Noble League


: Noble League




: 22


: 8


: 9228157111458940463


: We have houses. Plural. Filled with catgurls with huge axes and a pet raraferru.


: Maelstrom




: Korra's Hanamachi at Plot 33, 18 Ward, The Lavender Beds, Brynhildr

Welcome message

: Welcome to Noble Neighborhood! Warning: Content contains chat with food, sex, and alcohol.


: Always



Ranking history


as of 03/03/2018

[03/03/2018] Doa Yoshino is assigned High Queen rank

[03/03/2018] Dan Zilla is assigned Noble rank

[03/03/2018] Xing Hong is assigned Noble rank

[03/03/2018] Riemi Rayne is assigned Member rank

[03/03/2018] Sora Asakura is assigned Member rank

[03/03/2018] Old-man Pib is assigned New Recruit rank

[03/03/2018] Visla Eraclaire is assigned New Recruit rank

[01/03/2018] Jay Van is assigned Chamberlain rank

[01/03/2018] Dr Funke is assigned Funketron 9000 rank

[01/03/2018] Circe Fiero is assigned Noble rank

[01/03/2018] Abhein Sazhi is assigned Member rank

[01/03/2018] Saura Derabliger is assigned Member rank

[01/03/2018] Rin Eva is assigned New Recruit rank

[01/03/2018] Stubby Nubbin is assigned New Recruit rank

[01/03/2018] Noble League claims to be always active

[01/03/2018] Noble League opens recruitment

[01/03/2018] Noble League buys Plot 33, 18 Ward, The Lavender Beds (Large)

[01/03/2018] Noble League builds "Korra's Hanamachi"

[01/03/2018] Noble League searches for a Tank

[01/03/2018] Noble League searches for a Healer

[01/03/2018] Noble League searches for a DPS

[01/03/2018] Noble League searches for a Crafter

[01/03/2018] Noble League searches for a Gatherer

[18/07/2017] Xrated Fun joins Noble League

[18/07/2017] Tam Tereshia joins Noble League

[18/07/2017] Riko Tereshia joins Noble League

[18/07/2017] Jay Van joins Noble League

[18/07/2017] Dr Funke joins Noble League

[18/07/2017] Ashan Maeharal joins Noble League

[18/07/2017] Abhein Sazhi joins Noble League

[18/07/2017] Etherias Dragneel joins Noble League

[18/07/2017] Rinsley Phen joins Noble League

[18/07/2017] Korra Lin joins Noble League

[13/07/2017] Circe Fiero joins Noble League

[13/07/2017] Rin Eva joins Noble League

[13/07/2017] Blade Fiero joins Noble League

[13/07/2017] Noble League is registered in the service

[16/06/2017] Free Company is formed

[02/06/2017] Saura Derabliger joins Noble League

[08/05/2017] Frozen Turkey joins Noble League

[02/03/2017] Kyo Lionheart joins Noble League

All Father Korra Lin
Noble Ashan Maeharal
Noble Circe Fiero
Noble Dan Zilla
Noble Riko Tereshia
Noble Tam Tereshia
Noble Xing Hong
Noble Xrated Fun
New Recruit Old-man Pib
New Recruit Rin Eva
New Recruit Stubby Nubbin
New Recruit Visla Eraclaire
High Queen Doa Yoshino
High Queen Rinsley Phen
Chamberlain Etherias Dragneel
Chamberlain Frozen Turkey
Chamberlain Jay Van
Member Abhein Sazhi
Member Riemi Rayne
Member Saura Derabliger
Member Sora Asakura
Funketron 9000 Dr Funke