The Good Crazoids


: The Good Crazoids


: cRaZy


: 14


: 8


: 9228157111458940479


: Moonshadow, Pirates at Heart


: Really Small FC......Really Big Hearts.


: Maelstrom




: Good Crazoid Hideout at Plot 19, 18 Ward, Mist, Brynhildr

Welcome message

: Welcome to our Hide-out

Ranking history


as of 08/03/2018

[08/03/2018] Koko Puff is assigned Super Squirrel rank

[08/03/2018] Magic Dragon is assigned Cookie Monster rank

[08/03/2018] Nikki Babi is assigned Cookie Monster rank

[08/03/2018] Mikey Sempiternal is assigned Little Terror rank

[06/03/2018] Koko Puff leaves The Good Crazoids

[06/03/2018] Stephannot Rasa leaves The Good Crazoids

[06/03/2018] Chidori Yumite joins The Good Crazoids

[06/03/2018] Kenna Xhula joins The Good Crazoids

[06/03/2018] Risette Freya joins The Good Crazoids

[06/03/2018] Kit Kat is assigned Silly Kitty rank

[06/03/2018] Drydal Doomshire is assigned Crazy Wabbit rank

[06/03/2018] Aneres Rasa is assigned The Gambler rank

[06/03/2018] Enyo Lyric is assigned Kupo King rank

[06/03/2018] Everard Fowlar is assigned Whiz Kid rank

[06/03/2018] Slatka Malina is assigned Cookie Monster rank

[06/03/2018] Elly Pendragon is assigned Munchkin rank

[06/03/2018] Pirates at Heart is renamed to The Good Crazoids

[06/03/2018] The Good Crazoids changes insignia to "cRaZy"

[06/03/2018] The Good Crazoids closes recruitment

[06/03/2018] The Good Crazoids buys Plot 19, 18 Ward, Mist (Small)

[06/03/2018] The Good Crazoids builds "Good Crazoid Hideout"

[17/02/2018] Slatka Malina joins Pirates at Heart

[27/12/2017] Elly Pendragon joins Pirates at Heart

[02/08/2017] Everard Fowlar joins Pirates at Heart

[02/08/2017] Koko Puff joins Pirates at Heart

[02/08/2017] Moonshadow is renamed to Pirates at Heart

[23/06/2017] Moonshadow is registered in the service

[20/06/2017] Free Company is formed

[08/05/2017] Enyo Lyric joins Pirates at Heart

[08/05/2017] Aneres Rasa joins Pirates at Heart

[08/05/2017] Zeerek Ulduar joins Pirates at Heart

[08/05/2017] Stephannot Rasa joins Pirates at Heart

[15/03/2017] Drydal Doomshire joins Pirates at Heart

[04/03/2017] Leotis Recht joins Pirates at Heart

[04/03/2017] Kit Kat joins Pirates at Heart

Silly Kitty Kit Kat
Super Squirrel Koko Puff
Major Trouble Chidori Yumite
Kupo King Enyo Lyric
Little Terror Mikey Sempiternal
Cookie Monster Magic Dragon
Cookie Monster Nikki Babi
Cookie Monster Slatka Malina
Munchkin Elly Pendragon
Munchkin Risette Freya
The Gambler Aneres Rasa
Holy Terror Kenna Xhula
Whiz Kid Everard Fowlar
Crazy Wabbit Drydal Doomshire