Thine Exodus


: Thine Exodus


: Xodus


: 25


: 8


: 9228157111458930961


: "Thou who art exiled, art chosen... In thine exodus from the Holy lands, maketh pilgrimage through Eorzea amongst thy banished brethren."


: Order of the Twin Adder




: Casa de la Exodus at Plot 41, 4 Ward, The Goblet, Brynhildr


: Always



Ranking history


as of 03/03/2018

[03/03/2018] Mannon Blackbeak is assigned Boss Man rank

[03/03/2018] Mia Mistwalker is assigned Commander rank

[03/03/2018] Shari Faust is assigned Standard Member rank

[03/03/2018] Akkiran Vinara is assigned Recruit rank

[03/03/2018] Layna Beoulve is assigned Recruit rank

[03/03/2018] Wolfs Bayn is assigned Recruit rank

[03/03/2018] Finnyin La'cast is assigned Gone?? rank

[03/03/2018] Niah Darkstar is assigned Gone?? rank

[03/03/2018] Shattered Sound is assigned Gone?? rank

[01/03/2018] Lenix Fuhston leaves Thine Exodus

[01/03/2018] Howle Colt leaves Thine Exodus

[01/03/2018] Satanos Demonicus leaves Thine Exodus

[01/03/2018] Sir Ramasaurus leaves Thine Exodus

[01/03/2018] Tempest Waltz leaves Thine Exodus

[01/03/2018] Delilah Blue leaves Thine Exodus

[01/03/2018] Jasmine Foxy'archer leaves Thine Exodus

[01/03/2018] Namfoodle Coppercup leaves Thine Exodus

[01/03/2018] Torment Deathdealer leaves Thine Exodus

[01/03/2018] Apolyon Newo leaves Thine Exodus

[01/03/2018] Menfis Resek leaves Thine Exodus

[01/03/2018] Mir Levine leaves Thine Exodus

[01/03/2018] Iris H'eart is assigned Boss Lady rank

[01/03/2018] Eli Tiement is assigned Boss Man rank

[01/03/2018] Gryllin Chill is assigned Raid Leader rank

[01/03/2018] Acid Witch is assigned Special Title rank

[01/03/2018] Akkiran Vinarra is assigned Master Crafter rank

[01/03/2018] Sonea Lumos is assigned Officer rank

[01/03/2018] Emeraldas Kuroikagame is assigned Standard Member rank

[01/03/2018] Jayce On'derulo is assigned Recruit rank

[01/03/2018] Kaz Ulfberht is assigned Gone?? rank

[12/09/2017] Emeraldas Kuroikagame joins Thine Exodus

[04/08/2017] Lenix Fuhston joins Thine Exodus

[01/07/2017] Torment Deathdealer joins Thine Exodus

[01/07/2017] Jasmine Foxy'archer joins Thine Exodus

[01/07/2017] Namfoodle Coppercup joins Thine Exodus

[01/07/2017] Delilah Blue joins Thine Exodus

[01/07/2017] Tempest Waltz joins Thine Exodus

[01/07/2017] Teavin Anapurna joins Thine Exodus

[01/07/2017] Styro Foam joins Thine Exodus

[01/07/2017] Sir Ramasaurus joins Thine Exodus

[01/07/2017] Satanos Demonicus joins Thine Exodus

[01/07/2017] Masterwatt Masterwatt joins Thine Exodus

[01/07/2017] Howle Colt joins Thine Exodus

[01/07/2017] Sonea Lumos joins Thine Exodus

[01/07/2017] Naomi Luna joins Thine Exodus

[01/07/2017] Nina Nightshade joins Thine Exodus

[01/07/2017] Akkiran Vinarra joins Thine Exodus

[01/07/2017] Mir Levine joins Thine Exodus

[01/07/2017] Menfis Resek joins Thine Exodus

[01/07/2017] Jen Icide joins Thine Exodus

[01/07/2017] Bobby Smith joins Thine Exodus

[01/07/2017] Apolyon Newo joins Thine Exodus

[01/07/2017] Kaz Ulfberht joins Thine Exodus

[01/07/2017] Gryllin Chill joins Thine Exodus

[01/07/2017] Grey Ashford joins Thine Exodus

[01/07/2017] Acid Witch joins Thine Exodus

[01/07/2017] Eli Tiement joins Thine Exodus

[01/07/2017] Hana Dazkar joins Thine Exodus

[01/07/2017] Thine Exodus is registered in the service

[25/01/2017] Jayce On'derulo joins Thine Exodus

[14/01/2017] Amun Kazul joins Thine Exodus

[21/10/2016] Free Company is formed

Boss Lady Iris H'eart
Boss Man Eli Tiement
Boss Man Mannon Blackbeak
Recruit Akkiran Vinara
Recruit Jayce On'derulo
Recruit Layna Beoulve
Recruit Masterwatt Masterwatt
Recruit Teavin Anapurna
Recruit Wolfs Bayn
Standard Member Emeraldas Kuroikagame
Standard Member Naomi Luna
Standard Member Nina Nightshade
Standard Member Shari Faust
Master Crafter Akkiran Vinarra
Gone?? Finnyin La'cast
Gone?? Kaz Ulfberht
Gone?? Niah Darkstar
Gone?? Shattered Sound
Commander Grey Ashford
Commander Mia Mistwalker
Officer Bobby Smith
Officer Jen Icide
Officer Sonea Lumos
Special Title Acid Witch
Raid Leader Gryllin Chill