Platinum Valkyries


: Platinum Valkyries




: 24


: 8


: 9228297848947228796


: And forth came the Valkyries, clad in platinum from Valhalla, and soon after left the souls of the fallen. May you be welcome in the halls of Odin.


: Order of the Twin Adder




: My Blue Heaven 'FF8' at Plot 33, 2 Ward, The Lavender Beds, Famfrit

Welcome message

: The place where I fell and took my last breath, it had a hint of the Fabled Eden Rose.


: Always




as of 21/02/2018

[21/02/2018] Splash Pants is assigned VLKRE Arbiter rank

[21/02/2018] Arra Ember is assigned Einherjar rank

[21/02/2018] Chilger Gharl is assigned Captain rank

[21/02/2018] Dumpster Shovel is assigned Captain rank

[21/02/2018] Lil Lolovachi is assigned Captain rank

[21/02/2018] Loki Silvertongue is assigned Captain rank

[21/02/2018] Selene Everdeen is assigned Captain rank

[21/02/2018] Alex'louis Armstrong is assigned Sergeant rank

[21/02/2018] Pimoh'to Moshroca is assigned Sergeant rank

[21/02/2018] Platinum Valkyries buys Plot 33, 2 Ward, The Lavender Beds (Large)

[21/02/2018] Platinum Valkyries builds "My Blue Heaven 'FF8'"

[21/02/2018] Botsy Totsy leaves Platinum Valkyries

[21/02/2018] Josh O- leaves Platinum Valkyries

[21/02/2018] Fiang Memewai leaves Platinum Valkyries

[10/05/2017] Nigel Thorrnberry joins Platinum Valkyries

[10/05/2017] Botsy Totsy joins Platinum Valkyries

[10/05/2017] Splash Pants joins Platinum Valkyries

[10/05/2017] Platinum Valkyries is registered in the service

[06/02/2014] Free Company is formed

VLKRE Commander Claire Fury
Einherjar Arra Ember
Sergeant Alex'louis Armstrong
Sergeant Calliope Ara'mari
Sergeant Dirk Gently
Sergeant Hotsy Totsy
Sergeant Magical Moose
Sergeant Nigel Thorrnberry
Sergeant Pimoh'to Moshroca
Sergeant Sorin Everg'lea
Sergeant Wolf Syllix
Captain Chilger Gharl
Captain Dumpster Shovel
Captain Hei Nightroad
Captain Lil Lolovachi
Captain Loki Silvertongue
Captain Luci Heartfilia
Captain Selene Everdeen
Valkyrie Jonethious Meridious
Valkyrie Xeras Ildryss
Valkyrie Zehti Nuza
VLKRE 5 Star Miria Windblum
VLKRE Arbiter Adelaide Aneas
VLKRE Arbiter Splash Pants