: Voracity




: 23


: 8


: 9228157111458912475


: Pretty laid back, and mature group (most of the time).


: Order of the Twin Adder




: Tardis at Plot 32, 9 Ward, Mist, Brynhildr

Welcome message

: Bigger on the inside!


: Always



Ranking history


as of 22/03/2018

[22/03/2018] Xaris Zelpher is assigned Officer rank

[22/03/2018] Rukia Shirayuki is assigned Knight rank

[22/03/2018] Ailathis The'potent is assigned Rook rank

[22/03/2018] Kahlilia Rehlyn is assigned Rook rank

[22/03/2018] Kimmahri Snow is assigned Rook rank

[22/03/2018] Lansky Mourningmoon is assigned Rook rank

[22/03/2018] Rheastrasza Amarre is assigned Rook rank

[22/03/2018] Tarqun Iriq is assigned Rook rank

[22/03/2018] Zero Igrave is assigned Rook rank

[22/03/2018] Voracity buys Plot 32, 9 Ward, Mist (Large)

[17/02/2018] Momo Tobiume leaves Voracity

[05/08/2017] Talissia Tenebrae joins Voracity

[05/08/2017] Rukia Shirayuki joins Voracity

[05/08/2017] Gwynne Shemsei joins Voracity

[05/08/2017] Corvus Blackstar joins Voracity

[05/08/2017] Aria Rhiki joins Voracity

[05/08/2017] Arquiss Lunariy joins Voracity

[05/08/2017] Zoro' Roronoa joins Voracity

[05/08/2017] Zero Igrave joins Voracity

[05/08/2017] Momo Tobiume joins Voracity

[05/08/2017] Xaris Zelpher joins Voracity

[05/08/2017] Tarqun Iriq joins Voracity

[05/08/2017] Rheastrasza Amarre joins Voracity

[05/08/2017] Krysta Uzuki joins Voracity

[05/08/2017] Lansky Mourningmoon joins Voracity

[05/08/2017] Kimmahri Snow joins Voracity

[05/08/2017] Cobham Falciform joins Voracity

[05/08/2017] Aryia Knightwaler joins Voracity

[05/08/2017] Yuki Ittetsu joins Voracity

[05/08/2017] Kahlilia Rehlyn joins Voracity

[05/08/2017] Ailathis The'potent joins Voracity

[05/08/2017] Feldt Sunfell joins Voracity

[05/08/2017] Voracity is registered in the service

[21/03/2017] Himawari Hyuga joins Voracity

[27/10/2015] Free Company is formed

Aaris Zelpher
Daria Morgendorffer
GM Feldt Sunfell
Officer Xaris Zelpher
Officer Yuki Ittetsu
Rook Ailathis The'potent
Rook Aria Rhiki
Rook Arquiss Lunariy
Rook Corvus Blackstar
Rook Gwynne Shemsei
Rook Himawari Hyuga
Rook Kahlilia Rehlyn
Rook Kimmahri Snow
Rook Lansky Mourningmoon
Rook Rheastrasza Amarre
Rook Talissia Tenebrae
Rook Tarqun Iriq
Rook Zero Igrave
Knight Rukia Shirayuki
Knight Zoro' Roronoa
Bishop Aryia Knightwaler
Bishop Cobham Falciform
Bishop Krysta Uzuki