Grand Cross Omega


: Grand Cross Omega




: 19


: 8


: 9228157111458940033


: EmberLight


: Raid and leveling focused FC. If you want to learn, clear, farm raids, and try mentoring raiders, come try out our fc. Now Allied with fc <<Broke>>


: Order of the Twin Adder




: The Light House at Plot 60, 2 Ward, The Goblet, Brynhildr

Welcome message

: Let's rest for a while.


: Always




as of 12/02/2018

[12/02/2018] Yoboi Nujakid is assigned Bubu's Master rank

[12/02/2018] Littlepig Bubu is assigned GCO victim rank

[12/02/2018] Kali Fender is assigned GCO Crafter rank

[12/02/2018] Doctor Mercy is assigned GCO recruit II rank

[12/02/2018] Littepig Popo is assigned GCO recruit rank

[12/02/2018] Littlecat Mumu is assigned GCO recruit rank

[12/02/2018] Littlepig Pupu is assigned GCO recruit rank

[12/02/2018] Somebody Oncetoldme is assigned GCO recruit rank

[12/02/2018] EmberLight is renamed to Grand Cross Omega

[12/02/2018] Grand Cross Omega changes insignia to "GCO"

[12/02/2018] Grand Cross Omega reaches level 8

[12/02/2018] Grand Cross Omega buys Plot 60, 2 Ward, The Goblet (Large)

[12/02/2018] Grand Cross Omega builds "The Light House"

[12/02/2018] Scott Winters joins EmberLight

[12/02/2018] Wendel Olrya joins EmberLight

[12/02/2018] Michael Tellnerin joins EmberLight

[12/02/2018] Hiro Eingana joins EmberLight

[11/02/2018] Kali Fender joins EmberLight

[12/06/2017] Somebody Oncetoldme joins EmberLight

[12/06/2017] Littlepig Pupu joins EmberLight

[12/06/2017] Littlecat Mumu joins EmberLight

[12/06/2017] Littepig Popo joins EmberLight

[12/06/2017] Doctor Mercy joins EmberLight

[12/06/2017] EmberLight is registered in the service

[04/06/2017] Free Company is formed

[08/05/2017] Yoboi Nujakid joins EmberLight

[15/02/2017] Littlepig Bubu joins EmberLight

Bubu's Master Yoboi Nujakid
GCO victim Littlepig Bubu
GCO recruit Littepig Popo
GCO recruit Littlecat Mumu
GCO recruit Littlepig Pupu
GCO recruit Park Ace
GCO recruit Scott Winters
GCO recruit Somebody Oncetoldme
GCO recruit The Mldge
GCO Crafter Kali Fender
Big Boy Hiro Eingana
Big Boy Michael Tellnerin
GCO recruit II Barabhar Lydirbharsyn
GCO recruit II Doctor Mercy
GCO recruit II Exodus Night
GCO recruit II Kusho Shadowolf
GCO recruit II Wendel Olrya
GCO recruit II Wuotbhear Hyrtberasyn
Mentor Matayis Rarka'