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: Immortal Flames




: Wapsided Estates at Plot 55, 3 Ward, The Goblet, Brynhildr


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Ranking history


as of 01/03/2018

[02/03/2018] Gyodo Grimlock leaves Wapsided

[01/03/2018] Chica Ayu is assigned Vice Admiral rank

[01/03/2018] White Wol is assigned Vice Admiral rank

[01/03/2018] Rayven Stormborn is assigned Infantry rank

[01/03/2018] Epxvovnk Ddpiggeo is assigned Squid rank

[01/03/2018] Gyodo Grimlock is assigned Squid rank

[01/03/2018] Igmqudvm Xuenutnf is assigned Squid rank

[01/03/2018] Jivo'bai Sniv'ian is assigned Squid rank

[01/03/2018] Lousoux Torsefers is assigned Squid rank

[01/03/2018] Luna Ott is assigned Squid rank

[01/03/2018] Sriracha Aioli is assigned Squid rank

[01/03/2018] Yatsu Onei is assigned Squid rank

[01/03/2018] Allpha Omega is assigned Recruits rank

[01/03/2018] Aruyami Kyurin is assigned Recruits rank

[01/03/2018] Eiko Ashra is assigned Recruits rank

[01/03/2018] Lani Kai is assigned Recruits rank

[01/03/2018] Lars Dracos is assigned Recruits rank

[01/03/2018] Legnar Axehandle is assigned Recruits rank

[01/03/2018] Muddy Creeks is assigned Recruits rank

[01/03/2018] Mummik Iv is assigned Recruits rank

[01/03/2018] Serenox Pendragon is assigned Recruits rank

[01/03/2018] Soren Thorn is assigned Recruits rank

[01/03/2018] Tarlak Eschaton is assigned Recruits rank

[01/03/2018] Tinitus Lemhann is assigned Recruits rank

[01/03/2018] Yhasmine Fijah is assigned Recruits rank

[01/03/2018] Yona Dawn is assigned Recruits rank

[01/03/2018] Bellah Swan is assigned Awol rank

[01/03/2018] Bryn Strats is assigned Awol rank

[01/03/2018] Fugetsu Hatasashi is assigned Awol rank

[01/03/2018] Luigi Tnkr is assigned Awol rank

[01/03/2018] Solksunn Haelfyrsyn is assigned Awol rank

[27/02/2018] Johnny Blazinone is assigned Fleet Admiral rank

[27/02/2018] Chiara Kaida is assigned Admiral rank

[27/02/2018] Papikush Smoke is assigned Admiral rank

[27/02/2018] Gtrain Jones is assigned Squid rank

[27/02/2018] Kissof Death is assigned Squid rank

[27/02/2018] Hikari Taatu is assigned Recruits rank

[27/02/2018] Katlynne Sunao is assigned Recruits rank

[27/02/2018] M'jitlu Iahe is assigned Recruits rank

[27/02/2018] Rikenom Kytobe is assigned Recruits rank

[27/02/2018] Giade Airwen is assigned Awol rank

[27/02/2018] Harleigh Quinn is assigned Awol rank

[27/02/2018] Nachobaby Thesleeper is assigned Awol rank

[27/02/2018] Aiza Gala leaves Wapsided

[27/02/2018] Alekzander Onyx leaves Wapsided

[27/02/2018] Alfir Waltz leaves Wapsided

[27/02/2018] Aria Rhodes leaves Wapsided

[27/02/2018] Ayame Wilson leaves Wapsided

[27/02/2018] Bagaridai Borlaaq leaves Wapsided

[27/02/2018] Beefstick Mcgee leaves Wapsided

[27/02/2018] Cricket Zomkitty leaves Wapsided

[27/02/2018] Deathby Desire leaves Wapsided

[27/02/2018] Goldfury Tonyangle leaves Wapsided

[27/02/2018] Jagadai Adarkim leaves Wapsided

[27/02/2018] Kaleih Solomen leaves Wapsided

[27/02/2018] Kaori Kirisaki leaves Wapsided

[27/02/2018] Kristana Al'ian leaves Wapsided

[27/02/2018] Kylah Ishiku leaves Wapsided

[27/02/2018] Lomiomendur Handeloup leaves Wapsided

[27/02/2018] Merlzirn Doerdyrfsyn leaves Wapsided

[27/02/2018] Muddy Mysh leaves Wapsided

[27/02/2018] Olyvyr Wolf leaves Wapsided

[27/02/2018] Renee Cedillos leaves Wapsided

[27/02/2018] Rina Rin leaves Wapsided

[27/02/2018] Scar Ofpain leaves Wapsided

[27/02/2018] Selara Eillo leaves Wapsided

[27/02/2018] Ugrassil Dalamiq leaves Wapsided

[27/02/2018] Kya Tano leaves Wapsided

[27/02/2018] Linuvius Vasan leaves Wapsided

[27/02/2018] Pelhi'sae Coco'a leaves Wapsided

[27/02/2018] Saphira Raven leaves Wapsided

[27/02/2018] Skye Reneer leaves Wapsided

[27/02/2018] Spicoli Agnello leaves Wapsided

[27/02/2018] Arei Maren leaves Wapsided

[27/02/2018] Camis Almus leaves Wapsided

[27/02/2018] Deadly Taco leaves Wapsided

[27/02/2018] Eden Brightflame leaves Wapsided

[27/02/2018] Enaj Nede leaves Wapsided

[27/02/2018] Falkor Dreemur leaves Wapsided

[27/02/2018] Flavielle Haurtefert leaves Wapsided

[27/02/2018] Fluffy Pao leaves Wapsided

[27/02/2018] Gobo Blip leaves Wapsided

[27/02/2018] Hanso Hasashi leaves Wapsided

[27/02/2018] Keaira Holt leaves Wapsided

[27/02/2018] Mahaley Isabella leaves Wapsided

[27/02/2018] Mal Doom leaves Wapsided

[27/02/2018] Odin Darth leaves Wapsided

[27/02/2018] Penpen Sun leaves Wapsided

[27/02/2018] Reau Exceltz leaves Wapsided

[27/02/2018] Red Xiv leaves Wapsided

[27/02/2018] Sage Senju leaves Wapsided

[27/02/2018] Shar Olkund leaves Wapsided

[27/02/2018] Syaint Dekapuchai leaves Wapsided

[27/02/2018] Tahla Ential leaves Wapsided

[27/02/2018] Tyler Susa leaves Wapsided

[27/02/2018] Um Nahh leaves Wapsided

[27/02/2018] Veris Alrith leaves Wapsided

[27/02/2018] Whitemagus Kitty leaves Wapsided

[27/02/2018] Xealan Starke leaves Wapsided

[27/02/2018] Bujir Gesi leaves Wapsided

[27/02/2018] Feyre Bellerose leaves Wapsided

[27/02/2018] Obsidianmax Koenig joins Wapsided

[18/02/2018] Yoru Kage leaves Wapsided

[17/02/2018] Sitaari Benette leaves Wapsided

[15/02/2018] Sebie Girard leaves Wapsided

[10/02/2018] Spencer Xurn leaves Wapsided

[10/05/2017] Yoru Kage joins Wapsided

[10/05/2017] Ugrassil Dalamiq joins Wapsided

[10/05/2017] Selara Eillo joins Wapsided

[10/05/2017] Scar Ofpain joins Wapsided

[10/05/2017] Rina Rin joins Wapsided

[10/05/2017] Renee Cedillos joins Wapsided

[10/05/2017] Olyvyr Wolf joins Wapsided

[10/05/2017] Muddy Mysh joins Wapsided

[10/05/2017] Merlzirn Doerdyrfsyn joins Wapsided

[10/05/2017] Kristana Al'ian joins Wapsided

[10/05/2017] Jagadai Adarkim joins Wapsided

[10/05/2017] Deathby Desire joins Wapsided

[10/05/2017] Beefstick Mcgee joins Wapsided

[10/05/2017] Aria Rhodes joins Wapsided

[10/05/2017] Aiza Gala joins Wapsided

[10/05/2017] Odin Darth joins Wapsided

[10/05/2017] Kissof Death joins Wapsided

[10/05/2017] Gobo Blip joins Wapsided

[10/05/2017] Flavielle Haurtefert joins Wapsided

[10/05/2017] Eden Brightflame joins Wapsided

[10/05/2017] Arei Maren joins Wapsided

[10/05/2017] Linuvius Vasan joins Wapsided

[10/05/2017] Floki Theboatbuilder joins Wapsided

[10/05/2017] Bujir Gesi joins Wapsided

[10/05/2017] Wapsided is registered in the service

[04/03/2017] Free Company is formed

Free Company members are being registered, so not all of them may be shown.
Fleet Admiral Johnny Blazinone
Admiral Chiara Kaida
Admiral Papikush Smoke
Recruits Allpha Omega
Recruits Aruyami Kyurin
Recruits Eiko Ashra
Recruits Hikari Taatu
Recruits Katlynne Sunao
Recruits Lani Kai
Recruits Lars Dracos
Recruits Legnar Axehandle
Recruits M'jitlu Iahe
Recruits Muddy Creeks
Recruits Mummik Iv
Recruits Rikenom Kytobe
Recruits Serenox Pendragon
Recruits Soren Thorn
Recruits Tarlak Eschaton
Recruits Tinitus Lemhann
Recruits Yhasmine Fijah
Recruits Yona Dawn
Squid Epxvovnk Ddpiggeo
Squid Gtrain Jones
Squid Igmqudvm Xuenutnf
Squid Jivo'bai Sniv'ian
Squid Kissof Death
Squid Lousoux Torsefers
Squid Luna Ott
Squid Sriracha Aioli
Squid Yatsu Onei
Vice Admiral Chica Ayu
Vice Admiral Obsidianmax Koenig
Vice Admiral White Wol
Awol Bellah Swan
Awol Bryn Strats
Awol Fugetsu Hatasashi
Awol Giade Airwen
Awol Harleigh Quinn
Awol Luigi Tnkr
Awol Nachobaby Thesleeper
Awol Solksunn Haelfyrsyn
Infantry Rayven Stormborn