[22/02/2018] Nina Freia leaves Chaldea

[22/02/2018] Pika Wolfenstein leaves Chaldea

[22/02/2018] Rick Swag leaves Chaldea

[22/02/2018] Roland Redsteele leaves Chaldea

[22/02/2018] Rose Fhey leaves Chaldea

[22/02/2018] Saphire Starmira leaves Chaldea

[22/02/2018] Sazukime Hiro leaves Chaldea

[22/02/2018] Senshi'no Kami leaves Chaldea

[22/02/2018] Silvus Savrus leaves Chaldea

[22/02/2018] Sugeo Forest'guardian leaves Chaldea

[22/02/2018] Toxic Ensign leaves Chaldea

[22/02/2018] Trockle Barthilas leaves Chaldea

[22/02/2018] Zevix Du'vrai leaves Chaldea

[21/02/2018] Kake Spacer joins :D :3

[21/02/2018] Pikachu Kupo joins :D :3

[21/02/2018] Mayoi Hachikuji joins :D :3

[21/02/2018] Rabid Squirrel joins :D :3

[21/02/2018] Doom Squirrel joins :D :3

[21/02/2018] Kenpachi Kuro joins :D :3

[19/02/2018] Kukulai Cocolai leaves :D :3

[17/02/2018] Odin Berwolf leaves :D :3

[17/02/2018] Sorin Duskwalker leaves :D :3

[15/02/2018] Gryffn Lekroz leaves :D :3

[13/02/2018] Sweet Sin leaves :D :3

[12/02/2018] Vifauge Aragon leaves :D :3

[10/02/2018] Volcon Aragon leaves :D :3

[19/12/2017] Ashe Walker joins :D :3

[19/12/2017] Materia Man joins :D :3

[15/08/2017] Eradia is renamed to :D :3

[09/05/2017] Sorin Duskwalker joins :D :3

[09/05/2017] Trockle Barthilas joins :D :3

[09/05/2017] Roland Redsteele joins :D :3

[09/05/2017] Eris Greyrat joins :D :3

[09/05/2017] Bunny Xiii joins :D :3

[09/05/2017] Brass Ballzac joins :D :3

[09/05/2017] Rin'is Bae joins :D :3

[09/05/2017] Shanakumu Keshin joins :D :3

[09/05/2017] Seranii Tair joins :D :3

[09/05/2017] Sticky Notes joins :D :3

[09/05/2017] Eradia is registered in the service

[22/03/2017] August Fael joins :D :3

[01/05/2014] Free Company is formed

FC Leader Hitagi Senjougahara
Calamari Kenpachi Kuro
Lvling Arya Zoldyck
Lvling Ben Dingo
Lvling Butterfly Wings
Lvling Cael Trevi
Lvling Celeste Herondale
Lvling Danny Hess
Lvling Deezie Thegreat
Lvling Full Clip
Lvling Kake Spacer
Lvling Koneko Toujo
Lvling Kouhei Silverwind
Lvling Leodaire Estrelaint
Lvling Little Squish
Lvling Megarette Shocke
Lvling Niu Fendrel
Lvling Rabid Squirrel
Lvling Regal Bryant
Lvling Remmington Steele
Lvling Rick Trea
Lvling Rinoa Heartilyy
Lvling Robin Daraen
Lvling Romnus Strife
Lvling Shar Jhungid
Lvling Tradpole Lerajie
Lvling Vareos Nectos
Lvling Zackin Guin
Lvling Zalorn Frostmoon
Mentors Brass Ballzack
Mentors Pong Senpai
Mentors Sticky Notes
Level 70+ Abdiel Tirimas
Level 70+ Arcturus Vakarian
Level 70+ Ashe Walker
Level 70+ Athanaric Zel
Level 70+ August Fael
Level 70+ Damien Vonrose
Level 70+ Edreth Greymoon
Level 70+ Elaesella Gaelreos
Level 70+ Galaeron Zestanis
Level 70+ Hailia Folcore
Level 70+ Hanzo Main
Level 70+ Katrina Mewrilah
Level 70+ Lalalai Didilai
Level 70+ Materia Man
Level 70+ Obee One
Level 70+ Rayzar Allenius
Level 70+ Roland Kenshin
Level 70+ Soylent Green
Level 70+ Third Impact
Level 70+ Variddia Arthel
Level 70+ Wulvgar Metalfist
FC Officers Framboise Chardonnay
FC Officers Mister Jollyrancher
Alt A'a Ron
Alt Chiaki Nanamin
Alt Koyuri Liya
Alt Lemuris Moonsong
Alt Rin'is Bae
Alt Sticky Buns
Inactives Amalie Lorimer
Inactives Atheia Bamu
Inactives Brass Ballzac
Inactives Bruisefest Baggins
Inactives Bunny Xiii
Inactives Dendo Katta
Inactives Dreadlord Bane
Inactives L'ion Oh
Inactives Luigi Camp
Inactives M'trimmnaone Mhasi
Inactives Naomi Rei
Inactives Odila Penwyke
Inactives Pulse Fire
Inactives Raih Origami
Inactives Sdot Pro
Inactives Seranii Tair
Inactives Shade Redmist
Inactives Sidonia Tanikaze
Inactives Skyla Tsubasa
Inactives Suddil Stargazer
Inactives Take Notes
Inactives Xane Saulf
Inactives Zephenir Kygt
Baby Calamari Doom Squirrel
Baby Calamari Pikachu Kupo
Baby Calamari Yachiru Momoiro
Hitagi Eris Greyrat
Hitagi Mayoi Hachikuji
Hitagi Shinobu Oshino