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: (>'')>{ All Types of Gamers! All Tiers of Content! All in 1 Place! ]<(''<) <Chaos Shrine> Birthplace of the Fantasy! Dont Harrass the Family.


: Order of the Twin Adder




: The Chaos Shrine at Plot 60, 5 Ward, Shirogane, Famfrit

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: (>'')>[ All Types of Gamers! All Tiers of Content! All in 1 Place! ]<(''<)<Chaos Shrine> Birthplace of the Fantasy! Dont Harrass the Family.


: Always



Ranking history


as of 03/03/2018

[03/03/2018] Lex Feyworth is assigned Gamer rank

[03/03/2018] Lilith Pepper is assigned Gamer rank

[03/03/2018] Player Two is assigned Gamer rank

[03/03/2018] Tan Boi is assigned Casual rank

[03/03/2018] Boss Otter is assigned The Grind rank

[03/03/2018] Devon Rosnsathsyn is assigned The Grind rank

[03/03/2018] Guy Highwind is assigned The Grind rank

[03/03/2018] Jalapeno Business is assigned The Grind rank

[03/03/2018] Juniper Kuyo is assigned The Grind rank

[03/03/2018] Odin Hatake is assigned The Grind rank

[03/03/2018] Ognom Eiggam is assigned The Grind rank

[03/03/2018] Random Chase is assigned The Grind rank

[03/03/2018] Seraphus Tox is assigned The Grind rank

[03/03/2018] Shiryu Bushido is assigned The Grind rank

[03/03/2018] Slim Fast is assigned The Grind rank

[03/03/2018] Svar Spellslinger is assigned The Grind rank

[03/03/2018] T'laqa Tiiar is assigned The Grind rank

[03/03/2018] Tchotchke Lillibit is assigned The Grind rank

[03/03/2018] Teddy Pan'teddy is assigned The Grind rank

[03/03/2018] Tge Jeff is assigned The Grind rank

[03/03/2018] Weezie Winks is assigned The Grind rank

[03/03/2018] Blue Bullz is assigned Imp rank

[03/03/2018] Cap'n Planet is assigned Imp rank

[03/03/2018] Dusty Allen is assigned Imp rank

[03/03/2018] Envious Greed is assigned Imp rank

[03/03/2018] Erma Gerd is assigned Imp rank

[03/03/2018] Freyval Bulch is assigned Imp rank

[03/03/2018] Kanbaru Suruga is assigned Imp rank

[03/03/2018] Kevin Bagel is assigned Imp rank

[03/03/2018] Laguna Leonhart is assigned Imp rank

[03/03/2018] Lucyfir Stormblessed is assigned Imp rank

[03/03/2018] Matty Wack is assigned Imp rank

[03/03/2018] Noire Gaiha is assigned Imp rank

[03/03/2018] Pablo Pistachio is assigned Imp rank

[03/03/2018] Quantavious Jackson is assigned Imp rank

[03/03/2018] Raffle Lesia is assigned Imp rank

[03/03/2018] Rpg Raccoon is assigned Imp rank

[03/03/2018] Sanatrix Salutis is assigned Imp rank

[03/03/2018] Severa Galen is assigned Imp rank

[03/03/2018] Shifty Blodoint is assigned Imp rank

[03/03/2018] Sofa Kingsavage is assigned Imp rank

[03/03/2018] Tehndees Rhee is assigned Imp rank

[03/03/2018] Wren Dimora is assigned Imp rank

[03/03/2018] Xwolf Knight is assigned Imp rank

[03/03/2018] Flame Knight is assigned LoneWolf rank

[03/03/2018] Whoops Mybad is assigned LoneWolf rank

[01/03/2018] Scooter Chrono is assigned Wolf Pack rank

[01/03/2018] Wolf Blitzkrieg is assigned Wolf Pack rank

[01/03/2018] Bollywood Hero is assigned Gamer rank

[01/03/2018] Dee Saint is assigned Gamer rank

[01/03/2018] Enton Kazeshini is assigned Gamer rank

[01/03/2018] Get Jinxed is assigned Gamer rank

[01/03/2018] Gray Muse is assigned Gamer rank

[01/03/2018] Halotism Strix is assigned Gamer rank

[01/03/2018] Ignigan Fragor is assigned Gamer rank

[01/03/2018] Liete Aseora is assigned Gamer rank

[01/03/2018] Lil Nekam is assigned Gamer rank

[01/03/2018] Morgyn Vairemont is assigned Gamer rank

[01/03/2018] Nerv Agent is assigned Gamer rank

[01/03/2018] Edward Edwardson is assigned The Grind rank

[01/03/2018] Oldspice Smellsnice is assigned The Grind rank

[01/03/2018] Chaos Shrine buys Plot 60, 5 Ward, Shirogane (Large)

[01/03/2018] Cecilia Alamenain leaves Chaos Shrine

[01/03/2018] O' Dagger joins Chaos Shrine

[01/03/2018] Epic Panda joins Chaos Shrine

[15/02/2018] Oldspice Smellsnice joins Chaos Shrine

[11/07/2017] Braiking Boss joins Chaos Shrine

[11/07/2017] Boiled Curry joins Chaos Shrine

[11/07/2017] Aspect Singular joins Chaos Shrine

[11/07/2017] Alice Uziekalla joins Chaos Shrine

[11/07/2017] Yuuko Kanamine joins Chaos Shrine

[11/07/2017] Super Max joins Chaos Shrine

[11/07/2017] Skyler Moon joins Chaos Shrine

[11/07/2017] Rpgz Forevr joins Chaos Shrine

[11/07/2017] Olgreybeard Majestic joins Chaos Shrine

[11/07/2017] Nerv Agent joins Chaos Shrine

[11/07/2017] Morgyn Vairemont joins Chaos Shrine

[11/07/2017] Michael Foggot joins Chaos Shrine

[11/07/2017] Lil Nekam joins Chaos Shrine

[11/07/2017] Liete Aseora joins Chaos Shrine

[11/07/2017] Ignigan Fragor joins Chaos Shrine

[11/07/2017] Halotism Strix joins Chaos Shrine

[11/07/2017] Gray Muse joins Chaos Shrine

[11/07/2017] Enton Kazeshini joins Chaos Shrine

[11/07/2017] Get Jinxed joins Chaos Shrine

[11/07/2017] Danimal Stormrage joins Chaos Shrine

[11/07/2017] Cecilia Alamenain joins Chaos Shrine

[11/07/2017] Calden Zorn joins Chaos Shrine

[11/07/2017] Bollywood Hero joins Chaos Shrine

[11/07/2017] Beru Kuraneru joins Chaos Shrine

[11/07/2017] Belyana Strife joins Chaos Shrine

[11/07/2017] Asdf Ghjkl joins Chaos Shrine

[11/07/2017] Amda Chu joins Chaos Shrine

[11/07/2017] Yuki Sasamura joins Chaos Shrine

[11/07/2017] Rydia Mistdragon joins Chaos Shrine

[11/07/2017] Peaches Meow joins Chaos Shrine

[11/07/2017] Wolf Blitzkrieg joins Chaos Shrine

[11/07/2017] Stinks Ogr joins Chaos Shrine

[11/07/2017] Scooter Chrono joins Chaos Shrine

[11/07/2017] Persephone Greenhart joins Chaos Shrine

[11/07/2017] Mi'ko S'tiaa joins Chaos Shrine

[11/07/2017] Ahri Xiao joins Chaos Shrine

[11/07/2017] Vain Van joins Chaos Shrine

[11/07/2017] Littlest Guy joins Chaos Shrine

[11/07/2017] Lin Conia joins Chaos Shrine

[11/07/2017] Edward Edwardson joins Chaos Shrine

[11/07/2017] Sehket Zuril joins Chaos Shrine

[11/07/2017] Ashrial Remdaemia joins Chaos Shrine

[11/07/2017] Erdrick Drake joins Chaos Shrine

[11/07/2017] Erza' Scarlet joins Chaos Shrine

[11/07/2017] Chaos Shrine is registered in the service

[10/05/2017] Mayu Yunacroft joins Chaos Shrine

[09/05/2017] Drakyn Deity joins Chaos Shrine

[20/03/2017] Dee Saint joins Chaos Shrine

[01/03/2017] Auriana Halycon joins Chaos Shrine

[20/04/2014] Free Company is formed

GarIand Erza' Scarlet
Wolf Pack Lin Conia
Wolf Pack Littlest Guy
Wolf Pack Scooter Chrono
Wolf Pack Vain Van
Wolf Pack Wolf Blitzkrieg
Imp Alice Uziekalla
Imp Aspect Singular
Imp Blue Bullz
Imp Boiled Curry
Imp Braiking Boss
Imp Cap'n Planet
Imp Dusty Allen
Imp Envious Greed
Imp Epic Panda
Imp Erma Gerd
Imp Freyval Bulch
Imp Kanbaru Suruga
Imp Kevin Bagel
Imp Laguna Leonhart
Imp Lucyfir Stormblessed
Imp Matty Wack
Imp Noire Gaiha
Imp Pablo Pistachio
Imp Quantavious Jackson
Imp Raffle Lesia
Imp Rpg Raccoon
Imp Sanatrix Salutis
Imp Severa Galen
Imp Shifty Blodoint
Imp Sofa Kingsavage
Imp Tehndees Rhee
Imp Wren Dimora
Imp Xwolf Knight
Casual Peaches Meow
Casual Rydia Mistdragon
Casual Tan Boi
Casual Yuki Sasamura
Gamer Ahri Xiao
Gamer Bollywood Hero
Gamer Dee Saint
Gamer Drakyn Deity
Gamer Enton Kazeshini
Gamer Get Jinxed
Gamer Gray Muse
Gamer Halotism Strix
Gamer Ignigan Fragor
Gamer Lex Feyworth
Gamer Liete Aseora
Gamer Lil Nekam
Gamer Lilith Pepper
Gamer Mayu Yunacroft
Gamer Mi'ko S'tiaa
Gamer Morgyn Vairemont
Gamer Nerv Agent
Gamer O' Dagger
Gamer Persephone Greenhart
Gamer Player Two
Gamer Stinks Ogr
LoneWolf Flame Knight
LoneWolf Whoops Mybad
The Grind Amda Chu
The Grind Asdf Ghjkl
The Grind Auriana Halycon
The Grind Belyana Strife
The Grind Beru Kuraneru
The Grind Boss Otter
The Grind Calden Zorn
The Grind Danimal Stormrage
The Grind Devon Rosnsathsyn
The Grind Edward Edwardson
The Grind Guy Highwind
The Grind Jalapeno Business
The Grind Juniper Kuyo
The Grind Michael Foggot
The Grind Odin Hatake
The Grind Ognom Eiggam
The Grind Oldspice Smellsnice
The Grind Olgreybeard Majestic
The Grind Random Chase
The Grind Rpgz Forevr
The Grind Seraphus Tox
The Grind Shiryu Bushido
The Grind Skyler Moon
The Grind Slim Fast
The Grind Super Max
The Grind Svar Spellslinger
The Grind T'laqa Tiiar
The Grind Tchotchke Lillibit
The Grind Teddy Pan'teddy
The Grind Tge Jeff
The Grind Weezie Winks
The Grind Yuuko Kanamine
Fiends Ashrial Remdaemia
Fiends Erdrick Drake
Fiends Sehket Zuril