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: Heroes of Eorzea


: HoE


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: New FC looking for people new to Final Fantasy who want to learn the game together and eventually do end game content


: Immortal Flames




: Home Base at Plot 20, 11 Ward, Shirogane, Brynhildr

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: Paid for by Brisly!


: Always



Ranking history


as of 03/03/2018

[03/03/2018] Nina Guerrique is assigned Officer rank

[03/03/2018] Aki Yoki is assigned Member rank

[03/03/2018] Azrael Eternum is assigned Member rank

[03/03/2018] Boiglenoight Darkstar is assigned Member rank

[03/03/2018] G'tihl Tia is assigned Member rank

[03/03/2018] Gorn Silvermane is assigned Member rank

[03/03/2018] Holly Star is assigned Member rank

[03/03/2018] Kae Tue is assigned Member rank

[03/03/2018] Key Eni is assigned Member rank

[03/03/2018] Lark Lannister is assigned Member rank

[03/03/2018] Mindl Berkly is assigned Member rank

[03/03/2018] Mizuki Mizu is assigned Member rank

[03/03/2018] Nox Perpetua is assigned Member rank

[03/03/2018] Phoenix Grey is assigned Member rank

[03/03/2018] Sparkles Thunderhoof is assigned Member rank

[03/03/2018] Wren Westerling is assigned Member rank

[01/03/2018] Aki'sha Summers leaves Heroes of Eorzea

[01/03/2018] Zekeriah Stoneheart joins Heroes of Eorzea

[01/03/2018] Arianne Satsui is assigned Master rank

[01/03/2018] Brisly Deathgrain is assigned Member rank

[01/03/2018] Heroes of Eorzea buys Plot 20, 11 Ward, Shirogane (Small)

[01/03/2018] Heroes of Eorzea builds "Home Base"

[11/02/2018] Cynaster Endymion leaves Heroes of Eorzea

[09/07/2017] Hirosi Hao joins Heroes of Eorzea

[09/07/2017] Bolvine Pendragon joins Heroes of Eorzea

[09/07/2017] Cynaster Endymion joins Heroes of Eorzea

[09/07/2017] Aeolus Highwind joins Heroes of Eorzea

[09/07/2017] Spartan Gladioku joins Heroes of Eorzea

[09/07/2017] Rise Key joins Heroes of Eorzea

[09/07/2017] Nioh Nier joins Heroes of Eorzea

[09/07/2017] Jelanah Golbeza joins Heroes of Eorzea

[09/07/2017] Fall Key joins Heroes of Eorzea

[09/07/2017] Bard Kun joins Heroes of Eorzea

[09/07/2017] Alargus Shugo joins Heroes of Eorzea

[09/07/2017] Aki'sha Summers joins Heroes of Eorzea

[09/07/2017] Walx Jinjahl joins Heroes of Eorzea

[09/07/2017] Eemah Ordon joins Heroes of Eorzea

[09/07/2017] Brisly Deathgrain joins Heroes of Eorzea

[09/07/2017] Heroes of Eorzea is registered in the service

[12/06/2017] Free Company is formed

[10/05/2017] Arianne Satsui joins Heroes of Eorzea

[27/04/2017] Maz Khaos joins Heroes of Eorzea

Master Arianne Satsui
Officer Eemah Ordon
Officer Nina Guerrique
Officer Walx Jinjahl
Member Aki Yoki
Member Azrael Eternum
Member Bard Kun
Member Boiglenoight Darkstar
Member Brisly Deathgrain
Member G'tihl Tia
Member Gorn Silvermane
Member Holly Star
Member Jelanah Golbeza
Member Kae Tue
Member Key Eni
Member Lark Lannister
Member Maz Khaos
Member Mindl Berkly
Member Mizuki Mizu
Member Nox Perpetua
Member Phoenix Grey
Member Sparkles Thunderhoof
Member Spartan Gladioku
Member Wren Westerling
Member Zekeriah Stoneheart
Initiate Aeolus Highwind
Initiate Bolvine Pendragon
Initiate Hirosi Hao