Valkyrie's Faithful


: Valkyrie's Faithful




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: We are a small FC,that helps one another. We are a family that sticks together and have bonds that shall prevail. (18+)


: Immortal Flames




: Yggdrasil at Plot 58, 5 Ward, The Lavender Beds, Brynhildr

Welcome message

: "Does Yggdrasil drink from it because it is the Well of Wisdom, or is it the Well of Wisdom because Yggdrasil drinks from it?"


: Always



Ranking history


as of 18/02/2018

[18/02/2018] Bio Hazar'd is assigned Chosen rank

[18/02/2018] Deraj Keeper is assigned Chosen rank

[18/02/2018] Key Blade is assigned Chosen rank

[18/02/2018] Kieote Tolosa is assigned Chosen rank

[18/02/2018] Selene Lumenia is assigned Chosen rank

[18/02/2018] Tsuki Yumi is assigned Chosen rank

[18/02/2018] Calix Arranz is assigned Eir rank

[18/02/2018] Zarin Felsworn is assigned Eir rank

[18/02/2018] Himawari Rhombas is assigned Reignleif rank

[18/02/2018] Legend Qc is assigned Skogul rank

[18/02/2018] Novao Iventi is assigned Skogul rank

[18/02/2018] Seifer Auron is assigned Skogul rank

[18/02/2018] Xavier Chulainn is assigned Skogul rank

[18/02/2018] Yorgh Honorforge is assigned Skogul rank

[18/02/2018] Alexia Galilei is assigned Brynhildr rank

[18/02/2018] Alice Whildr is assigned Brynhildr rank

[18/02/2018] Captain Hiruy is assigned Brynhildr rank

[18/02/2018] Master Tenkai is assigned Brynhildr rank

[18/02/2018] Slaede Assane is assigned Brynhildr rank

[18/02/2018] Takenaka Shigeharu is assigned Brynhildr rank

[18/02/2018] Ahri Delika is assigned Geirdriful rank

[18/02/2018] Angelus Omega is assigned Geirdriful rank

[18/02/2018] Belmont Bearclaw is assigned Geirdriful rank

[18/02/2018] Reiftyr Bloodedge is assigned Geirdriful rank

[18/02/2018] Odinkai Arcaneous is assigned Hrist rank

[18/02/2018] Gil Thunder is assigned Lost Souls rank

[18/02/2018] Regis Godefroy is assigned Lost Souls rank

[18/02/2018] Stariza Nebulos is assigned Lost Souls rank

[18/02/2018] Valkyrie's Faithful buys Plot 58, 5 Ward, The Lavender Beds (Large)

[18/02/2018] Sanguine Rio joins Valkyrie's Faithful

[18/02/2018] Zero Valentine joins Valkyrie's Faithful

[18/02/2018] Blank Mana joins Valkyrie's Faithful

[15/02/2018] Master Tenkai joins Valkyrie's Faithful

[15/02/2018] Himawari Rhombas joins Valkyrie's Faithful

[15/02/2018] Tsuki Yumi joins Valkyrie's Faithful

[15/02/2018] Kieote Tolosa joins Valkyrie's Faithful

[15/02/2018] Wild Destruction leaves Valkyrie's Faithful

[15/02/2018] Rhi Taiji leaves Valkyrie's Faithful

[15/02/2018] Morunia Moose leaves Valkyrie's Faithful

[15/02/2018] Hime Rouchard leaves Valkyrie's Faithful

[15/02/2018] Miyuki Tashino leaves Valkyrie's Faithful

[15/02/2018] Zayina Vaille leaves Valkyrie's Faithful

[15/02/2018] Yanagi Ushio leaves Valkyrie's Faithful

[15/02/2018] Nik Fearion leaves Valkyrie's Faithful

[15/02/2018] L'raina Caustic leaves Valkyrie's Faithful

[15/02/2018] Averia Nyx leaves Valkyrie's Faithful

[15/02/2018] Light Yasagami leaves Valkyrie's Faithful

[15/02/2018] Selene Lumenia joins Valkyrie's Faithful

[15/02/2018] Key Blade joins Valkyrie's Faithful

[15/02/2018] Odinkai Arcaneous joins Valkyrie's Faithful

[11/02/2018] Maizie Mac leaves Valkyrie's Faithful

[11/02/2018] Ellie Quinn leaves Valkyrie's Faithful

[30/08/2017] Gil Thunder joins Valkyrie's Faithful

[25/05/2017] Light Yasagami joins Valkyrie's Faithful

[08/05/2017] Regis Godefroy joins Valkyrie's Faithful

[15/03/2017] Loki Mononoki joins Valkyrie's Faithful

[02/03/2017] Kyosumi Nate joins Valkyrie's Faithful

[02/03/2017] Valkyrie's Faithful is registered in the service

[03/12/2016] Free Company is formed

ValkyrieGoddess Smol Omega
Chosen Bio Hazar'd
Chosen Deraj Keeper
Chosen Key Blade
Chosen Kieote Tolosa
Chosen Selene Lumenia
Chosen Tsuki Yumi
Wandering Souls Luna Halthayne
Wandering Souls Sanguine Rio
Wandering Souls Unknown Soul'
Wandering Souls Vashara Fyrstral
Hrist Arcias Whitestar
Hrist Blank Mana
Hrist Gunju Kafira
Hrist Odinkai Arcaneous
Hrist Sekai Tabito
Einherjar Tommy Digital
Einherjar Unichi Fujibayashi
Einherjar Zakaru Kheor
Einherjar Zero Valentine
Brynhildr Alexia Galilei
Brynhildr Alice Whildr
Brynhildr Captain Hiruy
Brynhildr Master Tenkai
Brynhildr Slaede Assane
Brynhildr Takenaka Shigeharu
Lost Souls Babygurl Galaxy
Lost Souls Chanklin Gray
Lost Souls Cronos Dexeron
Lost Souls Gil Thunder
Lost Souls Kya Kojiki
Lost Souls Lamont Meeks
Lost Souls Mook Rage
Lost Souls Regis Godefroy
Lost Souls Stariza Nebulos
Lost Souls Syn Eurelt
Eir Calix Arranz
Eir Zarin Felsworn
Skogul Legend Qc
Skogul Novao Iventi
Skogul Seifer Auron
Skogul Xavier Chulainn
Skogul Yorgh Honorforge
Reignleif Himawari Rhombas
Geirdriful Ahri Delika
Geirdriful Angelus Omega
Geirdriful Belmont Bearclaw
Geirdriful Reiftyr Bloodedge